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One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 1034 felt a bit dragged out. As if Oda is waiting for the right time to reveal something that is too powerful to handle. I’m guessing it’s either King’s past or Queen’s. These two are the left and right hand of Kaido and bringing down any one of them will be a devastating blow to the Beast Pirates!

And until these two aren’t defeated Luffy won’t be able to move ahead for his final battle. Let’s also not forget Momo’s determination. He’s doing everything to save his Kingdom. If he fails( We know he won’t) the result would be devastating and the whole saga would end in a complete mess.

Well, there’s nothing more to talk more. Let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers, Raw Scans( If available) and also have some discussions.

Chapter 1035 Predictions

Chapter 1034 mostly covered the battle between Sanji and Queen. And I think in the next chapter we will see other characters! It’s been quite a time we haven’t seen Nami, the Red Scabbards, etc. Maybe Oda is saving Luffy’s decision for the end battle.

It’s pretty hard to predict something when a Chapter ends like this! The top most question that came from Chapter 1034 is about Queen. How the heck is he able to use Germa’s techniques? He is a scientist, sure, but, making a replica of something that is unique, is in its own way is a job well done!

In the past Queen have shown an emotion for the Germa. It’s hard to make everything by just one look and little talk. On the other hand, Zoro is also very close to unleashing Enma’s true powers. King also has a secret he doesn’t want it to come out in public.

Do you have any unique prediction? Then don’t forget to comment! Let’s have a conversation!


OMG! this is THE Spoilers we were waiting for. The prediction was spot-on. This is probably one of the most important chapters of One Piece lately!

  • Chapter 1035 Title: “Zoro vs King.”
  • Sanji has defeated Queen. He then falls down of exhaustion.
  • Zoro observes that when the flame on King’s back disappears he moves faster but his defense decreases.
  • King’s face is revealed.
  • He is from the Lunaria tribe. They have Black Wings, Gray Hair and Brown Skin. Anyone who informs about this to the Government will get 100 Million Berries.
  • We get a flashback of the time when King met Kaido. They both were in a government research facility.
  • King’s name is any one of these: Albel/ Albert/ Arbel.
  • We are back again with Zoro vs King.
  • King uses a new attack: “Omori Karyudon.” Zoro also unleashes a new attack: “Dragon Flame of the Three Flames.”
  • Chapter ends with Zoro attacking King.

One Piece Chapter 1034 officially released only few hours ago as we speak. Hence, we will have to have until the latest Spoilers come out. But, the best thing about One Piece Spoilers is that it comes out early. Earlier than expected. Mostly it comes out just 1-2 days after a chapter is released officially.

Sanji is in deep trouble since Queen is easily using all of Germa’s secret technique. Now it’s still not clear how’s that happening. Maybe he used to work for Germa in the past but was ridiculed because of his physical appearance! Well, I won’t be surprised if this turns out to be the actual story.

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