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Does Quanxi Die In Chainsaw Man? How Powerful Is Quanxi?

Chainsaw Man has characters with whom you don’t want to mess. From badass characters to the most wackiest ones, Chainsaw Man manga has it all. Heck, the main protagonist of the series Denji is the most crazy guy you’ll ever meet!

But, what about some other names that mostly hide behind the shadows? Some of the names are Kishibe, Kobeni, and non other than Quanxi. She carries an air about herself, and even though her appearance in the manga is only for a handful of chapters her popularity says everything.

But, as you know, this particular manga is quite infamous for its “killing spree” of even the most important characters! And, after learning this, the first question that strikes our mind is about Quanxi and her death!

In this post, I’ll try to explain as many questions about Quanxi as possible. From her powers to her possible death scenario!


How Strong Is Quanxi?

When someone is powerful enough to fight and defeat countless Devils regardless of their strength, the person surely does have immense physical and mental strength. In Quanxi’s case too nothing is different!

Is Quanxi the Strongest Devil Hunter?

Yes, Quanxi is the strongest Devil Hunter. She is also considered as the First Devil Hunter.

But, hold-on, I haven’t said that she is the most powerful character! Yes, she is the most powerful Devil Hunter but, when compared to some other scenarios her strength spirals down a little bit!

Chainsaw Man Quanxi

To get a rough idea about how strong she is, In the International Assassins arc after her arrival from Japan to China, she went on to decapitate countless Devil Hunters and Dolls in the process to reach Denji’s location. Thanks to Aki’s future sight, he was able to see her attack coming beforehand and saved himself from the same fate.

How strong is Quanxi against Denji?
When Aki averted Quanxi’s attack, she didn’t waste an extra second before launching a tight hit on Denji. The result? Denji was immediately incapacitated! (Denji is unfortunately quite weak without his Devil powers)

She didn’t stop there, when Kishibe, who is one of the strongest Devil Hunter in Japan came to stop her, he also faced defeat. It’s then revealed that back in the day when Kishibe was young and a new Devil Hunter, Quanxi and he worked together.

Chainsaw Man Kishibe_Young
Kishibe As A Young Devil Hunter

Later Quanxi left Japan and went to China and there she chose to take contracts for her future missions. For a character with such immense strength, fighting alone might be the best option!

After mentioning her immense strength, it might feel that there’s no one powerful enough to defeat her isn’t it? Well then, think again!

Is Quanxi A Devil?

After mentioning her devilish strength, it would be rather shocking to learn that she isn’t a Devil isn’t it?

Is Quanxi a Devil?

No, Quanxi isn’t a Devil, rather she is a Devil Hybrid similar to Denji. Quanxi has a contract with the Crossbow Devil.

She revealed her hybrid form while countering the awakened Chainsaw Devil.

Quanxi is powerful enough to defeat almost anyone with her mere physical strength. And, on top of that she also has access to a Devil that can target its enemy from long range. As I stated before, she revealed her Hybrid form while countering the Chainsaw Devil and she was able to slow the him for a moment.

Does Quanxi Really Die?

Being the First Devil Hunter and also arguably the most powerful one, is it possible for Quanxi to die? That’s what makes Chainsaw Man an interesting read! Even the most powerful characters are not spared.

Does Quanxi Die?

Yes, Quanxi was killed by Makima. After that Quanxi only appeared as Makima’s puppet. This Quanxi was in no way like the one from before. She had a submissive personality who let Makima use her for selfish purpose.

But, whether she is dead or not is still disputed! Some theory says that she is alive, and some says she’s dead. But, from what I think, she is dead. What’s only alive is her physical appearance and not the personality she carried!

Could She Replace Makima If Alive?

The basic difference between Quanxi and Makima is that one is a Hybrid and the another one is a Pure Devil. Makima is the physical manifestation of the Control Devil, hence, she is powerful is almost every possible way.

But, it also gets a little bit unfair to directly compare Quanxi with Makima. Quanxi is a mere Human with the privilege of being a Hybrid. While in her Devil form, she only draws a portion of the Crossbow Devil’s power. On the other hand this isn’t the case with Makima! As she is the Devil herself, if she wants, she can unleash every bit of power she has.

Let’s hypothetically say that if Makima wasn’t a Devil, then would it be possible for Quanxi to replace Makiama’s strength? It’s hard to decide, but, I’ve a feeling that this could have been the case. Quanxi is on a different level for a Human, and being the “First Devil Hunter,” she already has the lead.


If not the Devil herself, Quanxi has proven that it’s a bad choice to mess with her. And, when there’s money(and her girls) involved, she never backs down! We saw that Kishibe used to work with Quanxi many years ago, and from Kishibe’s development as a Devil Hunter, it’s clear that they both went through some hellish days!

And, what I forgot to mention before is the basic difference between Quanxi and Makima. If Strength is everything in the manga, then for sure, Quanxi doesn’t have a chance against Makima, but, the scenario is different when things come to the Humane side. Quanxi was not a blind-murderer! She only came to Japan because of her contract. That’s it!

On the flip side, every step Makima took was geared towards her selfish goal. She never took a step back to think about the repercussions. She never spared anyone who tried to stop her plan. The luckiest among all in the entire series is Kishibe and Kobeni. These two fell into the worst situations every time, yet they didn’t lose their life.

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