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Sword Art Online Alicization Season 4 War of Underworld Episode 22 Release Date, Preview.

We have come a long way since Kirito was, well it would be better to say Reborn. Before Kirito regained his consciousness, the beginning episodes felt like the series was not moving forward. Things changed when Kirito woke up leading to eliminating 2 ferocious enemies. That said, let’s see what’s there for us in the upcoming episodes of Sword Art Online War Of Underworld.

Release Date Episode 22:

Episode 22 of War of Underworld will release on September 12, Saturday. The episodes are running as per schedule and there is no delay.

The name of the next episode is “Alice”. By the name of the episode we can already think of, who will be the main focus of the next episode.

War of Underworld Episode 21 Recap:

Starting a New Life in a New World:

The episode starts with Dr. Rinko ejecting the fluctlight of Alice, securing that Alice is not left behind for 200 years. After she takes out Alice, she asks Asuna to hurry and logout of the system before it is too late. Asuna denies her logout as says that she wants to live with Kirito. Until then the timeout is over and we are able to see Kirito and Asuna heading over to start spending their life in the virtual world.

Ill Fate of Gabe:

Higa and Kikuoka head over to the control point to try as quick as possible to log out Asuna and Kirito. While Higa is trying to log Kirito and Asuna out, Kikuoka tries to enter the main control room. But, the enemy is alerted and few of them head over to confront Kikuoka. But, in return, Kikuoka kills Brigg and in he is hit too in crossfire.

After that we can see that Gabe is laughing in his evil tone, maybe thinking how foolish was for him to die in such way. But, he is shocked when he finds out that he is dead is real life too. And, this is when the most unusual thing happens. Alicia, the childhood friend of Gabe, who was killed by him, appears and take Gabe with her into the other side of the world. The way she takes Gabe shocks Gabe is such manner that he is not able to do anything to stop her.

This unusual incident may lead to another great story in Sword Art Online. Though this may be a speculation.

Akihiko Appears:

After Gabe is taken by his childhood friend, we return again into the control room where Dr. Rinko gets and emergency alerts. Nakanishi, says that the alerts was from the Main Engine Room from where to whole system was receiving power. The enemy squad had set Plastic Explosive to sabotage and destroy the system and to escape.

Nakanishi volunteers to remove the plastic explosives even if it cost his life. When he tries to reach the main engine room, he is hit by an enemy bullet.

This is when one of the Robot seen gaining life and walking towards the enemy, probably to keep Nakanishi safe and remove the Explosives. The secret is revealed when the robot talks to Dr. Rinko.

Rinko recognizes the voice, and it is Akihito. He wants Rinko to carry his dream of connecting both side of the world together to which Rinko agrees.

Finally Kikouka reaches and kills the enemy leading Akihito to disarm the plastic explosive but, he fails. Upon Rinko’s plead the robot wakes up again and goes on to engage the explosive. The explosion took place and nothing happens to the main engine.

Vassago Returns:

While Gabe was looking at his dead body, he also saw Vassago lying dead beside him. But, when the enemies were make a run for it with the dead bodies of Gabe and Briggs, they did not find the dead body of Vassago. Also after the explosion took place, when the bomb-squad group went to retrieve the robot and explore the situation, they did not find the body of the robot.

This disappearance of Vassago’s dead body and the robot further confirms that the next episode we will surely see Vassago trying to seriously harm someone in the control room.

This also confirms a major death flag. My instinct are saying that Higa may die while saving Rinko. Though I am being too pessimistic, let’s not hope for this to happen.

There was no preview of the next episode. We were only shown the name of the next episode. The name of Episode 22 is “Alice”.

Where to watch Sword Art Online War of Underworld:

There are various sources to watch Sword Art Online War of Underworld. But, below are the official streaming sources:



Sword Art Online or SAO is a VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer) Game where players can experience gaming at a different level. A player interested in the game can access it by wearing a Nervegear. This excitement attracts thousands of players and 10,000 of them including Kirito and Asuna logs into the game. The situation turns hostile and unpredictable when players learn that the only way to get out of the game is to beat all 100 floors of Aincrad, a steel castle in SAO and if anyone tries to forcibly remove the Nervegear or dies in-game they are going to die in real life too.


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