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The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, Discussion.

When it comes to a Detective series, whether it is an anime, manga, movie, or any other way of entertainment, there is always a tense atmosphere. Rarely we get to see any Detective series that has the combination of everything, from Action to Comedy. The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited does a great job of highlighting the importance of comedy with suspense. Now, let’s look into “The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited” episode 8.

The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited Episode 7 Review:

What started as a High-Class meeting has turned into a serious situation that is directly linked to a 19-year-old case. At the ending of the previous episode, we saw an abandoned case of a victim named Sayuri Kambe, who is supposed to be Daisuke’s mother.

Episode 7 starts with a flashback 19 years ago, the day the incident happened. The starting scene shows Cho-san and Takei having a drink when Cho-san gets a call about a murder. Upon arriving, they learn that the victim is Sayuri Kambe, the mother of Daisuke Kambe.

To learn deep into the matter, Cho-san and Takei decided to visit Kambe’s house for investigation, but they did not receive anything from them. But, Cho-san, in a stealthy way gets his hands on the Kambe family photo album. Upon showing the album to the eye-witness, they find that Shigemaru Kambe, the husband of Sayuri Kambo and the father of Daisuke, is the suspected murderer. They also find a key in the album having a symbol of Adollium. Looking into how quick Cho-san was moving forward with the Case, the higher authorities strictly ordered them to stay away from the Case and forget what happened. Also, the key they found was stolen. 

But, the quest to find Shigemaru Kambe was going on and, after a thorough search, they found out Shigemaru has committed suicide, leaving a note. And afterward, the case was ultimately dissolved.

The episode does not end here. The result of Cho-san working too deep into the case led him to get demoted. But, he had a belief that one day he would solve the case. Upon seeing that a member of the Kambe family has arrived to work for the detective department, he began to become more curious.

Takei in a moment of frustration decides without any concrete proof that, Daisuke if the murderer of Imura. But, he is gassed and hypnotized by Daisuke to find out information from him. In the end it is shown that Takei tries to phone the Saeki, who was the Director 19 years ago, when the incident happened.

Release Date:

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited Episode 8 will release on September 3, Saturday. The anime is not on Hiatus and episodes will be released as per schedule.

Where to Watch:

You can watch The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited on these platforms:


 The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited is an anime series taken from a 1978 novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Tomohiko Itō directed the series under studio CloverWorks. 

The story centers around Daisuke Kambe, who is a man of honor and pride. In addition to that, he possesses an exorbitant amount of wealth. Daisuke is a detective and when he is sent to the Modern Crime Prevention HQ, he teams up with Karu Katou and they both solve cases. But, Haru always complains about how Daisuke uses his wealth to solve cases, and uses fewer brains.

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