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Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 38 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online.

The Second Season of Re: Zero is hands down much more horrific than the previous. We are only halfway through the season and the amount of suffering Subaru have to experience is nothing compared to what he did in Season 1.

Although he becomes stronger every time he has these experiences, situations always shows him the harsh reality. In Re:Zero episode 37 too he has to accept and face hard truths that are hard even for us to digest. With that said let’s dive deep in.

Release Date:

Re:Zero episode 38 will release on Wednesday, September 30. The Second Season of Re:Zero will have 25 episodes in total and as of now we are already halfway through the season. There is no news on delay of release of episodes.

Re:Zero Episode 37 Recap:

Episode 37 was though not as horrific as Episode 36, yet we are surprised, as we now have learned the real motive of Echidna. Since the beginning of the First Episode we have seen Echidna helping Subaru with his problems without asking anything in return from him. Even though we knew from the beginning that he is a Witch and a Witch always has her own motive behind doing anything.

And since Echidna is the Witch of Greed, we can already understand why she was helping Subaru from the beginning. She was laying a trap for Subaru from the beginning and in Episode 37 it revealed.

Behold an Unthinkable Present:

In the ending of the previous episode we saw Subaru dying of injuries from the Rabbit Mabeast. When he is revived in his afterlife, he remembers that Emilia kissed him in the end.

But, after some time he gets a barrage of “Behold an Unthinkable Present.” And in his experience, he sees his every death that he have experienced. In fact, he sees what happened after he died, and what others were thinking and reacting.

Those reactions of people also reveal the emotions of Beatrice and Emilia.

The Witches’ Tea Party:

After experiencing every possibility of his death, he his mentally and broken. But, after that he sees someone come near him, it is Rem. Seeing Rem, Subaru cannot control his emotion, but he is able to see through the illusion and discovers that it was the Witch of Lust, Carmilla.

She defends herself by saying that she was following orders of Echidna, and that Subaru seeing Rem was not under her control.

The arrival of the Witches:

After the illusion is broken, Subaru is transferred where Echidna stays and then, we see Echidna revealing her true motive. She tries to make a contract with Subaru where she will help Subaru every time he is in trouble. But, before even making the contract, The Witch of Wrath arrives and stops them.

Slowly each and every Witch arrive and we are introduced to a new Witch, The Witch of Sloth, Sekhmet.

After all the Witches arrive, Echidna reveals that, in return of her help she wants everything of Subaru, his emotion, feeling, everything he has.

While talking about her ambition, her face shows her evil nature. But, Subaru rejects her and says that he will get help of Beatrice, because she is the one who always helped Subaru.

Satella Arrives:

After the conversation is over, we see in the end that a dark shadow arrives and Echidna is not happy with its appearance. The last scene we see Satella walking towards them.


We can say that this episode of Re:Zero was a silent before the storm. The entry of Satella and Echidna being unwelcoming by her appearance is an exact reason. In the next Episode we can see some kind of battle or maybe something that we haven’t even think of.

Where to Watch:

You can watch Re:Zero Season 2 on these platforms:

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About Re:Zero

The story is centered around the main Protagonist named Natsuki Subaru who, after suddenly being transported to a different world discovers that he cannot die. To be precise, he has the power to re-experience and change the fate of the same possibility over and over again. In the beginning this ability is unique for him, but as time goes by, he suffers the most as he can’t tell anyone that he has this terrifying ability and if he tries to tell this to anyone, he dies.

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