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Does Tetta Kisaki Die In Tokyo Revengers? Can He Time Travel?

For any manga, the storyline is mostly centered on the protagonist and how he/she grows. But, it’s the antagonist who pushes the story to a completely different expectation with their mind-bending tricks. If you are an avid Anime watcher, this is pretty common. Itachi, Pain in Naruto, Aizen in Bleach and the list goes on.

In movies and Anime, especially when the word “Hero” is involved the Villain/Antagonist is the one who plays the most crucial role. I don’t think it would be surprising if someday I read that it’s not the protagonist who drives the story, rather he only tries to stop the antagonist from executing his intentions.

Truth to be told, without the presence of a powerful and cunning Villain/Antagonist the story will quickly become pretty boring. And who told Villains cannot be loved. Don’t you like the Joker?

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Tetta
Tetta Kisaki

Tokyo Revengers too has a protagonist whom we love to hate. I’m talking about Tetta Kisaki. For the guys who have read the manga knows that if there is one character who stands behind the whole series’ story it’s Kisaki and no one else.

If he never killed Hina, or if Takemichi was never pushed onto the tracks, the series would have never happened. Now, antagonist like him carries huge potential in any series, be it a manga or a movie. He might be the person whom we want dead, but this same person when dies creates a massive gap in storyline. Best example is Itachi(Naruto).

Well, enough talk. Everybody wants to know the burning question: “Does Tetta Kisaki Die?” And the other question is whether our antagonist can time travel? This post will clear most of the facts and question revolving around the primary antagonist of Tokyo Revengers.


Can Tetta Kisaki Time Travel?

This was the worst fear for most readers including me when this speculation arose in the TR community. I remember back then the anime wasn’t announced the series was not famous enough like today, but for many days this furious topic kept us readers on our heels.

Unfortunately I don’t remember who deduced the “Time Travel” speculation, but that guy was spot-on. From what I can remember, he/she said that, “If Kisaki was time-travelling then he could have easily killed the adult Takemichi who was travelling through time. Doing this would finish everything once and for all.” But, as we know, this didn’t happen!

Can Kisaki Time Travel?

No, Kisaki cannot Time Travel like Takemichi.

He did everything out of his Grit and Intelligence. From his very childhood he was treated as a prodigy. And he used this intelligence to masterly plan everything from scratch.

From becoming a delinquent to joining Toman and every little decision he took was entirely self-done. All these characteristics make him the most suited antagonist of Tokyo Revengers! He even suspected that Takemichi by any chance could be time traveling.

Does Tetta Kisaki Die?

As I said before, it’s in our nature to see the Villain/Antagonist get the worst treatment, but when the same characters goes away or dies, they take away the storyline’s juice with them.

Tetta Kisaki’s Death!

Kisaki dies while trying to escape from Takemichi. His entire plan was out in the open and was cornered. Hence, he had no other option but to runaway. The incident happens while he stops to answer Takemichi’s question of whether he time traveled or not.
Infamous “Truck-kun” strikes again!

Tokyo Revengers Tetta Kisaki Death

How Does Kisaki Die?

He dies after getting hit by a speedy truck. The severe impact cracked open his head and he suffered critical damage all over his body. Soon after, he died of blood loss and immense damage.

Tokyo Revengers Tetta Kisaki Dies

His way of dying was pretty sad. After getting hit, he tried to stand but the severe damage didn’t let him to even move his body. He was screaming, “I dont’ want to die…”, but soon after that scream he passed away!

From my viewpoint, killing one of the most important character(the main antagonist of the series) in such a manner is pretty shocking. And if his death wasn’t enough, just moment before the impact, he was going to answer Takemichi’s question about his time-travel!

Talk about an outrageous cliffhanger! Though there is some hope. Good thing is that the manga is still in serialization. Hence, we can wait for the mangaka to reveal some hints.

Tetta Kisaki Death Chapter!

Tetta Kisaki dies in Chapter 185.

He took the impact at the end of Chapter 184 and lost his life in the beginning of Chapter 185.
Nice that the mangaka didn’t spend too much time around some other character’s viewpoint!

Why Kisaki Called Takemichi Hero?

Kisaki calling Takemichi a “Hero” goes long back when all the three(Hina, Takemichi & Kisaki) were school going kids. Since their childhood both Kisaki and Takemichi were completely different in their personality trait. Comparing them would be comparing apples to oranges!

On one hand where Takemichi was an extrovert and the guy who would fall into every kind problem, Kisaki was a nerdy loner who would spend most of his time staying home and studying(Prodigy! remember?). But, the only platform where these two matched is their love for Hina.

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki

Kisaki developed emotions for Hina when she treated him well, and Hina developed emotions for Takemichi when she saw how outgoing and helpful he was towards the one in need.

