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Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers Leaked Online

Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers are here.

Leaks before hinted that the chapter is going to be intense, and I now that the leaks are out, I feel the same…

I won’t take any extra second of yours..Let’s dive INNN….

BC Chapter 335 Spoilers

  • Chapter 335 title: “Severance
  • Sister Lily vs Asta. She teleport Asta somewhere.
  • Sister Lily seems to have Beelzebub’s Spatial Magic.
  • Noelle begins attacking Sister Lily, but she blocks it with Spatial Magic.
  • The Captains are also starting their attack.
  • Lucius says: “Judgement day is coming in 7 days.”

In short Chapter 335 is complete despair.

Chapter 335 Discussion

Well, I have nothing to say! This was anyway going to happen after Sister Lily got brainwashed and Asta got slashed by her.

But, honestly I never thought Sister would inherit Beelzebub’s Spatial Magic. On top of that, she teleported him somewhere and not everyone thinks Asta is dead.

Good thing is the Captains are here. But I wonder how long will they last? Short chapter but intense…

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