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Top 10+ Best Black Clover Moments. RANKED!!

Black Clover is an action manga, and you can expect several intense events from the series. But which among all is the best one?

Hence, in this post, I’ll list 10+ Best Moments in the Anime and also the events that haven’t been animated yet…

Ready?? Let’s GOOO….


(1) Yami Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash Equinox

Would you accept if I say that Yami is the most badass character in Black Clover? Yami is a chain-smoker and you’ll hardly see him not smoking. He dropped his cigarette when he unleashed Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash Equinox.

Yami (Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash_ Equinox) Black Clover
Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash Equinox

He indirectly killed Zagred who even the 1st Wizard King and Licht couldn’t kill.

(2) Black Bulls Threatens Langris

I have no words to explain to level of badassary the Black Bulls did to save Finral. Asta, Luck and Magna outright threatened to kill Langris when he tried to kill Finral after a match…Every time I watch this scene, I get goosebumps all over my body!

Black Bulls Threatens Langris Black Clover
Black Bulls Threatens Langris

I’m still waiting for something like that but haven’t experienced such high levels of excitement in a really long time. Suggest me an anime that has badass scenes like this one:

(3) Black Asta Awakening

The fanbase roared when Asta revealed Black Asta for the first time. Countless speculations arose from that one little scene. Some people said that he was going to do the same thing as Naruto did with Kurama, etc, etc…

Asta (Black Asta) Black Clover
Black Asta

But that was just the beginning! Black Asta developed in stages and at present the technique has become insanely OP. On top of that Asta also doesn’t face any issue holding that form for a longer periods of time!!

(4) Yami Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash

No doubt, having access to Dark Magic can make you insanely powerful. Let alone just slicing people or things, it can even slice dimensions in half. Yami always says to “surpass limits” whenever you see there’s room to grow.

Yami Dark Cloaked_ Dimension Slash Black Clover
Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash

And to break away from a barrier, he had to “push his limits” and finally unleash “Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash.” What’s more? He unleashed it not once but twice back-to-back.

(5) Patolli/Patry Stabs Julius Novachrono

This is the most historic event in Black Clover! Many things happened in that single episode. Julius unleashing his Grimoire, Patolli/Patry vs Julius, and finally Julius getting stabbed. The most shocking among all moments was when Julius got stabbed in stomach.

Patolli Stabs Julius Novachrono Black Clover
Patolli/Patry Stabs Julius Novachrono

Heck even Yami looked sad when he was carrying his dead body. I never knew what would happen in the next few episodes, so I (and probably you too) was sad…

(6) Julius Novachrono Comes Back To Life

I was severely depressed when Patolli/Patry stabbed Julius. I thought: “NOOOOOO!” But miraculously he returned. Though not back in his real form and prowess, at least the Wizard King was back in flesh.

Julius Novachrono Comes Back To Life
Julius Novachrono Comes Back To Life

Many say that he looks cuter the way he is right now, which I too agree. But his powers are extremely handicapped!

(7) Liebe’s First Real Appearance

Up until this moment, Liebe only appeared as a silhouette, and only when in conversation with Asta. When he finally appeared in physical form, Black Clover community were a bit disappointed! Why?

Black Clover Liebe
Liebe First Appearance

He was too short and not at all intimidating for a Devil. His height was almost same as Asta…

(8) Yami Hand Overs His Sword To Asta

We BC fans always knew this was going to happen. And when it happened the community couldn’t hold their calm. It was like a King handing over his beloved Kingdom to one whom he trusts the most. In this case it’s Yami to Asta.

Yami Gives Asta His Sword
Yami Gives Asta His Sword

Guess what would happen if we mix Dark Magic with Anti-Magic? Mayhem! That’s exactly what happened to Dante. His body was literally split in half!

(9) Licht & 1st Wizard King Join Hands To Beat Zagred

Licht & the 1st Wizard King were arguably the most powerful personalities back in the day. These two had battle-prowess to wipe-out an entire country. Now, guess what would happen if these two joined hands together?

Licht Black Clover

The Anime did a great job at hyping this event. Especially the fantastic music.

(10) Asta Receives The 5-Leaf Grimoire

After facing so much despair, Asta receiving the 5-Lead Grimoire is the very first “Best Black Clover Moment” in the manga. The way Tabata drew the Devil and how it’s personality had close resemblance with Asta made the scene even more interesting!

Asta Receives 5-Leaf Grimoire
Asta Receives 5-Leaf Grimoire

In fact, I would say that everything started after this single event…

Other Events Not Yet Animated

If you have only watched the anime and not read the manga, everything I write after this point will he HEAVY SPOILERS!!

HEAVY SPOILERS (For Anime Guys!)

I’m just hoping that Black Clover gets Season 2. The Spade Kingdom arc is one of the best arc yet. Seeing it animated would just be a treat to the eyes!!

Well, these are some of the moments that shaped not just Spade Kingdom arc, but also Black Clover’s story altogether!!

(1) Yami & Asta Crushes Dante

Asta wasn’t holding well against Dante before Yami arrived. And after his arrival, Asta’s encouragement peaked. Yami surpassed his limits and launched the most vicious Dark magic attacks on Dante.

Attacks powerful enough to crush anyone with just one shot. And after working together continuously for who knows how long, both of them finally launched attack together and brought him down.

If Zenon didn’t appear suddenly out of nowhere I’m sure Dante would be in deep trouble…

(2) Black Bulls Vice-Captain (Nacht) Appears

I never noticed that the Black Bulls never revealed who was their Vice-Captain. Finally he revealed himself when the situation went dire (Yami & Willaim kidnapped). He sneaked into the Captains’ meeting and also subdued a number of them when they tried to attack him!

Nacht Faust Black Clover

That simply shows how badass Nacht is. I got goosebumps when I first saw him…

(3) Noelle & Nozel Brings Down Megicula

I already knew that Noelle would be the one to bring down Megicula. But I never expected her to become so powerful in such short point of time. Gaja’s attack did little to no damage to Megcula, but both Noelle & Nozel killed her.

What’s surprising is that even Megicula was surprised to experience the sheer prowess of the humans!

(4) Magna Crushes Dante.

The community (me too) never expected that Magna would become so strong to crush Dante single-handedly. Yes, I would not include Jack because he pretty couldn’t do much against Dante!

It honestly feels nice to see that one of the Black Bull members are strong enough to beat the stronger villain in the series.

(5) The Devils Appear In True Form

The Devils finally appearing in their true-form was unarguably one of the most bone-chilling moment in Black Clover. As if the Three Dark Triads weren’t powerful enough!

Kudos to Tabata for making the Devils really terrifying! I wonder whether the anime will be able to adapt the same quality too?


Rest assured, what happened after they appeared in their true-form is history!

(6) Lucius Reveals His True Identity

This event is the latest happening in the series. Lucius revealing his true existence has socked and surprised almost everyone is Black Clover. In fact Black Clover was trending on Twitter when this happened.

Now, the question is whether Julius Novachrono is dead? Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata hasn’t revealed anything but the community is speculating something else. A major portion of the community is claiming that Julius is dead.

You can read the post below to have a better understand of the entire messed-up situation!

Conclusion & FAQ

So, I think these are the best Black Clover moments. These events were insanely exciting even while reading the manga, let alone watching the anime…

Did I miss any event?

Which is the Best Black Clover Moment?

Black Bulls threatening Langris is one of the best moments in Black Clover.

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