So, our nerdy guy took Takemichi as an idol and declared him as the ideal “Hero.” He wanted to become like Takemichi and get Hina onto his side. And that’s how the whole saga started after Takemichi promised his friend that he would become the “top delinquent in Japan.” Unfortunately this curiosity of the nerdy guy eventually took form of intense hated towards his ideal “Hero,” and the rest is history.

I still think that Kisaki respected Takemichi from his heart, but his emotions got clouded and in pursuit of revenge he didn’t even leave the love of his life. Such a sad ending of a fantastic character!

Does Kisaki Know Takemichi Traveled Through Time?

This became a major concern for Takemichi when he found out that his every decision and action was proving to be a failure. Then, he suddenly had a hunch about Kisaki traveling through time!

But, in the end, just moments before getting hit by a truck Kisaki revealed that he never traveled through time, but he suspected that Takemichi could have access to something like this! Heck, he never knew that Takemichi could time travel until he revealed this himself.

Funny thing is, the adult Kisaki from future at a point knew that Takemichi was time-traveling and he tried to take actions regarding this(Too big of a spoiler to reveal here, Sorry!!). Yes, he was successful, but luck was on Takemichi’s side and things turned out to be not that bad.

It’s terrifying to think the level of destruction Kisaki could have caused if he too could time travel! Yes, Kisaki is the main antagonist of the series and also a brat who wants to keep everything to himself, his intelligence is off the charts compared to other members in whole Tokyo Revengers series.

I’m sure if it wasn’t a guy like Takemichi with dogged determination, saving anyone could have been surely impossible.

Does Kisaki Love Hina?

The very basic reason behind a genius like Kisaki becoming a delinquent was his love for Hina. He wanted to surpass Takemichi and become the “Hero.” The hero that Hina would love more.

In short he wanted to become cool and daring like Takemichi! but, he failed to understand that Hina never loved someone else other than Takemichi. And even if she loved Takemichi, it wasn’t because he was cool, but because he was good at heart and not a fool like Kisaki.

Also what I forgot to mention is that the Kisaki’s love is not ideal at all. He only looked at Hina as the person who can comfort him. It never mattered whether she was happy! Before getting hit by truck-kun, he revealed his malice towards Takemichi saying that, “If you take her I’ll kill you.”

In short, Tetta Kisaki as a lover was extremely naive and too toxic to stay in a relationship for long, whether it was Hina or anyone else. I wonder whether he was isekai’ed to another world?

Then Why Did Kisaki Kill Hina?

You obviously know that this whole saga started when all the three were kids. What’s more surprising is that he was in same class with Hina.

Due to his nerdy attitude, Kisaki wasn’t too popular among his classmates and the only one who paid attention to him was no one but her. Besides he wasn’t even physically fit. Soon, this young nerdy boy developed romantic emotion towards the girl who treated him like no other. Hence, he made a decision to make Hina his partner for life. This is where the madness starts!

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Malice
Kisaki’s Malice

Everything was fine until he discovered the hard truth that Hina was already in love with a guy named Takemichi. He preconceived Takemichi as a “daredevil,” and his “HERO.” Well, he wasn’t entirely wrong.

He then had an ambition in his mind that stretched for 10 years. That means he had 10 years of planning in front of him. From Takemichi’s destruction to proposing Hina for marriage. But, as we have learned from our personal life experiences, things don’t always turn out to be exactly what we think of! And the same thing happened with Kisaki too.

Hence, he decided to “Play God” and end Hina’s life.

His entire motto behind killing Hina was, “If she cannot be with me, then I won’t let her be with anyone, especially Takemichi.”

He also said the same thing to Takemichi, “If you take her, I’ll Kill You!”

And, this is the primary reason why Kisaki killed Hina again and again even though Takemichi did everything to stop him.


Tetta Kisaki is the classical example of a major “fool.” Well, I think even the word fool wouldn’t do any damage to his ego as he is just a selfish guy who wants everything for himself and goes on to destroy everything that doesn’t belong to him.

If you are coming after reading the manga, then you probably know what I mean, but if you’ve only watched the anime, then you’ve learned only a portion of Kisaki’s “master plan.”

Keeping his prickly personality aside, he wasted his intelligence for a selfish and naive cause. He was intelligent enough to win a fight without even lifting a finger, but, all things got wasted when Takemichi from past appeared. The complexity of his plans and the masterly way he executes is way ahead of anything Takemichi could ever do, but he lacks the bull-like mentality.

Though his death was uncalled for. It’s a sigh of relief that the main antagonist is dead and that Takemichi won’t have to burn extra calories calculating ways to prevent Hina’s death. But, it’s not yet time to rest! Let’s see how he solves the new issues that has emerged!

Read Tokyo Revengers

Unlike other Shonen Jump manga, Tokyo Revengers is not available for free. If you are interested, then you buy the manga from Kodansha’s official website. Fortunately there are also websites that has monthly subscription so you won’t have to buy the entire volume.

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