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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date, Predictions, Watch Online.

The fantasy Genre is filled with series that are worth to remember, and also some series, that are worth not to. Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon or Danmachi is pretty long name of a series, that too a fantasy series. Fujino Omori started writing Danmachi light novel in 2013 and Suzuhito Yasuda illustrated it. The light novel series is published by SB Creative under their GA Bunko imprint and as of today 15 volumes has been published. the English version of Danmachi is published by Yen Press. Danmachi Season 3 was announced previous month in September. With this let’s look into what we have in Danmachi Season 3 Episode 2.

Release Date:

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 2 will Release on Friday, October 9 (PDT). Season 3 will run for 12 Episodes. As of now there is no news on delay of episodes and all episodes will release as scheduled.

Episode 1 RECAP:

Danmachi is one of the most loved fantasy and dungeon series. Every season of Danmachi has major twist and Season 3 has began with the same note. Let’s look at what happened in Episode 1 of Danmachi Season 3.

The series starts with a scene where several hunters are chasing a monster that look more like an elf. Though the character look likes an Elf it is actually a Monster with claws sharp enough to tear apart any human.


The Adventurers explain the Elf as “Vouivere“. Later there is no explanation of the meaning of the word. But Bell Saves the Vouvere when he saw that it was not harmful.

When the Adventure team of Bell meets the Vouivere, they try to kill it thinking it was a Monster and may kill Bell. But, Bell convince them that it was not harmful and rather hunted by adventurers. The team accept the request of Bell to keep the Vouivere with them before any concrete decision is made. Hestia also approves it.

Bell names her Vergine but, later the team comes up with her name a “Wiene.”

The Talking Monster:

What shocks everyone at Hestia Familia that, being a monster Wiene could talk in human language. That was the sole reason why Bell considered saving Wiene. Later everyone at Hestia Familia started collecting information about whether anyone knew about a Talking Monster. But, unfortunately they could not learn anything. Bell comes to know that they are being spied upon by someone with an Owl.

The Violent Dream:

Before sleeping with Bell, Wiene talks about a dream she always has and how that dream quickly becomes a nightmare for her. In the dream she sees an extremely violent version of herself where she kills countless number of people and later feels hollow within herself.

The dream saddens her after she sees herself is such form.

Ouranos and his Spies:

While Lili was investigating whether there is any talking monster anyone knew about, she was confronted by one of the spies of Ouranos. The spy failed to tail Lili.

Later, in the end of the episode we see Ouranos talking about The Talking Monster.


Season 3 will have 12 episodes in total and already in Episode 1 we have come to learn so many things. Most of the Episode was focused on the new character Wiene and Hestia Famila trying to learn who she is. But, we also see the spy squad of Ouranos talking about a Famlia that we have never heard before “Ikelos Familia.” With these mysterious revelation we already know that Season 3 of Danmachi is going to be as exciting and will live up to its reputation.

Episode 2 Prediction:

Ikelos Familia:

In the end of Episode 1 we saw the spies of Ouranos talking about Ikelos Familia. This Familia is unknown and does not exist now, but has a dark past, due to which it was disbanded and the God of of Familia Ikelos exiled.

The Ikelos Familia was an exploration type Familia involved in Black Market Trading of Xenos. Later it was destroyed by a Xenos and hence, as an outcome Ikelos was exiled.


When describing Monsters, we talk about a range of Monsters that are all violent and always ready to kill humans. But Xenos are a different kind of Monster Species. These monsters have considerable intelligence and they came even speak in Human Language. Xenos search for their comrades in dungeon where there are not too much activity in order to save them from dying. What make Xenos even more unique monsters that they have a constant desire to reach to surface and experience life differently.

Wiene could be a Xenos:

Danmachi Wiene

Yes, there is possibility that Wiene is a Xenos, and there are many reasons to support this answer. When we look into the characteristics of Xenos, every thing matches with Wiene’s characteristics.

  • Xenos can speak in Human Language. Wiene can also speak in Human Languge.
  • Xenos have a constant desire the reach the surface. Wiene also declares that she likes Sun with Bell.
  • Xenos search for their comrades in unexplored portions of dungeons. The Monster version of Wiene where she killed countless people was also an area of Dungeon.
  • Ikelos Familia was destroyed by a Xenos and later disbanded. The dream of Wiene matched with this story where she kills people mercilessly.

Ikelos Famila was involved in Black Market trading of Xenos and maybe while exploring the Dungeon Wiene saw something that was too bizarre and hence, she could not control her rage. Surely we will learn to know the secret behind her violent dream in the later Episodes.

Watch Danmachi Season 3:

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The story takes place in a city named Orario. One day suddenly the Gods came down to the city and chose to limit their power to experience life as a human. To be precise, the Gods wanted to experience what to humans face everyday for survival.

Among the humans is a 14 old boy named Bell Cranel. Where most of the humans who fight in dungeons have joined famous Familia, Bell on the under hand is a solo adventurer and the only member of his Familia. He stays with his God Hestia. Bell may have the hardest luck but, with practice and determination he clears dungeons alone. And that’s how the story moves forward with Bell facing different challenges and growing up to become a real adventurer and gathering reliable teammates.

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