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One Piece 10+ Hottest Male Characters Of All Time

One Piece has more Male Characters than Female Characters! And of course more ferocious characters than docile ones. But you know what’s surprising about ferocious male characters? They are attractive & hot…

Hence, in this post I’ll list 10+ Hottest Male One Piece Characters Of All Time.


(1) Shanks

Shanks is undoubtedly the hottest male character in One Piece. Apart from having a serious look on his face he has a scar mark over his eyes. And as you know scars pretty attractive.

One Piece Shanks

An another factor is his mysterious personality. Nobody knows what exactly he wants, and what are the steps he take to push through his goals. He has only appeared maybe 2-3 times in these 20 years of One Piece but his impact has been immense.

(3) Zoro

Zoro is easily the sexiest and the most attractive male personality in the Straw Hats Crew. He is an absolute chad and doesn’t give a damn about anything. On top of that he is strong AF.

One Piece Zoro

You can easily understand why Hiyori immediately got attracted to Zoro as soon as she met him. Even the female section of One Piece fandom loves to see him in action.

(3) Rayleigh

For Rayleigh age is just a number. He is from the begone generation yet he still maintains this insane physique. I wonder how Roger would have been if he was alive…

One Piece Rayleigh

Much like Shanks Rayleigh is also a mysterious person and never shows off his powers. In short Rayleigh has this “Old Man Chad” vibe about him…

(4) Cavendish

Cavendish is one of the most good looking male character in One Piece. In fact I would say he is the one of the most beautiful One Piece character. Though let’s not focus on “Hakuba” the negative, more lethal, side of his.

One Piece Cavendish

Thanks to his good looks Cavendish naturally attracts woman…Unfortunately, his face and personality is more like a “pretty boy” than a Pirate.

(5) Ace

Roger was not particularly good looking but he was the bets example of a MAN. He was fearless and carried an immense aura. Everyone either respected him immensely or was afraid of him. You could see literally see the intensity on his face.

Ace One Piece

If Roger was like that what could have expected from Ace? Ace also had this intense yet calm personality. Many say that Oda killed Ace for two basic reason: First is to force Luffy’s growth and second is to stop Ace from overtaking Luffy’s popularity. What do you think about this theory?

(6) Sanji

Unlike Zoro Sanji is not muscular but has great control over his muscles…In simple words Sanji uses skills to fight. If we keep side his simp attitude towards every woman Sanji is really good-looking.

One Piece Sanji

And have you noticed how Nami treats him? Yeah she pulverizes him, but she has never called him ugly or hated him. Pudding too was attracted to Sanji..

(7) King

This guy is the newest introduction in this list and the series. King is probably the strongest fighter in Kaido’s army. But us fans never suspected him to be so dashing. The long hair suits pretty great with his face.

King One Piece

King is also one-of-a-kind (spoiler). King was instantly trending on Twitter and other social media platforms when his face was revealed because unlike Queen King was never hated.

(8) Roger

How can I forget the Pirate King? The guy who started it all! As you can see, his face is also identical to Ace. Of course because he is Ace’s dad. In fact I would say he would look exactly similar to Ace if his mustache was removed.

One Piece Roger

Even at the moment of his death Roger showed great determination and bravery. How can any woman ignore such a Man?

(9) Doflamingo

This dude Doflamingo has done every horrible thing you can imagine, yet he is loved by a large One Piece fandom. I don’t understand why! Maybe it’s because of his carefree attitude and physique.

One Piece Doflamingo

On top of being a noble Doflamingo packed immense prowess and authority. The manga has described pretty well how women were attracted to him. Anytime he is shown in the manga he becomes the center of talk in various community forums.

(10) Smoker

Form some reason Oda have kept Smoker grossly underutilized. He is one of the very few Marines who are actually not hated by OP community. He has at least some emotional intelligence!

One Piece Smoker

Another thing is this: Look at the image above, doesn’t he look quite similar to Zoro? Yeah, and this is also one reason why Smoker looks badass.

(11) Crocodile

Crocodile had the biggest glow-up after the time-skip. The prison probably changed him a lot. Oda also hinted in an interview that Crocodile will be playing an important role in future chapters. Let’s see how everything unfolds.

One Piece Crocodile

I won’t say that every woman would get attracted to him but Crocodile does have an immense ominous aura. Well suited for an evil Pirate.

(12) Mihawk

Nothing about Mihawk is negative. It’s hard to accept that Mihawk is way older than Zoro. He looks younger and boasts a great physique. Mihawk is one attractive man!

One Piece Mihawk

How much points would you give him out of 10? Do let me know:

(13) Law

Law is insanely cute when a child. He has carried that beauty and attractiveness even as a grown-up. Though he seldom smiles, this serious face does suite him pretty good!

Law One Piece

He also constantly ranks quite high in popularity polls. This is proof that woman, including guys do like Law as a character and in terms of facial features as well!

(14) Rob Lucci

Man looks like Michael Jackson. For the time-being let’s not focus on his evil and merciless personality. Rob Lucci is one great looking man. He has one of the best facial features among most male characters in the series.

Rob Lucci One Piece
Rob Lucci

How can I not focus on the angry-faced pigeon? It just adds to his powerful personality. What’s surprising is that even after so many years the One Piece community sometimes discuss about him.

(15) Aokiji

If you ask me, Aokiji is the best looking Admiral among all. Especially when you compare him with Akainu and Kizaru. What makes him look even more attractive is his presence. Unlike Akainu, who is always frustrated AF, Aokiji is calm. Maybe it’s because of his “Ice” ability.

Aokiji (One Piece)

Fans argue whether Aokiji is physically attractive. My view is that it’s not his physical attributes that is attractive but his sheer powerful presence and calmness in every situation.

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