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Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 7 Release & Discussion

“Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” is a fantastic hit among “slice of life” and, “romance” genre lovers. The sweet and sour relationship between these two high school students gives us the opportunity to move aside a little from the usual “isekai” and other genres.

We are almost halfway through this season, and I won’t be surprised if 2nd season is also announced right after this season ends.

According to you, what makes you watch this series? With this, let’s look into Episode 7 Release & some discussions.

Episode 6 Recap

Unlike other episodes where the bullying begins at school, this episode takes a more “creative” approach. The beginning of the episode might have pushed some watchers to exit full-screen to check whether they are really watching Nagatoro?

But, shortly, our Senpai makes an appearance and everything goes back to normal. It’s a dream, yes, of course. But, it seems even in this weird dream he is getting bullied. More like pushed to do something that he didn’t want to.

After getting a “blessing” of being a mage, Senpai lands into the human realm. Unready of the whole scenario, he instantly faces monsters that are far more powerful than him. Such a pity that our Senpai could not become powerful enough even in his dream.

Things started getting worse when he faced a dragon. By now, you might be asking, “Where is Nagatoro?” And, she suddenly makes an appearance. The first thing she does is save Senpai from being eaten. Then, they both assist each other in defeating the Dragon.

A Harmonious situation is created eventually, and finally the Dragon is down. To our surprise and Senpai’s too, Nekotoro gives Senpai a kiss. Suddenly Nagatoro’s two friends also pop-up into the scene, and they form a team. But for what? To defeat the Demon Lord.

Usually, Anime have taught us that before entering a Demon Lord Castle, you will have to fight the “Dead Army,” and who knows what, but here they just enter into the castle as if they were entering a garden.

Unfortunately, the Demon Lord is absent from the scene. Turns out, Nekotoro and her two friends were the real Demon Lord. This shock was enough to wake-up Senpai from his dream.

But, what a co-incidence? In real life too Nagatoro and her two friends were present near Senpai. Summer season has begun from previous episode and Nagatoro has got Senpai’s phone number.

And a beach episode unfolds. For the first time, we see Nagatoro in a swim suite and Senpai is flustered. Poor Senpai, even in a beach, he is bullied not only by Nagatoro, but by her friends too.

Finally the episode ended with Senpai making a candid art of Nagatoro while she was enjoying the beach. Unfortunately, I don’t think Nagatoro will never know about this, but’s it’s sweet and this makes the anime a great watch.

Release Date

“Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” releases every Saturday. Episode 7 will release on May 22nd at 9 AM (PDT). Next episode preview shows Nagatoro’s struggle with other boys, and Senpai is helping her get away from the crowd?

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