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Black Clover Chapter 317 Spoilers, Raw Scans

After all this mayhem, everyone is depended on Asta. Good for him his new attack has really done damage on Lucifero’s body. While Asta battles Lucifero, Yuno is battling arguably the most powerful Devil. It’s probably either stronger or as strong as Lucifero.

From what I know from the past chapters, Yuno is giving a tough fight against Zenon. Avoiding too much talk, let’s dive into Black Clover Chapter 317 Spoilers, Raw Scans( If available).

Chapter 317 Predictions

After all the struggle, the Black Bull army failed to completely pin down Lucifero. And we know that when nothing’s working there’s one guy who can flip it. What’s more exciting that seeing Asta handling Yami’s sword?

On top of that Asta has also unleashed his devil form. This battle against Lucifero is not only about rescuing the Captains, it’s also about Liebe taking revenge. If you can’t recall then Lucifero killed Licita, the foster-mother of Liebe and the Asta’s mother.

Black Clover Liebe

The focal point of Chapter 316 is Asta! But, one thing we shouldn’t forget. From the beginning we have seen Yami’s status, but what about William? It’s unsettling to not learn anything about William, and this is a deathflag in the making!

At the end of the previous chapter, Asta unleashed what it felt like the upgraded version of Yami’s Equinox slash (I can’t recall the name). Though it looked promising, things won’t settle down unless Lucifero really comes down! My Intuition are saying that it’ll be Liebe who’ll finish off Lucifero. Now, whether he’ll be transferred in the Demon Realm or die is anybody’s guess. But, looking at the Liebe’s intense hatred towards Lucifero, I won’t be surprised if he ends up killing him.


Okay, the Spoilers are out. If you don’t know Chapter 317 is the last chapter of this year.

  • Chapter 317 Title: “Turning Point.”
  • Yuno helps destroy the remains of Lucifero’s physical manifestation while Mimosa heals him.
  • William wakes up and Patry holds him.
  • Yami and Black Bulls are getting back together.
  • Nacht seems a bit worried and is looking for something.
  • Yuno is welcomed by Spade’s resistance members and the hug him.
  • The Second Gate’s highest ranking devil is revealed.
  • The Second Gate devils tells everyone to start running.
  • Lucifero manifests again.
  • He then proceeds to use Gravity Magic again.
  • Asta rushes to the scene and finds everything destroyed.
  • Chapter ends with Lucifero next to Asta as he insults him.
First Leaks
Second Leaks

Black Clover Chapter 316 was officially released just few hours ago. Hence, it’ll take some time for any Spoilers to appear. Rest assured, the Spoilers come out pretty early for most Black Clover chapters.
The manga is approaching end of the present arc, and now Asta has taken the lead.

I cannot wait for him to unleash his powers and Yami’s powers alike!

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