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Attack On Titan All Character Deaths List!!

Attack on Titan has a HELL LOT of deaths. Besides the countless deaths of unknown characters, many known and powerful characters too died in the manga.

Hence, in this post, I’ll list Each & every important deaths in AOT.

Let’s GOOO…


(1) Gross

AOT creator is insanely intelligent to name a character by their personality. Gross is one cruel and sadistic man. He enjoyed little people getting mauled by Titans. Worse, he is directly responsible for Grisha’s younger sister.

Gross Attack on Titan

His death, especially the way he died, spent chills all over my body. I mean, what type of death can he expect when he spent his whole life tormenting innocent people?

(2) Hannes

After Eren’s mom died, Hannes acted as a guardian. And, of course, Eren too looked up to him as someone who can guide him. Unfortunately, what Eren (and use fans) feared came true after he was eaten alive by a Titan.

Hannes Attack On Titan

Hannes’ death mentally crushed Eren. On top of that, this wasn’t the first time when Eren failed to save his loved one. His mom died the same way as Hannes…

(3) Marco Bott

A good guy who didn’t meet his end in a good way. Marco was one of the most helpful and humble soldier in the army. But, his fate changed after he heard a conversation between Reiner and Bertolt. And that was it!

Marco Bott Attack On Titan
Marco Bott

Annie, Reiner and Bertolt just watched an lamented while a Titan ate Marco alive. Reiner also found his half-eaten dead body while collecting the corpse after the Titans left…

(4) Darius Zackly

Darius was one of the strongest authority in the army. In fact, he was the general of the three military branch. But, he was also had a cruel personality who didn’t think twice to torture people to extract information.

Darius Zackly Attack On Titan
Darius Zackly

He also didn’t hesitate to use torture devices for “better efficiency.” And this is what the rebels used to kill him. He died in a big explosion when a bomb exploded in his office. He body was literally torn in half and he face was unrecognizable…

(5) Keith Shadis

Though Keith was an instructor directly responsible for the evolutionary process of future soldiers he used shady tricks to stop Eren. He was also verbally and partially physically attacked when he accepted his mistake. But who knew that this dude would experience a glorious death?

Keith Shadis Attack on Titan
Keith Shadis

Keith sacrificed himself with Theo Magath after having a small chat. This is what true Men are like…

(6) Carla Yeager

Carla’s death completely changed Eren’s personality. He turned from a mama’s boy to a grownup with a moment. The worst thing that happened to Eren was that his mom was eaten alive right in front of him.

Carla Yeager Attack on Titan
Carla Yeager

That’s it! there’s nothing much to talk about her death! She basically sacrificed herself to save her child…And she was successful at it.

(7) Erwin Smith

I personally grieved when Erwin died in such a poor way. Man at least deserved a glorious death. He was the mastermind behind various operations to defeat the Titans, and he was trusted by non other than Levi…If I’m not wrong, Erwin had the capability and genius to become a Military General in future.

Erwin Smith Attack on Titan
Erwin Smith

But fate was too cruel to him! Armin got the life that Erwin would have got if Levi didn’t intervene…

Do you think Erwin should have lived?

(8) Grisha Yeager

Grisha was the biological father of Eren and Zekke. Grisha is responsible for a majority of the events that happened in Attack on Titan. He was the Attack Titan and got a mission by the Owl…The story aside, Grisha was killed when Eren devoured him.

Grisha Yeager Attack on Titan
Grisha Yeager

Eren got the powers of both Founding Titan and Attack Titan after eating Grisha…And the story took pace after that…

(9) Marcel Galliard

Marcel was in the same group with Reiner and others. He was also the inheritor of the Jaw Titan and was tasked to attack the Eldians. Unfortunately, before he could do anything, his was eaten alive when a titan (Ymir) suddenly made an appearance.

Marcel Galliard Attack on Titan
Marcel Galliard

Every little is known about him other than this. Yeah, he is also the elder brother of Porco Galliard.

