One Piece Zoro Takes Luffy's Pain
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One Piece Chapter 1033 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

So, we have come a long way! The anime has already completed the 1000th episode and we are slowly heading towards the final battle against Kaido! What will happen in anybody’s guess. But, according to the latest update, it seems the Zoro and Sanji will finally unleash their ultimate move to defeat King and Queen.

We have very little idea about the Red Scabbards, but the good thing is that Kin’emon is not dead. Thanks to his detachable body. He survived even when Kaido chopped lower body in half. Chapter 1032 ended with a surprise. Now, Let’s see what happens in Chapter 1033!


You see, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in the next chapter since there so so many things going on at the same time! Chapter 1032 ended with Hiyori’s re-appearance. I have almost a concrete idea that it’s a secret plan to execute Orochi once and for all.

For what I think, it’s not that easy to kill Orochi and it may be directly in relation to his devil fruit power. And now that Hiyori has made her appearance, it’s highly likely that either she has a plan to kill him, or the Red Scabbards are behind this witty idea.

On the other hand Enma has suddenly erupted Zoro into chaos. I have a feeling it’s connected to Hiyori’s appearance. From what I can recall, Zoro has already mastered Enma to the extent of using it efficiently. And if that’s the case then why did that happen? Lot’s of questions very few answers!

Do you have a wild theory?


It’s still too early to get One Piece Chapter 1033 Spoilers. But, there’s nothing to be disappointed since the manga is not on a break at least! If you’re interested in predictions then you can visit community forums where fans brainstorm their other prediction. I’m sure you would enjoy reading those.

Okay, the Spoilers are out and it seems Chapter 1033 is way better than expected with many revelation about Enma and King.

  • Chapter 1033 Title: “Shimotsuki Kozaburo.”
  • Zoro attacks King head-on, but it ends up in an explosion!
  • Sanji vs. Queen!
  • Queen says: The guy is survivor of the “Lunaria Tribe,” which was wiped out.
  • In ancient times they were called “Gods.”
  • Sanji asks, “Why did they exterminate them?”
  • Queen says: “Ask Him!”
  • Zoro clashes with King again. He managed to survive the explosion because he defended himself with color armament Haki.
  • Fight continues between Zoro and King.
  • Zoro finds out the Shimotsuki Kozaburo was Kuina’s grandfather.
  • Zoro says to himself that what he lacks is strength!
  • Zoro asks Enma whether Oden was able to use it easily even though it absorbed so much Haki?
  • The Beast Pirate tries to attack Zoro again!
  • Zoro continues to think about how to control Enma. He then comes up with an idea which is not revealed!
  • After that the Beast Pirates who were heading towards Zoro fainted.
  • After seeing this, King asks: “Are you really going to try to become a King?”
  • Zoro says: “Of course.. I have a debt to fulfill with my captain and my best friend!!!”

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