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My Hero Academia S05 Episode 13 Release & Discussion

The match is over, and now it’s time for some rest. Sinsho will join the Hero Society. Now, the question is, whether he will join Class-A or Class-B is unknown. But, it’s good that a talented guy like Shinsho will become Hero.

This episode, and probably the upcoming episode will be sort of a break after an intense phase.

Let’s hope nothing bad happens. Let’s look into Episode 14 Release & Time.

Episode 13 Recap

The episode has nothing spectacular to write about. The competition has ended and Deku is consulting with All Might about the new Quirk he has unlocked. We see Bakugo is also present in the conversation.

Bakugo is, as usual, frustrated by the way Deku reacted to his new quirk activation. All Might on the other hand tries to calm him down. Midoriya is trying to understand how did he activated the quirk and why can’t he control it anymore?

He comes to the conclusion that during the match he tried to suppress the quirk and maybe it got blocked out.

Later we see Monoma meeting Eri. Monoma’s quirk can copy other’s quirk so, on the recommendation of Aizawa, he copied Eri’s quirk and tried to understand about it. But, he could not do it. It’s empty, he said after observing everything.

It was the same thing with OFA too. He copied the quirk, but to only some extent. Deku was relieved to know this, since, mishandling this may even cause permanent damage of body parts.

Finally we reach to the part where Bakugo and Todoroki experiments with their new license. With All Might, they try to stop a robbery. The beginning was not very easy, and things were sort of going out of hands, but, they both eventually got over it, and defeated the thieves.

The Episode ends with Class-A welcoming Bakugo and Todoroki with a surprise for their success in getting license. The next episode will cover Christmas celebrations, but, there is already a threat lurking secretly.

Let’s see what happens. But, for now, let’s see how they enjoy their Christmas holidays.

Release Date

New episodes of My Hero Academia releases every Saturdays. Episode 13 will release on June 19th, 01:30 (PDT). Episode 13 is named, “Have a Merry Christmas!

Todoroki and Bakugo have got their provincial hero licence, and now everyone at Class-A can start working as a Hero. The next episode will show Christmas party, but, we underneath this enjoyment lies the upcoming threat.

It seems it’s time. I’m sure AFO must will know soon that Deku has awakened a new quirk.

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