(10) Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager was one of the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. He is the first son of Grisha Yeager and also Eren’s elder brother. His death is the one of the most impactful event in the series. Why? Dude never died even when injured to the bone marrow. He survived somehow. The closest he reached towards death was when Levi attack him.

Zeke Yeager Attack on Titan
Zeke Yeager

But he had to die at some point. Incidentally this time it was Levi who executed the final blow and finally finished him off…

(11) Floch Forster

Floch is one of the most hated character in Attack on Titan. But, for some, he is also represents the one who believes in Eren’s rumbling. By the end of the series, Floch transformed into a Villain and didn’t hesitate to kill someone. He also threatened Hange, who was a senior to him…

Floch Forster Attack on Titan
Floch Forster

Fortunately/Unfortunately by the end, he was into a severely defensive position. He not only got shot by Gabi, but also Mikasa critically injured him with an anchor. After having lot critical amount of blood, Floch finally succumb to death…

(12) Sasha Blouse

Sasha was one of the most loved character in Attack on Titan, especially for her bubbly nature. Her death crushed AOT fanbase. I still remember when she was trending on Twitter after she died…The one to kill her was Gabi. After which is instantly became the MOST Hated character in the series.

Sasha Blouse Attack on Titan
Sasha Blouse

Unsurprisingly, she is still immensely hated even when she has accepted her mistake. The argument that fans give is that her apologizing won’t return Sasha…

(13) Porco Galliard

Like his elder brother Marcel, Porco also inherited the Jaw Titan. He kept fighting until the last moment, and I would say the Jaw Titan suffered the most among all the Titans, especially because he directly engaged with Eren.

Porco Galliard Attack on Titan
Porco Galliard

He was later killed in the midst of the war between Eldians and Marley. After his death Falco inherited the Jaw Titan…

(14) Dot Pixis

Dot Pixis carried the “chad” vibe with him. He was always addressed as “Commander” and was directly responsible for defense. We never saw him fight in the manga, but he had great command over his subordinates. His speeches were powerful enough to instill courage in each and every soldier.

Dot Pixis Attack on Titan
Dot Pixis

His fate was sealed after he ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid and was later turned into Pure Titan. He anyway had to be put down after turning completely into a Titan because he had lost all his humanity.

(15) Eren Kruger

Eren Kruger is The Owl and also the one who founded the Eldian Restorationists. Kruger also influenced Grisha to take a dose of the spinal fluid and become the Attack Titan. Nobody found out till the end that Eren Kruger started the War between Eldians and Marleyan…

Eren Kruger Attack on Titan
Eren Kruger

He met his end when Grisha ate him after becoming a Titan. Grisha named his kid Eren after taking inspiration from Eren Kruger.

(16) Hange Zoë

I thought Hange was Sasha’s elder sister when I started watching the anime…Hange was extremely intelligent and calculative and had the capability to take Erwin’s place…She sacrificed herself while Mikasa and others escaped.

Hange Zoë Attack on Titan
Hange Zoë

I feel AOT creator didn’t want to show how she died because it would be an insult to show her corpse. Rather he ended Hange’s life by showing her joining all the fallen comrades…

(17) Theo Magath

Theo Magath was the general of Marleyan Military. He is one of the very few Marleyan who showed respect even for his opponent. You can say he was the “Dot Pixis” of Marley. He had class and honor.

Theo Magath Attack on Titan
Theo Magath

He was also responsible for bringing down huge number of enemies and also few Titans…He met his end with Keith Shadis after both of them blew themselves in their final operation…Magath is still respected even after his death…

(18) Eren Yeager

Do I even have to talk about him? Eren was the main protagonist of Attack of Titan. Most of the story revolves around him from his birth till death. How he lost his family, friends, close ones. How he transformed from an immature person to someone who knew what to do…

Ere Yeager Attack on Titan
Ere Yeager

Everything about him changed after he got the vision…The last portion of the manga is solely focused on just stopping his rumbling and wiping out the planet…Ironically he was killed by non other than Mikasa…

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