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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15 Release Date, Watch Online.

Okay! with the Release Fire Force Episode 14, we have entered the Haijima Arc. To be absolutely honest, Fire Force is one of the best Anime airing at present. In the trailer introduction of the new arc, we saw a new character introduction , “The Ashen Reaper.” With this, let’s see what do we have with Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15.

Release Date:

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15 will release on Friday, October 9 (PDT). As of now there is no news on delay of episode and every episodes will release as scheduled.

Fire Force Episode 14 RECAP:

The Episode is named “The Ashen Reaper.” Episode 14 of Fire Force kickstarted the Haijima Arc, with crucial revelations:

The Haijima Spy:

In the very beginning of the Episode we see that Victor Licht revealing that he a Haijima Spy and he was tasked to spy on Shinra and his adolla link. But, after his revelation, Captain Obi says that they knew he was a Spy. It is also funny to see that among all only Sister was shocked to learn this secret.

The Ashen Reaper:

The real name of The Ashen Reaper is Kurono and he is said be powerful enough to fight shoulder to shoulder with Benimaru, who is considered as the most powerful fire soldier alive. Kurono is shown as a bully who like to bully kids just for fun.

While Shinra was recalling his past in Haijima, he remembered his past experience with Kuruno and how Kurono was itching to bully Shinra.

Kurono is also seen bullying Nataku even though Nataku was injured after fighting with Kurono.

Shinra vs Kurono:

When Shinra reaches Haijima lab, he receives an Adolla Link, where he sees Nataku Son grieving to go home.

Later Shinra and Kuruno begin their battle to see who is more powerful. Though Shinra unleashes his most powerful attack, it is easily repealed by Kuruno. He reveales that the Black Smoke that he uses has an ability to sense everything in the environment. And, it is almost impossible to defeat him when the Black Smoke is present.

He is also seen to have an intense hatred towards Shinra since, he has an Adolla Link and also to prove that nobody can defeat him.

Though Shinra loses and the Scientist pleads to stop the fight, Kurono does not stop and covers the lab with his Black Smoke.


Well, this was an explosive beginning of the new arc and we also saw why Kuruno is said to be powerful similar to Benimaru. The later episodes of Fire Force will surely contain the best of the Arc and the trailer of Episode 15 is a proof.

Where to Watch:

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Enen no Shouboutai or Fire Force is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. Since the release of the manga in 2015, it is serialized on Weekly Shonen Magazine weekly and is published by Kodansha. As of now there are a total of 25 Tonkobon volumes of the series. The manga is licensed by Kodansha USA for release in North America.

The story is set is world where humans suddenly burst into flames and are transformed into fire demons. The Great Fire incident that took place 250 years ago changed to daily lives of average humans. To counter this unparalleled threat, institutions were set-up such as the Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Armed Forces and Holy Church of Sol. As a outcome the Special Fire Force was born who were specially trained to tackle and defeat the so-called infernals.

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