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One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Leaked

One Piece has entered final arc and things are going to go WILD!! Oda has hinted that he is going to leave no stone unturned and reveal each and every secret of the One Piece Universe…Well, rest assured One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers are finally out:

Chapter 1056 Spoilers

  • Chapter 1056 title: “Cross Guild.
  • Bubby is the focus of this chapter. It talks about the new organization Buggy has setup.
  • Crocodile & Mihawk are a part of Buggy’s new organization.
  • Buggy put bounties on the Marines.
  • Inu and Neko have decided to stay back in Wano and they have declared Carrot as their successor for the Minks.
  • Thanks to Aramaki’s attack, Shinobu is beautiful again. Just like the way she was before…
  • The Straw Hats are leaving Wano.
  • Yamato doesn’t join the Straw Hats?
  • Chapter ends with Yamato standing on the Castle Roof…

Chapter 1056 Discussion

Damn Buggy is the chad! He has not only convinced Crocodile and Mihawk to join him, but has also started putting bounties on the Marines? LOL! I have no words for this.

Moving forward, it seems the Star Hats are finally leaving Wano. How many years has it been? Now, I wonder where they’ll land…

One Piece
Straw Hat Pirates

But, I’m concerned (I think you’ll be too) about one thing. Didn’t Yamato join Luffy? Because at the end of the chapter we see her standing on the Castle roof. Guess we will only know when she talks about it!

Because if I can recall correctly, Luffy accepted he declaration to join the Straw Hat Pirates. And if that’s the case then why is she standing on the rooftop?

What’s you speculation on this?

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