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Black Clover Episode 141 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online.

With millions of copies sold every month, Black Clover is one of the most famous and loved manga series out there. Stories like this come very rarely and are even more rarely cherished. Now, let’s look into the latest updates on Black Clover Episode 141 we have got.

Previously in Black Clover:

Vanessa was worried about the upcoming war with the Spade Kingdom. She thought that she and her companions at Black Bulls are not ready yet and need external help to increase their powers.

She reached to her mother, who is a Witch Queen to gain more magical power. In turn, the Queen set her condition to train and encourage two subordinates who are talented but need the right guidance.

Vanessa strives and is successfully able to raise their morale. Doing this, she understood that her fate is on her hands, and there was no one who can control her Fate. The Queen understood what she was wanting to say and told her to leave.

Black Clover Episode 140 Review [SPOILER]:

The name of the episode is “A favor for Julius.” 

The episode starts with Marx confronting Julius about him being out of the castle and roaming around carelessly.

 Noel and Asta are training for the upcoming war with the Spade Kingdom. Asta is seen overpowering Noel easily with his Demon Sword.

While they are training, they see a Sticky Salamander trying to attack them. Asta cuts the Salamander and then they recognize that it as Sully’s magic power.

Marx has come with Makusa North who is a Researcher at Magic Lab. Sully has also come with them to collect samples for her experiments. Listening to this, everyone at Black Bulls runs away not wanting to become a test subject, but Asta accepts though he does not have any magic. 

The next scene takes a comic turn on how Sully lays traps and catches every Black Bull member one by one and conducts her experiment in which she pushes their magical power to the maximum. Though Asta does not have any magic, Sully takes his hair sample and then goes on to talk about how she also wanted his blood and heart. Though she appears to be a psychopath, to a certain degree, we also saw an emotional side of her and how she thinks of Asta differently.

On the other side, Julius talks with Nozel, Fuegoleon, and Marx about a village that is ravaged and impoverished. The village is also attacked by Bandits every now and then. The three are tasked to investigate what was wrong and report back. They took the form of a wanderer and entered the village.

 They weren’t well received but as soon as they called out the word “Chronovala” everyone at the village cheered up. Marx understood that it was Julius disguised as Chronovala. They were offered to stay at night. 

As they suspected, the bandits arrived at night and tried to rob Noel, Fuegoleon, and Marx but fail to counter-attack Fuegoleon. 

It is revealed that it was the villagers who were the bandits and they explained that situations pushed them to take this step and become bandits. The Attack of the Midnight Sun destroyed their livelihood and they are staying in such dire situation ever since.

Fuegoleon promised to help them but, Nozel went argued that a crime is a crime and they will be punished. In the end, it is shown that the village is again being reconstructed and put together. 

Black Clover Episode 141 Release Date:

Black Clover episode 141 will release on Tuesday, September 1. The name of the episode is “The Golden Family.”

The end preview shows the challenges Yuno faces while not being a Royal in the Golden Dawn. The preview ends with saying that Yuno will never Give-Up because he and Asta have the magic called Never-Give-Up.

Where to Watch:

These are some of the places where you can watch Black Clover:

Adult Swim, Funimation, Crunchyroll, HULU

About Black Clover:

Black Clover series in written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata since 2015. Black Clover releases weekly in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The English version of the manga is published by Viz. The story centers around Asta and Yuno who are like Brothers. But, both Asta and Yuno have differences when it comes to their magic powers. Where Yuno is overflowing with magic, Asta is magicless. Both Asta and Yuno have a dream to become the best mages and ultimately become the Wizard King.

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