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Black Clover Episode 163 Release Date & Time

The War has officially begun and Episode 162 has notched the bar even more higher. This time the other Dark Triads, Dante and Vanica have attacked the Clover and Heart Kingdom in their pursue of power. The Dark Triad are not normal enemies compare to Diamond Kingdom. Diamond Kingdom consider Clover Kingdom as their enemy, but on the other hand the Dark Triad consider the Humanity as their enemy. Now, when people of such ideologies run a Kingdom and think of winning the World, things always go mayhem, and, this is what are seeing it happen. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 163 Release Date, Time and some Discussions.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 163 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, February 9. The name of the next Episode is “Dante Vs The Captain of Black Bulls.“ After Dante attacked the Black Bulls hideout, only Asta is successfully able to handle him. On the other hand Gauche is critically injured. Yami will officially enter the battle field from episode 163.

Things are getting really interesting with the greatest War Black Clover Universe has ever seen.

Episode Discussion

The War Has Officially Begun

Previously, we saw Zeno attacking The Golden Dawn and wrecking havoc. And, it did not take many members of Spade Kingdom to get this done. And in episode 162, we see Dante and Vanica attacking the Clover and Heart Kingdom respectively.

Within only few moments of Vanica entering the Heart Kingdom, she has already killed hundreds of civilians. On the other hand, Dante has attacked Black Bulls hideout and single-handedly pinned down entire Black Bulls squad.

What’s worse is that Gauche is critically injured and there is very less chance of his survival. Yami is still not here and the only one to fight head-to-head against Dante is Asta.

And, fighting Dante has forced Asta to awaken his most powerful Devil form yet. This is not his regular Devil awaken. Activating this power has made Asta capable of successfully landing a hit on Dante and injure him slightly.

Dante’s Terrifying Power

The Dark Triad is the most powerful trio of Spade Kingdom, and they have the capability to defeat an entire nation. But, even these three have some differences in power. Among the three we saw only Zenon’s power when he invaded Golden Dawn headquarters.

Now, in Episode 162, we got the terrifying power Dante carries within himself. Comparing to Zenon’s magic, Dante is on a different level. It’s Gravity Magic, and that too with Devil’s power involved.

What makes his Gravity more terrifying than a regular Gravity magic is the are it covers. Comparing to most magics, Dante’s Gravity Magic covers a large area, more like Mana Zone.

Who knows, maybe with the progress of episodes, we will learn whether he can use more magical powers.

Will Gauche Die?

This the first time any Black Bulls member is facing such a critical situation. While countering Dante’s attack, Gauche was pierced with one of the stone swords which split open his chest.

As of now, Gauche is barely alive and since there is no way to treat him, things are not looking good.

Asta’s New Form And Mother?

When Dante pierces Gauche with his stone sword, Asta couldn’t control his anger and then we get to see a flash. Though the flash is too vague for anyone to figure-out, it felt like the female voice was talking to Asta.

That’s the only thing we get to know about the mysterious voice. There is also a possibility that it was Asta’s devil’s memories about something that we still don’t know yet.

Whatever it was, since the War has begun, many other revelation will be made as the episodes approaches forward.

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