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Does Arthur Die In Fire Force? Can Shinra Revive Him?

What has a Knight to do with modern soldiers? He is honorable, and not many can reach his position. Arthur Boyle is one of the Modern Knights( At least he considers himself such).

From the very beginning of his introduction, his easygoing attitude paved the way for many to think that “this guy has some serious capability.” And, the speculations weren’t wrong. Arthur is actually a very powerful soldier who can, if he wants, defeat Shinra even though Shinra has an advantage over him.

But, what happens when this same character dies? Sadness spreads like a wildfire! Arthur’s death is something that we cannot accept it so casually.


Knight Vs The Dragon!

When Dragon was first introduced, we readers knew that the Knight was needed. And, who is better at being a Knight than Arthur? But, it was totally unclear back then that the situation will take a massive turn of fate!

What started as a more “fun-like” fight suddenly took a very serious approach. When Arthur fought Dragon for the first time, it was one-sided. Dragon completely annihilated him. But, as you can expect from a Dragon, even though he is fighting on the negative side, he has honor, and doesn’t resort to cheap tricks.

And, he saw Arthur’s potential. He is not a Dragon for real, it’s only a name given to him because of things he did and the large-scale destruction he caused. But, at the end of the day, he is a human, thirsty for a great warrior who can compete with him. Now that he has found Arthur, there is no way he can back off.

One-on-one battle started between Dragon and Arthur. The intensity was so high that their battle wasn’t just restricted to Earth. It reached the Moon. A bitter battle followed, and thanks to Vulcan’s mysterious ring, it helped Arthur to breath freely on Moon too.

For many chapters Arthur stayed on the top of being a badass, facing an opponent far more powerful and experienced. But, the truth never stays hidden for long, and the latest chapters has revealed something that we all were fearing.

Does Arthur Die?

So, this is the question we all want to learn as quick as possible. But, there are some things that need no further explanation. While on the Moon, Arthur already had lost his left arm, beaten like a pulp, and who knows how many bones broken?

By how the battle proceeded, With every hit Arthur lost enormous amount of energy, and why won’t he? Getting one hit from Dragon was like getting mowed down by an avalanche.

Finally, when they had unleashed every technique they had, the only attack left was the finishing move. Yes, Arthur’s attack did really great damage, but, Dragon’s attack basically erased Arthur’s lower body.

fire force Arthur Sword

If this situation wasn’t worse, after defeating his enemy, he started floating in Space. Within few minutes or hours, he will be lost in Space. In the end, he released Excalibur, as if signifying, “That’s it for me.”

So, it’s almost sure that we have lost our beloved Knight, and Shinra will be hella pissed.
Also, in Chapter 272 we saw that Maki and Tamaki were already worried about Arthur, so, they already have gotten a hint that things have went south for Arthur.

Can Arthur Be Revived?

After learning that a great character has died, the next question that comes is, “Can he be revived?” Because we never want our favorite characters to die.

I will be blunt, in Arthur’s case, it’s almost Zero. Until someone uses some supernatural Healing Power. This brings me down to a theory I have been thinking after reading Chapter 272.

There are high chances that Shinra and other Pillars will be released after this incident. Sister Iris who is also a Pillar has healing capability. She can easily heal bullet wounds, and he prayer really works.
So, I’m just speculating a scenario here: What if after experiencing a more heightened state, all the Pillars awaken their respective hidden powers? If this happens, then Sister Iris may develop advance healing capability. Healing that surpass any human understanding?

Then, Shinra can simply fly into Space, bring back Arthur and get him healed by Iris. Though this is just a wild imagination, the possibility is always there.

What Happens To Shinra After This?

Even though these two fight quarrel on everything, both of them consider each other as their best friend. Deep beneath, Shinra thinks that Arthur is really strong, and Arthur thinks that Shinra is the one who will make difference in the world.

After breaking away from the illusion, Shinra will, at first, try to understand the whole situation. And, when he will learn that it was Arthur who made this happen, he will most probably rush to help him.

Fire Force Pillars

If the above theory is materialized, then, Shinra will become more optimistic, and fight more vigorously against the remaining enemies. He won’t have to be in pain about losing his best friend.

On the worse side, if Shinra loses Arthur, the intensity of his rage would know no bounds. He surely would become a Devil, ravaging everything under the Sun.

After settling everything, Shinra would become more serious as the pain of losing his friend will continuously bother him.

Is Arthur Strongest In Fire Force?

It becomes hard to take Arthur seriously after seeing his day-to-day activities. Like, randomly declaring that he is a Knight and also behaving as such. But, when it came to fighting an enemy, he is almost unbeatable.

And, we have seen this many times. From what I remember, when Shinra clashed with Sho for the first time, Arthur was able to react to Sho’s lightning speed. Sho was surprised by that. Next, when he was with Shinra and suddenly Dr. Giovanni appeared, Arthur was successful in deceiving Giovanni’s insane senses and almost killed him.

And, we shouldn’t forget the latest battle he fought.

His sword is his strength as he can channel his power through it. Shinra, on the other hand has power that attracts more attention.

Talking about the most powerful character in Fire-Force, No, Arthur isn’t the most powerful. It’s Benimaru. But, his battle against Dragon proved it partially wrong. Benimaru had to fallback after fighting Dragon, unlike what Arthur did. He faced Dragon more like a “King Arthur” than just a Knight.

What pushed Arthur to such limit? It was his conviction to defeat Dragon. Arthur had fought many battles before, but, this was an enemy he couldn’t have just let go.

Now, if Benimaru was pushed to such limits, who knows, we could have seen something more incredible because at the end of the day, Arthur was just beginning to master his technique, and Benimaru is already at his limits.

Is The Cataclysm Stopped?

While the fight between them was nearing its end, Dragon declared that they should fight until the Earth burns to ashes. Arthur’s reply proved that he is the MVP in Shinra’s absence.

Arthur’s mission in this battle was to not only defeat Dragon, but to also release Shinra if not everyone from their unconscious sleep. And, Dragon was the biggest impediment he was facing for the time-being.

But, the final slash from his sword proved that Arthur’s claim about him being a Knight is not just a fluke. He really had the power to defeat a Dragon. On top of that, what we are missing is that compared to his opponent who is far older and experienced than him, our Knight is still learning.

Arthur’s final attack not only chopped Dragon’s body into half, it was basically an Earth-shattering shot. One hit did two damage. Finished-off Dragon and also cracked the “Eye-like Structure” in half.

Sister Sumire

Doing this could prove to be a major blow to the White-Clad because now that Shinra has broken away from the illusion, there is a high chance that Sho will too break away from it.

The Cataclysm can only continue when each of the Pillars are present, and now that Shinra has broken-away, there is high chance that the Cataclysm will stop. Well, Sister Sumire might already have plans for this anyways.

What happens after this will rather be more intriguing to read. But, taking the present scenario, I’m 99% sure that the Cataclysm will abruptly stop now. Whether Shinra and other Pillars will gain some extra technique is still not clear, but, maybe, just maybe, he may awaken some hidden powers that was lying unconscious within him.

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