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My Hero Academia Chapter 338 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Okay finally the mole has been revealed. It’s a win for the guys who suspected that Aoyama was the mole. Though I wasn’t one of them since Hagakure was more suitable siting her invisible body. Not gonna lie, Chapter 337 was heavy.

It’s hard to digest that one of the most entertaining character in the series was the one leaking every secret information to AFO. But, whose fault is it actually? Just like Deku, Aoyama didn’t have any quirk, but as we have seen many times, “expectations lead to sadness.” And in this can Aoyama was unlucky to fall prey to AFO.

It’s pretty hard to say what’ll happen in the future, but for now Aoyama has a chance to revert back his mistake. The only difference between Deku getting his quirk and Aoyama getting is the fact that one was with OFA and the other was with AFO.

Well, let’s look into Chapter 338 Spoilers, Raw Scans( if available).

Chapter 338 Predictions

Is it hard to predict what might happen in the upcoming chapter? I don’t think Horikoshi will change the scenario from Deku’s conversation with Aoyama to some other way, let’s say Endeavor’s family.

But, I have a feeling that Chapter 338 will mostly cover the Villain’s side of things. AFO knows that the cat is out of the bag. It’ll be quite interesting to learn how he responses to this situation. He isn’t merciful a bit that’s sure, it’s only a matter of time until he does the same thing with Aoyama that he did with Lady Nagant.

At the end of Chapter 337 Bakugo understood something. I’m not sure what is it, but, the next chapter can also be focused on Bakugo and maybe some plans to counter AFO? Deku is too emotional to take any serious decision, but Bakugo can lay a plan while using Aoyama as a pawn to attract AFO or at least other villian.

Do you have any unique prediction? I’ll be interested to have a conversation about it!


The Spoilers are out, and things are starting to heat-up a bit more.

  • Chapter 338 title: “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes – Part 1.”
  • Chapter starts with Tsukauchi asking Sansa (police cat) to shut Aoyama’s mouth and tells Deku that he has no way to take his hand since her’s all tied up.
  • He adds that the crime Aoyama has committed is far too much to give him a chance. And, even if he won’t explode, it’s a good option to take him straight to the central hospital to be absolutely sure.
  • Tsukauchi asks the parents why they didn’t want AFO about the Kamino raid. To which their reply is that the communication is only one way.
  • Deku interrupts saying that they are unlikely to find AFO on their own. Kaminari, Momo and Mineta understand on the spot what he’s thinking. It’s that Aoyama is the only one who can lead them to AFO.
  • Present Mic thinks that it’s impossible to trust Aoyama right now! Iida interrupts by saying that they are also to blame for not being able to save his heart. And what Iida wants is to hold the hand of his friend who is suffering in despair.
  • Bakugo says that he’s going to hit at least 5 Howitzer impacts on Aoyama’s face to make up for the kidnapping. Sero on the other hand says Bakugo to stop.
  • Kirishima jumps in and mentions that Aoyama was requesting his parents to stop, hence, he doesn’t want to obey AFO.
  • Tsukauchi starts talking to Aoyama’s parents about what is the most rational choice to make at the moment. But, he is interrupted by Iida. He asks Deku if he already has a specific plan, to which he answers No!
  • Aizawa tells Tsukauchi that he himself too is to blame for not realizing it sooner. He then talks to Aoyama directly, saying that he doesn’t intend to expel him fro U.A.
  • Aizawa then asks Tsukauchi to cover Aoyama’s ear because he wants to discuss an idea with the class. Next we see the students shocked after listening Aizawa’s plan.
  • Tsukauchi says that they would need to investigate certain places first and asks Sansa not to report this to the police force or anyone else.
  • Next we see the students in the dorms, saying that they need to get ready. Iida asks Deku what they are going to do with their Hero costumes? Hagakure says that they will defeat AFO and everyone agrees, with an angry expression.
  • Deku is walking down the hall, still with that expression. he says that in order to go into the fight at full strength, he needs to equip himself properly. He then heads for the development studio.
  • Suddenly the door explodes and Hatsume falls on Deku’s face, the same way she fell when she first met Deku.

Chapter 337 was officially released just few hours ago. Hence, it’s too early to get any Spoilers for the next Chapter. The story is at its peak and I’m quite sure Chapter 338 will end with a cliffhanger. From what I have learned, the manga will go for a break after Chapter 338, and Horikoshi will try everything in his power to make the Chapter as juicy as possible!

Rest assured, this section will be updated as soon as the Spoilers are available.

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