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Chainsaw Man Chapter 86 Spoilers, Release Date.

Chainsaw Man manga is relatively a new series addition in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The name of the series may be seem normal but, the story is as complicated and shocking. The Story centers around Denji, who becomes a Devil possessed Devil Hunter after his beloved dog Pochita sacrifices itself for Denji safety. As of now Chainsaw Man has 85 chapters and is quickly climbing the popularity chart because of its unique story and unexpected deaths.

Release Date:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 86 will officially release on September, 27. The unofficial RAW leaks of the chapters arrive just about 2-3 days before the official release.




As of yet, it is too early for Spoilers to be released. We have to wait while the chapter is released in Japan at first. Though various Spoilers are circulating in the internet, those are not official and rather fan discussion.

Keep following this thread while the Leaks are revealed. The leaks will probably come out on September 25.


In the previous chapters we saw that Makima got killed because she asked for the Chainsaw Man’s help. After he kills Makima, he reaches to the place where Kobeni is working. She was subconsciously asking for help from her abusive employer. And as Denji reaches, he dreams about eating Burger.

Kobeni makes a lot of mistake and every time while delivering Denji’s burger she falls.

It is highly unlikely that Denji will kill Kobeni as she is not a character to killed (yet). Maybe we will see that all the other people in the restaurant getting killed because of their rude behavior.

Also we don’t know whether Kobeni has any power inside her.

The next chapter we can also see Kishibe controlling Denji and further training him to control his power. We can also see Makima revive as this is not the first time she is killed. Though this is too much, but the way the series is nowadays, anything could happen.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 85 RECAP:

If we sum up Chapter 85, it would be simply “Kobeni Messing up again and again. Yes, from the beginning of the Chapter and till the end we only see two main events. Denji trying to eat fresh Burger, and Kobeni not trying to mess up.

The genius of the Chapter is that even though it feels a comic scenario, they way the chapter has been represented, it is brutal and gory. Denji also doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of the outer world and is working as his subconscious says.

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