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One Piece Chapter 1057 Finally Leaked Online

One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers are finally out. And it seems we have finally reached the end of the arc. The next are is going to be the MOST exciting of all. Oda has said that he will not hold back now and will reveal every secret.

Guess, we OP fans are in for a good one! With this, let’s dive into the latest Spoilers and Leaks…

Chapter 1057 Spoilers

  • Chapter 1057 title: “Conclusion.”
  • Momo, Kinemon and Yamato bid goodbye to Luffy and the Straw Hats.
  • Yamato doesn’t want to join Luffy as she will explore Wano at first and then join the sea.
  • Luffy hand overs his flag to Momo and tells the three (Momonosuke, Kinemon, Yamato) that one day he will come looking when they finally want to set sail.
  • The Worst Generation (Luffy, Kid, Law) finally leave Wano.
  • Chapter ends with Momonosuke thinking where should he place the flag!
  • Act 3 and Wano Arc is officially ended…

One Piece Chapter 1057 Discussion

So, it seems Wano Arc is officially ended with Chapter 1057. Damn wasn’t it a LONG journey? But the sad thing is that with this, we have officially entered One Piece final arc!

And for some reason I’m having a strong feeling that Shanks will finally make his move! But I just hope not that the final battle will be between Luffy and Shanks.

Coming back to the present situation, we still don’t know what happened to Big Mom and Kaido. I just hope that they are gone for good and will never return. Let them burn in hell for eternity!

Well, that’s it from my side…Meet you next week with the latest One Piece Spoilers.

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