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Black Clover: 10 Interesting Facts about Yami Sukehiro

Black Clover has come a LONG WAY! The manga is sadly coming to an end, and I think it’s time we look into the hidden and interesting facts about out favorite characters.

And today, I’ll listing 10 Really Interesting & Unique Facts about Yami Sukehiro.

Let’s Begin…

(1) Yami is an Outsider

Yami is an outsider and came from Hino country. Unfortunately, Tabata never revealed the secrets behind Hino, but that’s what it is! Fortunately, Wizard King Julius Novachrono sensed great power in him and offered him to become a Magic Knight.

Yami Sukehiro Young Black Clover
Young Yami

No doubt he worked hard. Being an outsider, he had to learn everything from scratch and also face humiliation from the Nobles…And here we are today, he is one of the most respected character in the series.

(2) He Has A Different Skin-Tone

I don’t whether you’ve noticed this, but Yami has a different skin-tone than other Black Clover characters. Yuki Tabata (Black Clover creator) might have intentionally did this to show that he is an outsider.

Yami Sukehiro Angry Black Clover
Yami Sukehiro

But I would say that this skin-tone suite pretty well with his badass attitude! What do you say?

(3) His Growth Has No Limits

His famous phrase: “Surpass You Limits,” is a tonic for not just the Black Bulls but also for himself! Yami doesn’t seem to have any limits to his prowess! Every time he falls into a problem he stands the ground and unleashes something that nobody has ever seen before.

Yami Dimension Slash

Despite being an expert swordsman, Yami doesn’t considers himself the best. Surprisingly he went to Mereoleona for some extra training…

(4) The Only Magic Knights Captain Who Uses A Sword

I never really noticed this until REALLY diving deep in the manga. Yami is the only Magic Knights Captain who uses a sword as his primary weapon. In fact he and Asta are the only two who use Sword while fighting!

Yami Sukehiro
Yami Uses A Sword

That could be the basic reason why he has such insanely built body!

(5) Past is Shrouded In Mystery

The only thing we know about Yami’s past is that he is from Hino Country. An unknown country where people use swords. Black Clover also hasn’t revealed anything precisely why did Yami left Hino Country and landed in Clover Kingdom.

Young Yami With His Grimoire
Young Yami With His Grimoire

Heck, even the langue he spoke was different and had relearn new language from scratch. I would say at present we know more about Asta’s past than Yami’s.

(6) Intelligent At War-Planning But Foolish At Romance

He is the densest dude in Black Clover. He has been a Knight and Captain for so many years now, but doesn’t get to understand Charlotte’s feelings. I wonder how he cannot catch Charlotte’s intentions through his “Ki.”

Yami x Charlotte Black Clover
Yami Is Dense

He goes as far as to speculate that Charlotte might hate him for some unknown reason! LMAO…

(7) Has The Most Unique Magic Attribute

Yes, Dark Magic is the most unique magic attribute in Black Clover. The most common is Light Magic and Fire Magic! This makes Yami and Asta the only two Knights in Clover Kingdom whose powers can directly hurt a Devil.

Black Clover Yami Angry
Dark Magic

And you saw this happen repeatedly against Dante and Zagred. I won’t say Asta’s power is his magic, rather it’s Liebe who emits Anti-Magic.

(8) Is Most Probably The Strongest Magic Knights Captain

Though he has never shown any interest in becoming the Wizard King, is sure is capable enough to become one! What makes his Magical power unique is Dark Magic. Yami can basically overpower almost every magic in existence!

Yami Ripped Muscles Black Clover
Chad Yami

I don’t know how accurate this claim is, but fans speculate that Nozel is always irked because of this single fact. That however powerful he becomes, he would never overpower Yami in battle prowess.

(9) Is Great At Finding Talent

I guess you already know this! Yami has pretty fantastic intuition and is great at finding hidden talents. Most of the Black Bull members are misfits, rejected by society. But, when the time comes, they prove to be one of the strongest among all Magic Knights.

Yami & Asta Black Clover
Yami “Cares” For Asta

This intuition can be directly related to “Ki.” the mysterious power he uses to sense his surroundings.

(10) Is Bad At Gambling

Damn Yami is so bad a Gambling that even I, who has never gambled, can beat him. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see these funny scenes nowadays, but way back when Black Clover was not “so serious” iwe got an episode where Yami and Magna lost everything.

Yami Loses At Gambling
Yami & Magna Lose Everything

They had to return home almost naked. Insanely funny indeed! I hope we get to see those times again…

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