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Black Clover Chapter 297 Spoilers Leaks

Okay, so Noelle has finally landed a destructive blow on Vanica. It’s great to see how much Noelle has grown in this short period of time. But, the way Tabata represented Noelle’s mom was totally unexpected.

Now, we are slowly getting a rough idea why Nozel is so caring towards Noelle. He doesn’t want Noelle to face the same consequences as his mother did. Looking at his mother getting beaten-up and then leading to death is something that has stayed with him. And, he doesn’t want this to happen to his little sister.

I can’t wait for Black Clover Chapter 297 Spoilers to come out.

Chapter 296 Recap

Chapter 296 was short, but the revelation was huge. We got a glimpse on how Acier(Noelle’s Mom) fought Vanica and almost killed her. She was the only one who had the capability to defeat Vanica.

And, one thing to note is that, back then Vanica was not only young but also experiencing Megicula for the first time. On the other hand, Acier was not only a Mom, she was far older than Vanica.

Despite that, she fought so furiously that Vanica had to fallback. That’s commendable.

Undine says Noelle that she needs to defeat Vanica within a minute, to which Noelle says she will do it in 30 seconds. Cheers to her confidence. What follows after this is prefect magic.

While Vanica tries to go all-out without giving a second thought about the consequences Noelle too unleashes her attack.

And, the result? Noelle stabs Vanica with her sword, probably the exact same way how Noelle’s mother did years ago. Now, the question arises whether it’s Vanica will be put down now? Well, I don’t think she will go down so easily.

We saw what happened in case of Dante. Even after getting defeated multiple times, he stood up. If that wasn’t enough, he also stood up after Magna defeated him. So, I won’t be surprised if Vanica too tries to repeat the same stunt.

And, what we are also missing is that somewhere Yuno is also going all-out against Zenon. Among the three Dark-Triads, Zenon is the most secretive one. He has the least facial expression, and we know guys like Zenon are a big trouble whey they lose their composure.

Well, this War is still far from complete. I guess we have only covered 10% of it.


The Spoilers are out, and the battle continues:

  • Noelle putting in massive hits on Vanica, showing that she is far more powerful that her Mother war.
  • Noelle declares Vanica that she has already lost.
  • We see a childlike form emerging out of Vanica. It’s Megicula’s real form.
  • After leaving Vanica, Megicula takes Lolopechika under her control.

The Spoilers are not out yet, but, don’t worry. As soon as Spoilers come out, this page will be updated. So, Hold On!!

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