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One Piece Episode 979 Release & Discussion

Episode 979 has officially started the Wano War. Law, Luffy and Kid have joined hands, well sor of. It was the first time we saw these three of the Worst Generation fighting as a team.

And, what’s more satisfying is that Kanjuro was fooled this time when he thought that the Samurai and the Pirates have been finally stopped.

Kin’emon couldn’t control the shame towards himself. What could be worse for a Samurai than being saved in the very beginning of the War?

Well, there is no looking back. The War has officially begun and all of us are ready. With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 979 Release & Discussion.

Episode 978 Recap

Kin’emon and other Samurai are in trouble. Surrounded by Kaido’s army, they have only two option left. First, “Die Disgracefully,” second, “Put Up a Fight Then Die.”

The deep level of resentment Kin’emon had towards himself was hard to imagine. Being the eldest in the group, he thought that he was responsible for everything that has happened to everyone.

Kanjuro was the traitor from the beginning, and Kin’emon never gave a second thought to the fact that there could be a spy between the group. Kanjuro was also the reason behind Oden’s death, and now, after 20 years, it’s the same person for whom these Red Scabbards are in danger.

Kin’emon was ready to die disgracefully, at least he thought he deserved it. He was completely broken from inside. As he was ready to die, a miracle happened.

The explosives that were going to sink there boat suddenly exploded in mid-air. What happened? The Straw Hats, Law’s Group, and Kid’s Group are here.

While Luffy went on to destroy the explosives, Law’s submarine helped Kin’emon’s boat to come off the sea. On the other hand Kid used his mechanical capabilities to crush the other ship’s.

It was a one-sided fight. But, some of the higher ranking soldiers of Kaido’s army were quite ignorant, they tried to attack Sunny, and every threat was diverted. If this wasn’t enough, they did the worst thing they could have done. They provoked Luffy and others.

Then what could have happened? All the three of the worst generation obliterated a ship within a moment. The other ships understood that this was an end-game for them if they didn’t fallback.

Finally we see Kyoshiro coming alone in a battleship. Everybody in Kaido’s army was happy after seeing him. Even Kanjuro was relived. They thought that he has come to rescue them. But, as the ship came near, he unleashed a powerful slash on the ship and broke into two. This surprised Zoro and everyone. Even Kanjuro was surprised.

Episodes ends here with a cliffhanger. The preview of Episode 980 reveals Kyoshiro’s real identity. Yes, we know who he is, but the Red Scabbards don’t have any idea who this mysterious person is.

Release Date

The latest episodes of One Piece releases every Saturdays. Episode 979 will release on June 19th, at 5:30 PM.

Luffy, Law and Kid have arrived, and they have started wrecking havoc. What’s more exciting than this? On the other hand, the animation team is also killing it. Kudos to them.

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