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Black Clover: 15+ Most Loved Characters Of All Time

Who is the most loved character in Black Clover? Is it Asta? Noelle?

Well, there are a number of characters in the manga whom we love. BC community love them either for how cute their personality is, or how dedicated and dominating they are. Some characters are even loved for their negative attitude!

In this post, i’ll list 15+ Most Loved Black Clover characters…And yeah, the ranking doesn’t matter much. So don’t go on thinking that the person in the last is hated or something!!

(1) Kahono

Surprisingly BC community loves Kahono. She regularly appears whenever there’s talk about the most loved characters in the manga. If you ask me, I feel she has a jolly nature best suited for woman her age! Kahono is also a beautiful singer that gives her a beautiful aura!

Kahono Black Clover

What’s you view on Kahono? What aspect you feel makes her a cute and loved character?

(2) Fuegoleon Vermillion

You might know that the Vermillions are extremely intense! They are just like the Fire they carry within themselves! Fuegoleon is one of them. BC fans love him for his powerful and dominating presence as a Captain! Fuegoleon is fearless and doesn’t show mercy to anyone…

Fuegoleon Vermillion Black Clover
Fuegoleon Vermillion

But the funniest thing is that all his strictness melts when his elder sister Mereoleona appears. LOL!!

(3) Zenon Zogratis

Zenon is the coolest Villain in Black Clover. Unlike his siblings who are irritating to no end, Zenon is a powerful Villain. Especially how strong his presence is!

Zenon Zogratis Black Clover
Zenon Zogratis

He talks less and only shows himself through his magic techniques! Probably this is the reason why is survived the longed among the Three Dark Triads!

(4) Nacht Faust

Nacht is the classical example of what Depression+Sadness+Dedication can do to a person. His brother’s untimely death changed him and he quickly became an asset of Clover Kingdom! In fact thanks to Nacht that Clover Kingdom learned about The Tree of Qliphoth…and you know what happened after that!

Nacht Faust Black Clover
Nacht Faust

I don’t think there’s any reason to shower hatred towards him! So why not just sit back and enjoy his “badassry?”

(5) Liebe

Our boy Liebe is a badass! Got bullied, somehow escaped the Netherworld, lived with a Human and now even the strongest Devil is astonished about his Anti-Magic powers…He was a hot topic even when he didn’t reveal his actual form let alone revealing himself!

Black Clover Liebe

And as of writing this, Liebe is known for Asta and how perfect their combination is! I guess he is also the only Devil who does not receive any hate…

(6) Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona is the “One-san” of everyone in the manga. It’s hilarious to see how scared everyone is whenever she’s around! Even Yami doesn’t want to come near her! LOL! Keeping those things aside, Mereoleona is an intense woman who is almost obsessive to become strong.

Mereoleona Black Clover
Mereoleona Vermillion

There’s honestly nothing to hate about her! She doesn’t have a toxic personality, doesn’t look down upon peasants and also doesn’t envy the one stronger than her! She is just “Pure.”

(7) Lily Aquaria (Sister Lily)

If Lily was not a Sister, there would be hardly any female in Black Clover to beat her in beauty. She carries a divine aura like the universal mother who protects everyone regardless of who they are!

Sister Lily Black Clover
Lily Aquaria (Sister Lily)

She is heavily shipped with Asta, but it’s impossible for Asta x Lily to happen so we should keep that aside! She will stay as one of the loved woman in the manga. No questions asked!

(8) Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte is the cutest and the most gorgeous Woman in Black Clover! Add tsundere personality to it and you have the best solution of a lovely person. I would she is the classical definition of how a woman should be!

Charlotte Black Clover
Charlotte Roselei

Dedicate to her work but melts instantly whenever she’s around the man she like.

(9) Julius Novachrono

There’s no reason to hate Julius Novachrono! He is calm and most of his decisions are for the betterment of people! But wait, he also sometimes the child within him that he cute and funny for many fans.

Julius Novachrono (Wizard King) Black Clover
Julius Novachrono

In short, Julius is a “Good Man.” So we should let him be the way he is!

(10) Charmy Pappitson

When is her chibi form, Charmy is as cute as a cottonball! And when in her “serious” form she is as beautiful as a lady! Not just that, she is also hella powerful against any enemy regardless of their powers.

Beautiful Female Character In Black Clover Charmy
Charmy Pappitson

Rill fell in love with her the moment he saw her in her adult form. Guess there’s a Noble who is mad about her…

(11) Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa started as an average character, but quickly gathered massive fan-following for her warm behavior towards everyone. Even the enemy. If you observe closely, Mimosa’s personality is almost same as Noelle, only that she is not a tsundere!

Mimosa Black Clover
Mimosa Vermillion

What’s surprising is that I’ve also read some in some community posts about how “irritating” she is! Do you think she is irritating? Do let me know:

(12) Luck Voltia

Luck is just cute, Period! He is a playful dude who always looks for a fight. I have hardly seen anyone speaking ill of him. But the truth behind his child-like attitude is intense pain (spoiler). He loves his friends and would not think twice to sacrifice himself for them!

Luck Black Clover
Luck Voltia

What’s better? He is an absolute menace when he goes all out! Let me know what’s your view on him?

(13) Secre Swallowtall (Nero)

Secre/Nero is loved for her sheer cuteness. She is not a tsundere but her calm attitude makes her look like a lovely lady! Nero is also the first person in the series to discover potential in Asta!

Secre(Nero) Black Clover

I know she wouldn’t end-up with anyone but Black Clover community is hell-bent on shipping her and Asta! The reason? She has been with Asta way before Noelle came in his life.

(14) Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro has stayed the most loved and badass character in the series since the very beginning. He is everything a “sensei” should have! Give me one reason to hate him? I suppose there is none!

Yami (Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash_ Equinox) Black Clover
Yami Sukehiro

Yami is a dynamic character who instantly changes his personality whenever there’s need to. If you ask me about the one character that I just love, it’s his dense attitude!! Dude is just beginning to understand that Charlotte is in love with him!

(15) Asta

Asta began as an irritating character in Black Clover especially for his voice actor, but soon after he received his Grimoire, his grit and hard work forced fans to like him! And today now that the manga has entered final arc dude is probably one of the most liked character in the manga…

Asta & Liebe Black

In fact he always stays in the top 5 in Black Clover popularity poll. Asta is the classical example of a boy who started weak and inexperienced, but worked his butt off to become the best…

(16) Noelle Silva

Noelle is not just good-looking but her tsundere attitude makes her even more cute! She is the best combination between a girl and a lady! Moreover her beauty just blossoms when she is near Asta!

Noelle Black Clover
Noelle Silva

Lately Noelle has become the most loved character in Black Clover. I guess there are too many reasons for this…

Conclusion & FAQ

Finally, we have reached the end of this post! So, do you think I missed someone? In conclusion, all the characters mentioned above receive little to no hate for how they are, but of course the community is huge and there is always someone who can point out at least one negative trait!!

How Is The Most Loved Black Clover Character?

Asta and Noelle is the Most Loved Black Clover Characters.

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