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Who Gets Rejected From Blue Lock? All Characters List.

Today I’ll talk about all the Blue Lock characters who get eliminated.

Blue Lock is the method to prune and cut the fat to choose only the best players. And when 300 players enter something that’s so intense and competitive, there’s obviously someone who will get eliminated…

With this, let’s look into all the characters who get eliminated…

Please note that this post contains critical spoilers.


All Eliminated Players From Blue Lock:

Ryosuke Kira

Kira is the first one to get eliminated from Blue Lock. His way of elimination was pretty sad to be honest. And the consequences that came with it was too much for him to handle.

But, this also revealed his negative side and what he really thought about Isagi. After his elimination the mangaka never talked or mentioned about him, so he quickly became a forgotten character of the series…

Kira Eliminated Blue Lock
Kira Eliminated

In fact, the above hit you see was for Isagi which he dodged. And see how far Isagi has reached!

Okuhito Iemon

It seems unfair to see Iemon get eliminated! From the very beginning he never got a chance to play as a striker. He was forced to stay a goalkeeper. Hence, we never actually saw how skilled he was!

Iemon Blue Lock

Yeah, he performed good enough as a goalkeeper, but also missed quite many opportunities. Maybe the mangaka tried to address us with those goal misses that Iemon wasn’t good enough! Also I think he is one who got least attention among all players!

Wataru Kuon

This dude was anyway going to get eliminated. Players like Kuon are an insult to sportsmanship. He not only sold his entire team’s secret, but also purposefully scored goals so that everyone except him gets elected!

Blue Lock Kuon eliminated

He tried to play a clever move, but in the end he was eliminated for lacking professional skills to play in the nationals. Well, what can you expect from a cheat!

Yudai Imamura

I see very little difference between Imamura and Naruhaya. Imamura felt WAY weaker than most players in his team. He never scored a goal, neither did he played any important role in a match.

Blue Lock Imamura eliminated

And when the selection got pretty intense he got eliminated. We didn’t even get to see how he got eliminated unfortunately.

Asahi Naruhaya

Honestly speaking, I had little to no faith in Imamura , Iemon and Naruhaya from the very beginning of the manga. The mangaka never actually paid much attention to all these three, and that was more than sign that they are going to get eliminated pretty soon!

Blue Lock Naruhaya eliminated

To my surprise, Naruhaya did try to put up a tough fight against Isagi, but was quickly outclassed in both skills and strength. And that was it! Naruhaya got eliminated after no one selected him! I was little sad when this happened!

Rensuke Kunigami

Kunigami was fit to become a captain. He his attitude towards any situation was more matured than most players. He also made the play to beat other teams… Unfortunately, his skills weren’t enough to help him get through the tough walls of Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Kunigami eliminated

But wait! Kunigami is a special case here! He is the “Dark Horse” of the series. After getting eliminated, he got chance in the Wild-Card Entry. And after that we didn’t see him for quite a time. After a LOT of chapters we finally got to see the “New” Kunigami.

And man didn’t he changed a lot? He is undeniably at least 100x more skilled and powerful that before. He also managed to beat every Blue Lock players in fitness test. He can also copy skills of Noel Noa! On top of that he can control the ball with both the legs with same accuracy!

The anime won’t show all this, but I hope if there’s a Second season, we’ll get to see him in his new avatar!

Hibiki Okawa

Okawa’s team was the first to challenge Isagi’s. Unlike many other players, Okawa’s playing style is more explosive… He might not do anything for a terribly long periods of time, only to suddenly change the match situation…

Blue Lock Okawa eliminated

But, all this power came from Ikki, the one who, sort of, controlled and managed to extract Okawa’s ability. The chapters didn’t reveal how he got eliminated, but we see Okawa walking out of Blue Lock campus with a sad face after being eliminated.

After that we never heard of him!

Keisuke Wanima

The Wanima brothers are known for their total-understanding of the field situation. The two brothers look the same, only that the older one doesn’t speak much and has different facial expression.

When these two brothers get serious in the field, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to break their teamwork. But, that’s where their weakness was!

Blue Lock Keisuke Wanima Eliminated
Keisuke Wanima

Things changed for the worse when a player broke into their “Flow.” And that resulted in the younger one, Keisuke Wanima getting eliminated.

Of course the older brother must have great skills too. Whether he will be able to break into the Blue Lock’s best is a question I too would like to know!

Will There Be More Elimination?

After a series of elimination, the situation is WAY better than before. There might be various reasons behind this. The first and foremost is that the players who remain are insanely good! Among 300 players who entered Blue Lock, Isagi and the others are the only survivors!

I don’t know whether it’ll be worth it to eliminate such good players who have potential to become Japan’s best football players ever!

What’s you view on this? Who do you think is going to get eliminated?


So, in conclusion, all the characters above are gone. They will never get a chance to play at nationals. And as of whether we will ever see them, it’s entirely upon the mangaka.

From what I have observed, the mangaka never introduces a player after elimination. And that’s the hard reality of Blue Lock.


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