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Jujutsu Kaisen 138 Spoilers, Raws Scans

Okkotsu is here and the JJK community is cheering with joy. But, the community is also talking about the time of his appearance. The Okkotsu we saw in the prequel has grown up to become a dependable man. Chapter 137 demonstrated the large-scale destruction done by Sukuna’s Domain Expansion. A portion of Japan has been wiped out, which is insane considering that one person have done this. Questions are already arising whether Okkotsu will really kill Itadori this time or Itadori is lucky enough to get another life. Things will be more clear with JJK 138 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussions.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 137 was released on 31 January. Since there is no break for the next Chapter, we can expect for the Spoilers to arrive between 5-6 February. Jujutsu Kaisen has re-introduced one of the most ferocious character of the series. Itadori’s life is really at threat after this character’s arrival.

  • Mai is at her Deathbed, her condition is critical.
  • A new Character from the Zen’in Clan is introduced, Naoya Zen’in. He is a Special Grade 1 Sorcerer.
  • Two other Zen’in are introduced, and they are extremely strong too, both are Special Grade 1.
  • Choso has a conversation with Itadori regarding his brothers. Itadori is guilty of having killed countless people.
  • The last panel is a collage of Itadori, Choso, Yuta and Naoya.

Chapter Discussion [Pre-Release]

Okkotsu Is Back

If you have read the prequel of Jujutsu Kaisen, then you will know who is Yuta Okkotsu. In the prequel, Okkotsu was seen as a timid though powerful sorcerer. But, the Okkotsu we saw in Chapter 137 was to be feared.

Having a merciless look in his eyes, he might have undergone some really harsh training. But, how did Okkotsu become so much powerful? Simple answer is, he carries an extremely powerful cursed spirit with him and most of the time it’s the cursed spirit that does every work for him.

But, how did Yuta acquired the cursed spirit?
When he was a kid, his sister died in front of him, and unconsciously Yuta cursed his own sister to never leave him. That led his sister to become a cursed spirit and move with him wherever he went.

This is the shorted example on how Okkotsu became a Sorcerer even though he was a timid and shy boy who hardly reacted to anyone who bullied him.

Will Okkotsu Really Kill Itadori?

The difference between Todo and Okkotsu is that, Todo is an unemotional man. And, we know what is his only way of judging whether someone is interesting or not. This is the only reason why he didn’t kill Itadori and rather made him his “Best Friend.”

But, when it comes to Okkotsu, he is emotionally driven. His intense emotion is the reason why he turned his sister into a cursed spirit, though unconsciously. In the prequel series, he was pissed at Geto because he almost killed Maki. And, now that an unknown person(Itadori) has wrecked havoc of such scale, he will be in no mood of having mercy.

If this wasn’t worse, Inumaki have also lost his arm and countless people have lost their lives. Maki’s status is unknown and Gojo is sealed. Todo has lost his arm too. And, Nanami has died.

If Okkotsu learns that most of his friend have either died or severely injured just because of Itadori, he won’t even ask before attacking.

But, when it comes to killing Itadori, before killing him, Okkotsu will come to understand the situation and in the end both Okkotsu and Itadori will fight together to defeat Geto.

As for sudden arrival of Okkotsu, this is not surprising as, JJK community was already speculating that the MVP will be back when things have settled down. And, the community was spot-on accurate.

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