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Does Arthur Die In Fire Force? Can Shinra Revive Him?

Does Arthur die in Fire Force? This question is evident seeing how fiercely he wants to fight the Dragon.

From the very beginning of his childhood, Arthur has always been living in a dreamland. He considers himself an honorable Knight who wears shiny armor regardless a War!

Jokes aside, it’s good to have dreams, even the unrealistic ones, but can he sustain her strength and techniques when fighting an OP enemy like Dragon? Hence, in this post I’ll will discuss everything about it!

Let’s Go:


Knight Vs The Dragon!

When Dragon was first introduced, we readers knew that the Knight was needed. And, who is better at being a Knight than Arthur? But, it was totally unclear back then that the situation will take a massive turn of fate!

What started as a more “fun-like” fight suddenly took a very serious approach. When Arthur fought Dragon for the first time, it was one-sided. Dragon completely annihilated him. But, as you can expect from a Dragon, even though he is fighting on the negative side, he has honor, and doesn’t resort to cheap tricks.

Fire Force Arthur Vs Dragon
Arthur Vs Dragon

And, he saw Arthur’s potential. He is not a Dragon for real, it’s only a name given to him because of things he did and the large-scale(pun intended) destruction he caused. But, at the end of the day, he is a human, thirsty for a great warrior who can compete with him. Now that he has found Arthur, there is no way he can back off.

One-on-one battle started between Dragon and Arthur. The intensity was so high that their battle wasn’t just restricted to Earth. It reached the Moon. A bitter battle followed, and thanks to Vulcan’s mysterious ring, it helped Arthur to breath freely on Moon too.

For many chapters Arthur stayed on the top of being a badass, facing an opponent far more powerful and experienced. But, the truth never stays hidden for long, and the latest chapters has revealed something that we all were fearing.

Does Arthur Die?

Yes, Arthur dies after defeating the Dragon, but he is revived by God Shinra (or Devil, whatever you’d like to call him) at the end of the series.

Honestly though, I knew Shinra wouldn’t let Arthur die so easily. In the end these two are best friends! But, I never suspected that it would take Shinra to become a God/Devil to save his best friend.

fire force Arthur Sword

But, it also seems a bit funny that even though Arthur was insanely injured, he survived long enough to be saved by Shinra!

The mangaka tried quite hard to make believe that we have lost of beloved knight, and I’m sure many of us fans really believed it to be the case.

Is Arthur Strongest In Fire Force?

It becomes hard to take Arthur seriously after seeing his day-to-day activities. Like, randomly declaring that he is a Knight and also behaving like one. But, when it comes to fighting an enemy, he is almost unbeatable.

And, we have seen this many times. From what I remember, when Shinra clashed with Sho for the first time, Arthur was able to react to Sho’s lightning speed.

Sho was surprised by that. Next, when he was with Shinra and suddenly Dr. Giovanni appeared, he was successful in deceiving Giovanni’s insane senses and almost killed him.

And, we shouldn’t forget the last battle he fought.

Fire Force Pillars
The Pillars

His sword is his strength as he can channel his power through it. Shinra, on the other hand has power that attracts more attention.

Talking about the most powerful character in Fire-Force, No, Arthur isn’t the most powerful. It’s Benimaru. But, his battle against Dragon proved it partially wrong. Benimaru had to fallback after fighting Dragon, unlike what Arthur did. He faced Dragon more like “King Arthur” than just a Knight.

What pushed him to such limits? It was his conviction to defeat Dragon. Arthur had fought many battles before, but, this was an enemy he couldn’t have just let go.

Now, if Benimaru was pushed to such limits, who knows, we could have seen something more incredible because at the end of the day, Arthur was just beginning to master his technique, and Benimaru is already at his limits.

Did The Cataclysm Stop?

Arthur’s final attack not only chopped Dragon’s body into half, it was basically an Earth-shattering shot. One hit did two damage. Finished-off Dragon and also cracked the “Eye-like Structure” in half.

Fire Force Arthur Violet Flash
Arthur Unleashes Violet Flash

Hence, the final result was that Shinra came out of the Cataclysm and the whole process stopped!

The manga has reached its conclusion and the mangaka has indirectly revealed that Fire Force happened in the era before Soul Ripper.

Unfortunately, I haven’t watched or read Soul Ripper, but plan to read/watch it pretty soon!

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