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At last we are close to the “1000” mark, and as Oda promised, it seems he will surely cover 1000th Chapter in 2020. Wow! what a great achievement. It’s hard it believe that our favorite Manga is already 23+ years old. The War against Wano’s freedom is at its peak. The Red Scabbards have already landed their blow on Kaido, but in exchange of Kiku’s arm. On the other hand, the Straw-hats are also heading towards the top floor. Though the Straw-hats are trying hard to reach the top floor as quick as possible, Kaido’s army are quite powerful and on top of it Big Mom is also wrecking havoc. But, despite that, Chopper have found out the antidote of Queen’s plague shots. There are a lot of things to explain. Before that let’s look into One Piece 999 Spoilers and Raw Scan Status.


It seems, Chapter 999 Spoilers are out early this time. Here are the Spoilers:

  • Chapter Title is: “The Waiting Liquor I Made For You”
  • Yamato is seen fighting Ace.
  • Kaido didn’t knew Ace came, since he was on an Expedition when he came.
  • Ace came to Onigashima to rescue children kidnapped from Mainland.
  • Ace says that parents couldn’t choose (Not sure what that means), and after that Yamato responds saying that she always wanted to go out to the sea and live freely like Oden did.
  • After their fight is over, they drink and talk about Young Pirates of the Sea, including Luffy.
  • Marco is seen flying to the roof with Zoro.
  • As Marco flies, he briefly remembers Ace, and then Queen and King transform to stop Marco.
  • Tama finally learns that Luffy is Ace’s brother, and Yamato mentions that Luffy has a “D” in his name.
  • Big Mom tells Kaido to keep Robin alive, probably for the Poneglyph, and then Kaido asks Big Mom about the 3-eyed girl (Pudding) and asks whether she can read the Ancient Texts.
  • Kaido’s fruit is “Uo Uo no Mi (Fish Fish Fruit), Mythical type. There is no more exact information about the Devil Fruit.
  • Kaido got the Devil Fruit from Big Mom, the day Rocks Pirate Fell.

Chapter 999 Discussion

Robin’s Life in Trouble

Long back, when we learned Robin’s past, we understood where did she got all those knowledge from. The quest for Poneglyph has being into One Piece world long since it was introduced. And since Robin is too in her quest and has good information about it, Kaido has kept her for his own needs.

In Chapter 999 Spoilers, we see Big Mom specially asking Kaido to keep Robin alive only because she knows a lot about Poneglyph, hence, we can say that Robin is as of now in trouble.

Tama Finally Learns About Luffy

When Luffy’s crew landed in Wano, he met Tama, and then explained Ace’s death. Though this incident broke Tama mentally, Luffy took Ace’s vow. But, what we missed is that Luffy never said Tama that he was Ace’s brother.

Tama only saw Luffy as some unknown savior of the Country. Now that she has learned that Luffy is Ace’s brother, Tama will be extremely happy that though Ace is not the one to fulfill the promise, it’s his brother who will do it.

Kaido’s Devil Fruit Revealed

The hottest topic into discussion is this. “What is Kaido’s Devil Fruit?”

So, it’s pretty obvious to reveal something important since we are just one Chapter away from the 1000 mark. Chapter 999 finally reveals Kaido’s Devil Fruit and it’s named “Uo Uo no Mi“, literally translating into “Fish Fish Fruit“.

For many readers this will be a bit uninteresting, since, they thought Kaido’s Devil Fruit will be extremely powerful. But, what’s remarkable is that it was Big Mom who gave him the Devil Fruit.

Chapter 999 Pre-Release Discussion

How Long will Marco Fight?

When Marco entered the Wano War, most of the Beast Pirates were terrified, and why won’t they be? Marco was the closest to White-Beard, and also powerful enough to face Shanks Haki. Not only that, he also survived after White-Beard crew disbanded.

After Marco’s entry, most of the time his work has involved helping rather than fighting to any serious enemy. There could be various reason behind why Oda chose not to highlight Marco in Wano War.

First, is that, since Marco does not belong to Straw-hats directly, giving him too much focus is not beneficial. Second is, that Marco is Overpowered, and if a character of such caliber battles against those measly pirates, the balance of powers will be lost and it will quickly become a one-sided massacre.

One Piece Ace

But, entirely rejecting Marco siting the reason that he is not connected to Wano is also a fallacy. If we recall, Oden was in the same ship when Shanks and Buggy were kid. Another argument is that, when Luffy met Otama for the first time, she talked about Ace, and, also that the hat Ace wore was made in Wano.

Now, the actual question is, How long will Marco Fight?

We have already read the official release on Chapter 998, and it’s clear that Oda is engaging every character with their respective opponent. Even Jinbei and Sanji, who were with Luffy are now facing a new enemy.

Hence, the ultimate solution that comes out is that, perhaps after some Chapter, maybe in Chapter 1000, Luffy will finally reach the top floor where Kaido is, and Marco will reach there too. Having Marco as a support will aid extra benefit to the Red Scabbards and Luffy. Most probably Zoro will reach there too, since he now has Enma, the only sword that mortally injured Kaido.

Will Drake Die in End?

Drake is an undercover agent working for the Marine. But, his cover is blown. Now that his cover has blown, he has only two choices, either die or riot against Kaido’s army.

As of now, Drakes is fighting with Straw-hat crew, and given his intelligence information, he knows the weakness of many Higher ups of Beast Pirates.

When Drake’s identity was revealed, One Piece community started speculating that Drake will surely die in the end, but, at present looking at his insane devil fruit power, it is question whether this will actually happen.

On top of it, Drake is not only a strong Devil Fruit user, but also an intelligence officer. He will most probably find a way out with the straw hats.

The worst thing that may happen is if Sakazuki kills Drake only because he blew his cover, which I don’t think will happen, at least let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

Will Sanji Break his Vow?

Okay, so this is a funny one. Sanji is strong guy but his only weakness his chivalrous nature. Most of the time, it is Sanji’s Chivalry that traps him in unusual scenario and not his physical abilities.

We have seen this happening in countless occasions. The most remarkable one was when he fell for Pudding, even though she had an unwelcoming face. And, now, during Wano War, when he saw a place for Women, he didn’t even think twice before barging into the building, only to get disappointed.

If this wasn’t enough, Sanji chose to go astray after he heard a female voice who was “Yelling for Help”, but, in the end what happened? It was Black Maria’s trick to entrap someone. And look at his “Chivalry,” even when he is strangled, he cannot keep his cool, and asks himself, how will he handle the situation when there are so many woman around him.

So? What do you think? Will Sanji break his vow of never retaliating against a Woman or will he break his vow, and go on to land his “Fire Legs?”

Well! I think, by the time Black Maria does anything to him, the War will be over LOL…

Yamato Talks about Ace

In the last panel of Chapter 998, we saw Yamato indirectly talking about Ace. She says that Ace came here to clash with Kaido. It’s fantastic, how cleverly Oda connects everything so smoothly and there is almost no question against these revelations.

Yamato : Fandom

Another thing that is not revealed yet is, how did Yamato came to like Ace and Oden? What led her to take such decision? One thing that points is, Kaido’s abusive behavior. Kaido forcing Yamato to be like a Man, rather than a Woman stands as the main reason why Yamato sided with Oden and Ace.

As of now, this is the only reason behind why Yamato sided with Oden and Ace. If I find something new, this theory will be updated.

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