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Will Asta Surpass Yami Sukehiro? Is Asta Already The Strongest?

How strong is Asta really? This has been a hot topic among a large Black Clover fandom…Especially comparing Asta with Yami. So the question is: Is Asta already the strongest?

In this post I’ll try to explain the everything related to “Asta vs Yami,” and the future!!

Let’s Begin:

Will Yami’s Sacrifice Trigger Asta’s Real Growth?

Correct me if I’m wrong but Yami has been the target of Red Flag since the beginning of Black Clover. He is too OP to stay alive in the manga! Fortunately Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata hasn’t taken the cruel route and kept him alive…

But, still don’t you think that there’s a possibility that something severe might happen to Yami? Something so severe that Asta’s entire personality changes?

In fact we saw this happening when Yami was kidnapped for the Tree of Qliphoth! Asta almost scarificed himself to save him.

The series has entered final arc and fans are talking about the sheer number of deaths that might happen now. Now, if Yami dies then Asta will undergo through massive growth in a short point of time.

Nacht might not die but he might shift decision making powers to Asta!

Each and every speculation and theories end-up in one place: Yami’s death WILL push Asta towards maturity! He grew a lot when Yami was kidnapped, he will grow even more if Yami dies!

Is Asta Already Stronger Than Yami?

No Asta is not yet Stronger than Yami!

And there are quite many reasons supporting this conclusion. The very first of all is their age difference. If I’m not wrong Yami is more than a decade older than Asta. That also makes him more experienced in real-life battles.

I don’t think I have to put forward any other reason! The massive age difference if more than enough to put down Asta.

Yeah, and another thing is about Yami’s past! We still don’t know exactly what type of life did Yami live before landing in Clover Kingdom. He is still sometimes called an “outsider!”

Yami Sukehiro

But the manga has given hints that he didn’t live any good life…

So, in terms of handling people too Yami is way above.

But I’ll stop you right here! Let’s take a different route!
How powerful will Asta become when he reaches the same age as Yami?

Well, then if that’s the case then I have a strong hunch that Asta will surely surpass Yami!

Dude defeated Lucifero when he was in mid-teens, and now he’s facing Lucius/Astaroth when 18. That’s honestly a BIG feat for a man his age…

Conclusion & FAQ

So, in conclusion, Asta will become stronger than Yami. But, it’ll take some time. Worse, Yami might not be alive to see Asta grow stronger than him!

When do you think Asta will surpass Yami?

Will Asta Surpass Yami Sukehiro?

Yes, Asta will Surpass Yami Sukehiro in future.

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