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One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date.

The turbulent Wano Arc has began and the War is at full swing. Major events happened and we learned a lot about the past of Kaido and Wano Country. Another drastic even in One Piece was when Orochi got killed by Kaido. Since the War has began we hope to see even more events that will shock us. With this let’s look into the One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers:

According to the official leaks, the name of Chapter 992 is “Survivors.” The title fits best with what happened in the previous chapters where the Red Scrabbards were ready to “Die.”

Now, that the Sulong form of Nekomamushi and Inuarashi have defeated Zack, Kaido is into the game of attacking and protecting his comrade. So, it was sure that most of the upcoming chapters will focus on Kaido vs Red Scabbards.

The Spoilers goes like this:

  • Persopero and Marco are trying to strike a deal with Big Mom, but Big Mom is not ready for any negotiations since she is only in alliance with Kaido.
  • Carrot is finding Perospero to take revenge for Pedro.
  • Yamato (Kaido’s Daughter) is chasing Momonosuke, Shinobu is carrying him and running away.
  • Black Maria is singing in the banquet hall inside the castle.
  • Kaido uses his Bolo Breath against the Red Scabbards which is supposedly the most powerful attack he has.
  • Kiku is seen to be using some snow form of attack to counter Kaido.
  • Raizo counters Kaido’s Bolo Breath using a Ninja Scroll and directs Bolo Breath towards Kaido.
  • Kaido is extremely angry at the Red Scabbards and he cannot wait to kill them.

And the best of all Spoilers is that One Piece is not on a break next week.

Altogether, we can see that officially the battle against Kaido has began and the Red Scabbards are adamant to defeat him under any condition, even if they are put to death.

One Piece Chapter 992 Spoiler Discussion:

All together we can see that One Piece is at full swing and the Wano War against is just beginning. The real question is even though the Red Scabbards are strong enough to defeat Kaido will there be any death?

Will the Red Scabbards Die?

The real question still lies that, even though the Red Scabbards have taken a vow to defeat Kaido, it is really hard to defeat him, since, he is supposedly the strongest in the world.

In the Red Scabbards group, Kinemon is projected as the leader because of his experience and how intelligently her led everyone towards the War.

This is also the reason why Oden’s wife trusted Kinemon and transported them 20 years into the future. He was the closest to Oden and also Yasui.

So, to throw impact in the series, there is chance that in the end of the War, Kinemon may die and taken down Kaido with him.

Also, there is another reason to support this theory. Kaido uses Fire to attack his opponent, and Kinemon can cut fire. This unique ability makes Kinemon a natural enemy of Kaido.

In the end we could see that, to save himself from dying, Kaido could go all out and use every bit of his power to defeat the Red Scabbards. And, to counter his attack, Kinemon can sacrifice himself.

In turn, the death of Kinemon will ignite even more anger within the Straw Hats and the Red Scabbards and then, probably Luffy and the Red Scabbards will defeat or maybe kill Kaido altogether.

Release Date:

Since, may weeks One Piece is delayed due to Oda’s health, and since the spoilers are out, it means that we can get One Piece Chapter 992 officially on October 16.

Though the spoilers reveal that there won’t be any break next week. We will have to wait for official confirmation.

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