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Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Spoilers

After the Japan Raid, Sung-Jin Woo and his friend Yoo Jin-Ho is in the USA. But, Jin-Ho gets kidnapped and is tortured. Chapter 144 wrapped up Jin Woo’s entrance into the battlefield, and Chapter 145 started it. Hwang was simply massacred within minutes, and after that we see Thomas entering the battle field. Chapter 145 let a dopamine rush after we saw the scene. On one side it’s Jin-Woo and his shadow army, on the other side, Thomas and his soldiers. The upcoming chapters are going to be extremely entertaining to read and see how powerful Jin-Woo has become. With this, let’s look into Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Spoilers and few discussions.

Chapter Discussion

The Raid Against Humans

Jin-Ho did nothing to deserve this. Only because Jin-Woo killed Hwang’s younger brother, Jin-Ho had to face such torture. But, when things go wrong, it really goes wrong with Jin-Woo.

On top of it, it’s quite surprising how powerful Jin-Woo has become. He would have killed Hwang too if Thomas didn’t step in between.

Now that Thomas and his team is ready to go hard on Sung-Jin Woo and his shadow army, it will be revealed even more about Jin-Woo’s strength.


Partial spoilers are here, and it goes as expected.

Chapter 145 ended with a strong indication that a War is brewing between Sung Jin-Woo and Scavenger Guild after what they did to Jin-Ho.

Chapter 146 starts with the War between 100 Elite Hunters of Scavenger Guild and thousands of Shadow Soldiers of Jin-Woo. Thomas has a subconscious feeling that he cannot win against Jin-Woo as even some of his Shadow Soldiers are stronger than an S-Rank Hunter. But, yet, he goes on to fight.

Though Thomas’ chance of winning is low, he is still a National Level Hunter and shows-off his true power. We get to see three powerful techniques, Reinforcement, Demolition and Capture.

Unfortunately, even these three powerful moves doesn’t work against Jin-Woo and he simply ravages Thomas. Thomas isn’t dead, but, very close. The War ends with a one-sided massacre.

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