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Asta vs Yuno. Who Is Stronger?

Who is stronger between Asta and Yuno? Asta vs Yuno is the longest running debate among Black Clover community. Some say Yuno is stronger, while most claim that Asta is the strongest…

Hence, today I’ll add my view as well! I’ll try to point out the main differences between Asta and Yuno and the aspects they lead!

Ready? Let’s Go:

Yuno Has More Magic

What’s you first thought when I say that “Yuno has more mana than most Captains in Clover Kingdom.”? If you accept then you’ve already got your answer.

But, if think Yuno doesn’t have that much magical prowess, then tell me who has more than one Grimoire? And also a spirit? As of the she is a bonus!

Yuno Black Clover
Yuno Black Clover

I guess Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata has made a mistake by making Yuno so overpowered!

Since I’m talking about Magic, Asta doesn’t stand a chance in this case.

Yes, Asta has Anti-magic, but that’s it!

Asta Has Anti-Magic

Here’s where Asta takes a slight lead ahead of Yuno.

Anti-magic is one magical technique that most magic user fears. This power simply sucks anyone’s mana, and if done too much, the person might even die!

This same Anti-magic has kept Asta at the top of all the Black Bull characters.

What happens when Anti-magic is used again Yuno?

There could be two results. Either Yuno beats Asta before he is out of energy, or he is defeated. the former is almost impossible given how skillful Asta has become lately.

Hence, in a close-quarter battle I feel there’s no one who can beat Asta…He is too OP in close combat situations…

Asta Has Insane Physical Strength

Asta is probably the most buffed dude in Clover Kingdom. The only one closer to him is Yami! That’s what years of training does to the body…

Comparing Asta’s physical strength against Yuno’s is like comparing an iron rod’s strength again a bamboo stick.

Black Clover Asta OP

The type of their magic is also one reason behind this. Asta and Yami uses sword that require insane control over muscles. What does Yuno need? Just use his hand!

Hence, the usage of muscles is almost entirely eliminated.

Yuno Has Immense Magic Skills

Yuno being the son of the King of Spade Kingdom, he has immense magical prowess. He is also the only knight in Black Clover to have two Grimoire and also a fairy with him.

All these symptoms says that Yuno is a prodigy and is way overpowered than other guys his age.

If you make an even deeper comparison between Yuno’s and Asta’s magic, you’ll notice that Asta’s magic is more geared towards “defense,” and Yuno is sheer “offence.”

Just a touch of his sword can drain the opponent’s energy, let along getting hit by it. But, if there any such thing with Yuno? No! Yuno might get severely injured if he gets hit by a stronger opponent’s magic!

Hence, this also proves that just having immense magical prowess is not everything!

Asta Vs Yuno Final Verdict!

I know you’ll be mad, but my verdict is that both Asta and Yuno have strengths and weaknesses! Asta is stronger physically but doesn’t have magic. Yuno, on the other hand has almost no physical strength but has immense mana pool.

And this list goes on about them! You can say that they are the deadliest combination when they fight together. They become almost unbeatable!

Asta vs Yuno. Who Is Stronger?

Both Asta and Yuno are stronger in different aspects of battle.

Can Yuno Overcome Asta’s Anti-Magic?

Yuno has immense mana but after sometime all his mana would be sucked out!

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