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Does Anyone Die In Tokyo Revengers? All Important Character Deaths!

Tokyo Revengers was the most hit Anime show when it came out few months ago. With millions of manga readers waiting for the series to get an anime adaptation and many others who didn’t know anything about the series. Tokyo Revengers have come a long way and it seems at present we are heading towards the end(I read that it’ll end pretty sooner than we expect).

Though the “Time-Travel” aspect makes the series’ story unique than most gang manga, we must not forget that the central pillar is “Gang.” And where there is Gang involved violence is a daily occurrence. Most of the time violence and fights ends-up in severely injured gang members, but there are also times when things go out of hand!

And Tokyo Revengers also follows the same track. Hence, in this post we will discuss about character deaths and also some other question related. But, before you proceed, please be aware that this post has latest Spoilers from manga.


Takemichi’s Role In Protecting And His Failures

Imagine the immense mental pressure Takemichi carries! He not only doesn’t know anything about the situation, he is also directly responsible behind his friends’ life. And also including the people who aren’t yet his friends but ought-to-be friends.

We might complain that “Guy’s wimp,” but looking deeper into the situation most of us will behave the same way. Back in the school days he was just a random delinquent who had the “dream” to become a great gang member. And what happened after many years? He just spent his life working at a crappy job with low salary and a life full of loneliness. His vegetative state juiced out all the interest from him.

And then what happened? He suddenly time travels and you know the whole story after that! Comparing to how he was leading his life and the “new” life he got(more like pushed down the throat), it feels like he is an overachiever! You might frown at me! Sorry for that! But, look at the people he saved who were supposed to die in future.

Now, let’s talk about his failures. The reason we fans are angry at Takemichi is because of his attitude towards most things. The most comment I see after every episode or manga chapter release is: “Wonder whether he knows what’s a Gym?” I had(still have) the same question too! But, whether a gym can make a person strong in a short period of time is a question! On top of that, he is high-school student.

Most of the deaths we are going to talk about is Takemichi’s missed opportunity. It’s tragic but true. And the way the story is going ahead, it has become almost impossible to travel forward in time.

All Important Character Deaths

Here are all the important characters who die in Tokyo Revengers:

Sano Shinichiro

Shinichiro was killed way before all this saga started. As narrated by Draken, Mikey and few other members, he was one of the most charismatic gang member of all time. He would lose in physical strength but in the end even his opponent would end up becoming his friend.

Tokyo Revengers Sinichiro Sano

His death was also unfortunate and not at all planned. Shinichiro’s death revealed how deranged Kazutora was. Being the elder brother of Mikey, his death put Mikey in a tough position.


After Baji’s death, Mikey changed. He couldn’t accept that his childhood friend would die in such situation! Baji’s plan to penetrate into the rival gang ended up in a messed up scenario. Things weren’t that bad until Kisaki made his move!

Tokyo Revengers Baji

Takemichi knew the day Baji would die hence he tried to do everything under his control to stop it, but as with most of his adventures this too ended up in pieces. Baji didn’t deserve this death since he was as close to Mikey as Draken.


Among all Izana’s death was the less shocking one! We must not forget his psychopathic tendency. Shinichiro took Izana as he adoptive younger brother and the fact that Shinichiro also considered Mikey as his younger brother didn’t fit too well with him.

Tokyo Revengers Izana

His hatred towards Mikey reached extreme heights. But deep down he was extremely sad. He never wanted to lose Shinichiro. And his emotions became evident when he was dying slowly. Yes, his death was a bit emotional but the deeds he had done in past covered all of it too quickly!
Want to hate Kisaki even more? Izana was also killed by Kisaki because he was getting too “impatient.”


The most sad death of the series. Kisaki’s decision to kill her made him the top 10 hated character. I have been following the manga before the anime came out, hence I know the intense rage of fans towards Kisaki.

Tokyo Revengers Emma

You can say that she was the unluckiest person in the manga. I also saw many fans questioning her presence in such a risky place. Well, that said, the most heartbroken among all was Draken. And there are countless reason to be!


Would I be sounding like a psychopath if I said that Kisaki’s death is the most satisfying thing in the entire series? Because I don’t think I’m the only one who think the same way! The thing is, Kisaki as an antagonist was a genius and there’s no question about that! Everything about him was a subject of hatred.

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Tetta

His death is the most anticlimactic one! In short he was not killed by someone, but by the infamous “Truck-kun.” The image below will make it more clear!

Tokyo Revengers Tetta Kisaki Death
Kisaki getting hit by a Truck

Rather than discussing about the future of the series, fans were busy creating memes about how Kisaki died and then reincarnated in an isekai world. Jokes apart, Kisaki’s death made it clear that he was the secret driving force behind the series. Now that he’s dead, there’s no one to save.

But, for some reason($$) the mangaka has decided to stretch the series further from. And frankly speaking it’s not that boring since Mikey is the last one who needs help. And the latest happenings of the manga has made it even more relevant for Takemichi to try harder!


After Emma’s death, it’s Draken’s death that shocked me. You know what’s the worst thing about Emma’s and Draken’s death? They both didn’t deserve it. Even though let’s say that Draken was a Gang member, what about Emma? The only thing she wanted was Draken’s love and support.

Tokyo Revengers Draken Death
Emma & Draken

Coming back to how Draken died and the mayhem after that. His death broke the internet and many communities that follow Tokyo Revengers. You would not believe if I told you that I somewhat smelled that this was going to happen sooner or later! How?

Takemichi got a new power(I’ve written about it down below) and that helped him get a lead before anybody’s death! The moment Takemichi made his move to save the person(spoiler so won’t reveal) Draken suddenly appeared. That moment I knew that “he’s gone!”

Takemichi took advantage of his power and saved the person who was going to die, but the repercussion was too high. It’s still unknown how did Draken reached there, and probably it’ll remain a mystery, but things are real mess.

Is There Any Possibility Of Their Return?

After waiting for so many chapters, I don’t think Draken will return. He is gone! Now, what’s the worst part? Mikey hasn’t shown any emotion towards his best friend’s death.

But, the manga is far from the end, and hence, I still hope something will happen that will bring him back!

Takemichi’s New Power

Finally let’s talk about Takemichi’s “upgrade.” Before Draken’s death, he got access to a new power! With that he can see the future. Though it’s not too far ahead, for now, but he can pretty much see the person’s death whenever he touches them and even the whole scenario by touching things.

In the latest foreshadowing he saw a powerful gang member’s death, and he already has taken action to stop it. For now he’s failing terrible in it, nothing new, but we can just hope that he somehow he doesn’t let another person to die.


The mangaka hinted at Tokyo Revengers’ ending. And I think we have entered the final phase of it! If it wasn’t for Kisaki and his bloodlust to become like Takemichi, we would have seen a completely different sort of series!

Well, I’m eager to see how the manga will reach it’s ending. But, I just hope that no other characters die!

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