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Black Clover Anime To End On March 2021.

When Black Clover started airing in 2017, it was discussed in the community as the “New Kid in the Block.” And, now, here we are, three years into production and it has taken a special space in our weekly Tuesdays.

The latest updates coming from the official website and Twitter account tells a different story.

The official Twitter account of Black Clover revealed on their post that the Anime was coming to an end after airing the 170th episode. Comparing this episode with the date, it’s March 30.

But, this is not the first time Black Clover has made a plan to wrap up. In 2018 it was revealed that the end of the Anime is nearing after the 51st episode, but it continued. Again in 2019 Black Clover anime was planned to stop airing, but yet it continued.

Now, this time, it seems things are for real. Now only the official website, but also the Twitter account has revealed that the Anime was coming to and end.

Black Clover Asta Devil
Asta’s Devil Form

But, there is also some hope after the 170th episode as there will some “Important Announcement.”

Now, staunch fans are speculating that the Anime will only take a partial break for let’s say one years, and then again return with upgraded animation and more developed characters.

Why is Black Clover Anime Ending?

There could be various reasons as to why Black Clover Anime is ending. The foremost reason is lack of resources. If you read the Manga, you will know that the Anime is pretty close to the Manga, and, since the anime doesn’t have many fillers episodes this creates a stressful situation for both the Anime creators and the Manga Artist.

The other suspected reason fans are speculating is that the studio will shift to an another series, and the series can be Bleach. Though this is just a speculation, only the declaration on March 30 will prove everything

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