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Hige Wo Soru Episode 8 Release & Discussion

I’m not even trying to pronounce the name of this anime, and shorten it to “Hige wo Soru.” Though we all are asking the same question, “What’s with the peculiar name?” But, after watching all the episodes, and also reading some chapters of the manga, the storyline of this anime is pretty good.

After watching so many anime, I can safely say that waiting 1 week is worth it, and the unfolding of Sayu’s secret and her horrible past experiences have really struck us with a sense of justice and sympathy. Unlike all the previous episodes, episode 7 was more like a breather one for Sayu.

It’s nice to see that goods things are happening with Sayu and that she has a future to think about.

Episode 7 Recap

Just when Sayu’s life was getting a little better, an unexpected problem has already knocked at her door. A mysterious man has been stalking outside the store where Sayu works, and the only thing he does is watches over it and then leaves.

That’s suspicious and also worrying since Sayu is the one who is on the run.

And, the speculation was right. It was Sayu’s brother who was pulling all the strings. He makes a sudden appearance in the store, but fortunately, this time, Yaguchi didn’t act like a devil.

When Sayu saw the mysterious man approaching the store, she quickly understood that it was her brother. Sayu’s brother is a CEO of a company, and this partially explains what problems Sayu had in her family.

Well, things went surprisingly well as her brother just left without doing anything “powerful.”

Coming back to Mishima, it seems she will one day take the top-spot for the most naggy character in the anime. Though Yoshida shows no interest on her, she decides to confront anyone who “she thinks” will take Yoshida away, even Sayu.

Well, let’s talk less about her and more about Yoshida’s past.

This episode gave a strong indication that a new character will be revealed after few episodes. While thumbing through Yoshida’s past photos, Sayu saw a photo of Yoshida’s the-then girlfriend.

Her name was not revealed, only that she was senior to Yoshida.

It seems Yoshida, though, remembers her, doesn’t have any strong feelings. He just brushed away the topic and went away to drink a cigarette.

Believe me or not, the development is giving me a strong NTR vibe.

Release Date

Hige wo Soru release every Monday. Episode 8 will release on May 24th, at 6:30 AM (PDT).
The name of episode 8 is “Summer Festival.”Preview of the next episode is not available but, I can already see an entry of a new girl. And, possibly Sayu starting to have feelings for Yoshida?

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