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One Piece Episode 961 Release Date & Time

As we are approaching the Great Wano War, little bits of information are slowly revealed. And undeniably, Episode 960 started a flashback of Wano Country before Kaido came. In the past episode we came to see Oden’s days with Roger and how he predicted that the time will change in the next twenty years. Though Episode 960 was just a flashback of the Wano country, it’s hard to believe that the country which with centuries of peace was destroyed within a moment. With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 961 Release Date, Time and some Discussion.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 960 will Release on Saturday, February 6 at 4:30 PM (PDT). The name of next Episode is “Tearfully Swearing Allegiance! Oden & Kin’emon.

The Episodes 960, we saw a new version of Kin’emon before the time he met Oden, and how he was surprised, or maybe, impressed by Oden’s powerful presence as a great leader. The flashback is just starting and many other revelations will be made as the Episode proceed.

Episode Discussion

Orochi’s Evil Plan

As evil as Orochi is, he has planned to break the formation of the Gang Members who are planning to attack Kaido. He is somehow getting intelligence information and hence, going all-in to stop them.

Wonder, how Luffy and his crew will react when they find out that their ship was attacked and probably destroyed.

Not only that, even the Weather is against the Red Scabbards. Kin’emon have still taken the decision to attack Kaido’s place, and hence, they leave for it.

Wano, Forty One Years Ago

As the Red Scabbards leave, staking their lives, to launch their final battle against Kaido, the scene switches to the Wano Forty-One years ago.

The scene starts with Oden and his frustration about not being able to leave Wano and travel the World. There is too much to explain within few words, but the Wano we see today is in no comparison to how it was forty-one years ago.

Fresh food, and clean air. We also see Kin’emon when he was young and just a thug.

The community is already discussion the “Blonde Kine’mon,” and what happened that led him to change his hair color.

More is about to come in the upcoming episodes when we see Young Orochi and the other young Red Scabbards.

Though these episodes fall in the Filler category, some Fillers are always welcome.

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