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8 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Hated

Black Clover has been receiving constant hate from the day it began serialization. There are various reasons, some are acceptable while most are not! So, in this post I’ll state 8 Reasons why Black Clover is Hated.

You can extend this list to 10 if you have more solid reasons why the manga receives hate…

(1) Story Pace Is Not Balanced

Though it’s not always, but it sometimes feels that the pace is imbalanced. Few moments fly by instantly, while some of them stays for multiple chapters! Some arcs are short, while some are insanely stretched.

Adrammelech Black Clover

We also don’t get a good look at the training arc, and those events are either completely ignored or nothing is ever revealed…This is grave issue with Black Clover.

(2) Black Clover Is Pretty Similar To Naruto (The Biggest Issue)

Here’s where the root issue lies! I won’t say that Black Clover is entirely similar to Naruto, but the creator has taken quite a lot of inspiration from it! Especially how the protagonist behaves. This might also be an issue with the entire Shonen Genre.

Naruto Kyubi

Compare Naruto’s kyubi-rage-mode with Asta’s Black Asta.

Rest assured, not everything matches. Yet, the community cannot get a hold of this fact. There’s could be one reason: Black Clover began pretty close to when Naruto ended…

(3) No Deaths!

Deaths are an integral part of a “serious” manga story. One death and the entire environment of the story changes. For example, before anyone died in My Hero Academia, the community considered it a manga for everyone, even a child. But things changed quickly after Midnight died!

Yami Sukehiro Angry Black Clover
Yami Sukehiro

The same is with Black Clover too! There is hardly anyone who has died in the story. Gaja, Yami and William were the three characters who reached close to death, especially Gaja. Yet he survived. I still remember how disappointed some readers were when Mimosa “healed” Gaja.

(4) Animation Quality Could Be Better

Many months ago I read somewhere that Black Clover anime wasn’t supposed to continue for so long. But, the team got positive response and continued it. And this factor could be the prime reason why the initial episode of the anime wasn’t properly animated.

Julius Novachrono (Chrono Anastasis) Black Clover
Animation Not Top Notch

Fighting scenes are incredibly hard to animate, and even Naruto has some funny animations during fight scenes. But Black Clover anime took it too far! Well, unlike other anime where the animation quality doesn’t change, Black Clover’s animation quality did improve.

(5) The Shonen Genre Is Overdone

Yes, you read that right, The Shonen Genre is too overcrowded with manga and an another addition just feels unnecessary. Naruto, DBZ, One Piece have made such a place in the Shonon genre that most fans think that an another addition is just a cheap copy!

Klaus & Sakamoto Black Clover
Klaus & Sakamoto Similarity

Yes, Black Clover has some similarities with Naruto and other shonen manga, but the story is unique. Yet, the community thinks that there should be little to no addition to the shonen genre for at least few years… What’s you take on this?

(6) Asta’s Voice (Anime Only)

Oh God! Do I even have to mention this? Asta’s voice was one of the most hated thing in the early days of Black Clover. I’m not complaining about the VA, the VA has done a fantastic job, it’s particularly about Asta and his screams.

Black Clover Asta Devil
Asta (Black Asta)

Fortunately, with time his screams have toned down quite a bit, but yet the scream is still there.

(7) Cliché Protagonist

Cliché is one thing that has been eating a specific manga genre many years. In this case I’m talk about Asta and his struggle to become the strongest. A majority of action and shonen manga in the past few years have this one thing is common!

Asta & Liebe Black
Asta & Liebe

Being the weakest in the beginning of the series and work insanely hard to make a place for himself. When you look at it for the first time, it’s interesting and motivational, but quickly becomes boring and cringe. I would say this is one of the primary reason why Black Clove receives so much hate…

(8) Unnecessary Tsundere Characteristics

A subtle taste of tsundere attitude is always cute, but it quickly becomes toxic when it’s too much! The one two characters who are tsundere in the manga are Charlotte and Noelle. While Charlotte’s tsundere nature is cute and adorable, Noelle’s is not.

Noelle Black Clover

This is not just me complaining! A majority portion of Black Clover community hates it when Noelle hits Asta out of no valid reason. In fact, I would take a step forward and say that she is physically abusing him to an extent…

Conclusion & FAQ

In conclusion, I’m sure you can relate to at least one of the above. Honestly though, there could be more reasons why Black Clove receives so much hate.

Fortunately, the series, especially the anime has become better than before in almost every aspect. Be it animation or story…

Why Is Black Clover Hated?

Black Clover receives so much hate because it has cliche protagonist and the story has close resemblance to Naruto and other manga.

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