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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 156 Spoilers, Raws

After taking a month-long break, the mangaka is back with a bang. The latest developments are a little bit concerning since Megumi’s plans are all over the place.

He tasked Itadori to win Hakari’s trust, but it seems their plan have been failed. Heck, the first one to fail was Panda who was constantly mocking Itadori for his lack of vision of negotiation.

Well, now that everything is out in the open, we have to see how Itadori plans to bring the who situation under control and also make Hakari understand the whole dire condition.

Chapter 155 Recap

Chapter starts with a very philosophical Hakari talking mostly about Human tendencies. A lot of needless talk happens and Itadori listens to him patiently. After the long talk ends, Itadori tries to initiate his plan, but, his talk is interrupted by Kirara’s call.

At this point Hakari is already suspicious after Kirara’s sudden call, but ignores him and offers Itadori a drink. Itadori declines it since he is underage and rather had some usual drink.

Hakari crosschecks Itadori as he talks about how even Gojo isn’t about to handle drinks properly. Itadori makes a mistake by saying that he doesn’t know who Gojo is, and this statement clears all confusion about Hakari’s suspicion.

After having his drink, Hakari immediately asks Itadori whether he is from the Jujutsu High, and then a fight breaks between them. In the beginning of the fight, Itadori gets mildly overwhelmed by Hakari kicks and attacks, but recovers quickly.

Jujutsu Kaisen Panda

Their scene ends here, but, I’m sure that next chapter we will see some more fight between these two. On the other hand, the basic reason why a hand-to-hand fight between Hakari and Itadori would be interesting is because of them are quite adept in landing physical attacks.

Well, we now move on to Kirara’s place. Panda explains the reason why Hakari was suspended from being a sorcerer. In reply to their problems, Kirara says that falling into a problem serves right for them as they are getting the result of rejecting Hakari.

To make Kirara believe that they really are in serious problem Megumi also says that Satoru Gojo was sealed hence, they are considerably week after that. Kirara face resembles a kid who only rants and doesn’t want to understand anything.

Chapter ends with Megumi unleashing an attack where he summons countless rabbit in hope to defeat Kirara’s cursed technique.


Unlike other Manga, Jujutsu Kaisen Spoilers are pretty short and not always complete, so please bear with me

  • Megumi and Panda have finally figured out Kirara’s cursed technique.
  • It’s called “Interstellar Flight.
  • The technique works something like this:
    • Kirara marks someone or something with numbers between 1-5.
    • Someone/thing marked with a number can only touch their closest numbers. For example, if someone is marked with number 4, then they can only touch number 3 and 5.
  • Whole chapter covers Megumi and Panda trying to defeating Kirara. Itadori and Hakari doesn’t appear in the chapter.
  • Finally after extra efforts, Megumi is successful in defeating Kirara.

According to Viz’s official release date, it shows that Chapter 156 will come out after 7 days. Hence, it’s mildly confirmed that there won’t be any delay in the releases unless something goes way out of the track.

Hence, we can expect the latest chapters to come out at least 3-4 days before the chapter is released officially. Stay tuned in for that!

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