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Who Does Komi End-Up With In Komi Can’t Communicate?

In the last few years we have seen few manga getting attention where the center of the story always a revolves around a high-school girl and boy. Going even more deeper, the story is mostly centered towards the girl teasing the boy. The story sways between comedy and the so-called high-school romance.

After Takagi-san, Uzaki-san and Kaguya-sama, we have Komi-san. But, this time, the main protagonist, Komi unlike the other three isn’t extrovert, rather the complete opposite. If we can just keep this one aspect aside, she is the most beautiful among all. And, when an extremely beautiful character has a series of their own, several questions rise.

The foremost among them is this: “Who is going to end-up with this character?” Hence, in “Komi can’t Communicate” too the question is: “Who will Komi end-up with?” I’ll explain this crucial question as easily as possible, and also some other questions connected with the story.


Who Does Komi End-up With?

“Who will Komi end-up with?” is the burning question when we see how beautiful she is! Her beauty is otherworldly and her presence is powerful enough for her to attract anyone around her regardless her gender.

Does Komi end-up with Tadano?

Yes, Komi ends-up with Tadano.

Since Tadano was the first person to understand her, she trusts him. Tadano didn’t have any emotional feeling for Komi in the beginning, but later he developed feelings as he spent his days with her.

Komi Can't Communicate Tadanon confess to Komi
Komi’s Reaction To Tadano’s Confession

This also led to Tadano randomly talking to Komi one day, and suddenly confessing his feelings for her! If you’re interested, read Chapter 302 to dive deeper.

According to the latest chapters, we are seeing that they are dating. So, here you go. Their relationship is not a compulsive decision, rather a slow and naturally built-up feeling. There’s also a high chance that they both with end-up together as husband & wife too. The similar way Komi’s parents ended-up!

This is just a speculation but, there’s a possibility that Komi’s story may follow the same line as of “Teasing Master Takagi-san.”

Is Komi Mute?

Often times when we see a person not talking at all, we start to have a predefined conclusion that the person might be mute. But, is this thing same with Komi-san as well? I don’t think so!

Is Komi Mute?

No, Komi isn’t Mute. She only suffers from extreme anxiety while approaching a stranger. Hence, it becomes harder for to express herself verbally.

On the other hand, she can explain considerably well by writing. That’s how she started her first conversation with Tadano.

Komi Can't Communicate Komi explains her thoughts

She is lucky enough to have a friend like Tadano! From what the manga has explained and also her childhood friend Osana, Komi has this personality since the very time she was a kid. Her wanted to have conversation with other kids, but her anxiety sopped her.

Now that Tadano is with her on the mission to make 100 friends, I think she will be just fine. What’s better is that Tadano is the only person who can translate Komi’s thoughts into words. For this, poor Tadano has been accused of mind-reading by Nakanaka!

Will Komi Speak In Future?

Isn’t it hard to predict the future when you aren’t a magician? Just joking! Well, the thing is, the manga’s name is “Komi can’t communicate,” and if the main juice of the manga gets taken off, I don’t think anything special would be left in the story.

To makes things a bit easier, I have two explanations about why Komi might never freely speak in the series!

First: If you have read the manga, then Komi has inherited this quiet personality from her Father. Everyone in her family besides her Mom is extremely introvert! Komi’s Mother fell in love with her husband because of his “quiet” personality (extra information, but you know where this is headed!).
So, Komi being quite shouldn’t be something really surprising siting how most of her family members are! But, Komi is not only an introvert, she also suffers from abnormal levels of anxiety.

Komi Can't Communicate Komi

Second: Now, the second reason is more obvious. As I said before, the entire series’ story is based on her not able to talk. In short her extreme anxiety and the funny portrayal that follows. Think about it! what happens is she starts talking like everyone does? There won’t be anything special in the story. The closet twist I can think is her speaking things in half.

Well, there could be countless reasons as to why and when she will get rid of her anxiety and start talking freely, but, for now, the manga already has more than 300 Chapters and things haven’t changed at lot. Yes, she does hold conversations with Tadano, but, I don’t think that holds a lot of value. Guess we’ll have to wait a bit more.

Does The Series Have Any Romance?

This isn’t a hard question to answer either! Yes, Komi Can’t Communicate does have romance. But, there’s a catch. As you know, the series revolves around characters who are still high school students. Hence, the romance we are talking about here is subtle and more inclined towards teen “attraction.”

It’s not that Tadano just went ahead and confessed Komi, before that Manbagi also confessed her feelings to which Tadano didn’t return. And, since the series’ characters aren’t tough nut, everything’s is fine and dandy when things doesn’t work out. They don’t have any hard feelings towards each other and there’s no case of triangle love.

And that happens after Tadano didn’t accept Manbagi’s proposal. Manbagi never had developed any hard feelings towards Tadano and not even Komi. Rather they stayed good friends as they were before everything happened!


“Komi can’t communicate” is sort of a gag manga, but with a pretty nice story behind it. The characters and their growth, Komi and how her relationship has grown with Tadano shows the classical example of friends and their importance in lives. While I think the series has long way to go, it’s a worthy read for anyone interested in a light-hearted comedy.

The anime is around the corner, and nothing can be more exciting than getting a fantastic manga animated! I’m extremely excited for the anime, I hope you’re too!

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