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Is Makima Evil, Is she Dead, How Strong is Makima?

If you are into series where the “gory” stuff excels with a mixture of some emotion, friendship, family, then Chainsaw Man will quickly become your favorite series. Though the story is an emotional roller coaster, there isn’t any chapter where an important or unimportant characters die.

Besides the protagonist, Denji, the next most important character in CSM is Makima. She was introduced pretty early(Chapter 2), and since then she has been playing extremely important role in driving the series’ events. To be more straight, a major portion of the manga started with her, revolved around her, and also ended with her.


This post will try to explain some questions related to Makima and also the top among all, “Will Makima die in the series?


Makima, An Enigma!

Why Enigma? Because the series started with a simple teenage boy who is broke and buried in debt till his eyeballs. A simple boy whose only wish is good food and girls. But, his life changed completely after he was killed and cut to pieces.

This time, luck was on his side as he had already made contract with an unknown devil who he named Pochita. If it wasn’t then Denji would simply die as a human and would never take rebirth as a Devil Hybrid(Denji is not a Devil, he is a Devil Hybrid).

Makima took him under her care and he started working as a devil hunter. When Makima was introduced into the series, the Chainsaw Man community was divided between readers “Who Loved Makima” and “Who Hated Makima”.

Even Denji was not able to understand what Makima actually wanted from him. Though, after meeting her, Denji’s wish got an upgrade and he now had a new wish “To Kiss Makima.”

Power_in_Anime Chainsaw Man

Another reason why I’m calling her Enigma is because from the very beginning of the series until the end, nobody was able to understand what she wanted and her intentions. Besides Denji who is the protagonist of this series, Makima was the second main character to play a major role.

Chapters went by and almost with every chapter there was at least some revelation about her. Sometimes she was seen controlling people just by looking at them, and sometimes even the most outrageous off all, taking countless bullets and still being alive.

When Chainsaw Man was in serialization, I remember reading countless speculations about Makima and the devil associated with her.

But, from my own experience, I have learned one thing. Do not to trust an Anime/Manga character with “Rinnegan Eyes.”

Chainsaw Man Makima Eyes
Makima’s Eyes

Naruto taught this all along. Rinnegan Eyes are a threat signal and it doesn’t belong to a particular series. If you haven’t completed Chainsaw Man, then I must tell you that the series is really short, with only 97 chapters.

From an average devil hunter to the higher ups, everybody knew Makima as THE Devil Hunter who shouldn’t be messed up with. Reading Makima’s personality is almost impossible even if you try to, and hence, she is an Enigma.

Even now when it’s more than 6-months that Part-1 of the series is over, fans are trying to calculate and speculate her real personality. It’s hard, and even if you come up with something that’s dependable, it won’t be officially proven.

Maybe we’ll learn something when Part-2 of the series starts its serialization.

Is Makima Strongest? Can She Beat Denji?

It’s not that Makima is extremely strong! It’s just that she cannot be killed by any means possible. There are many Chapters where she was shot countless times and recovered without a scratch.

This incident raised questions about the Devil she has contract with! Speculations started to mount, somebody said she was “Human Devil,” and I also read someone write that she is not a Devil, rather a “Kami”. Kami means God in Japanese.

Well, these speculations might feel quite childish, but back then the manga was only 70% complete and there was no one who could find out the reality.

Chainsaw Man
Denji & Makima

If you ask me, then Makima’s strength is variable. By the unique power she has, she can easily manipulate how much energy she needs. If she has to fight a normal devil, then she could simply adjust her powers to suite her best, and the same for a more powerful Devil.

Now, coming the direct answer about how strong is Makima.
She has demonstrated her immense supernatural strength many times. Especially in the “Katana Man arc.” Even though she was riddled with bullets, she recovered and finished each of the villains. Their body had huge holes, big enough for a wooden log to pass through it.

She not only recovered after the incident, but also went on to remotely kill four Villains who were trying to capture Denji.

Does Makima Die?

Ask me how many times have Makima died?
In one of the chapters, it’s stated that she has at least died 29 times. Well, that’s completely Not Human.

Does Makima Die In Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Makima Dies in the end after Denji slashes her with a real Chainsaw. But, this time, the Chainsaw was a special one made with Power’s blood! Hence, she wasn’t able to recover as quickly as she expected.

After she overwhelmed the Chainsaw Devil with her zombie army of Devils, she tried to take Denji’s heart away, or the Chainsaw Devil to be precise, but, it was Denji’s plan to hide and finally finish her with a Chainsaw.

To confirm that she doesn’t generates her body again, Denji later cooked and ate her. This was confirmed after when he mentioned it to Kishibe. And, that’s what makes the Chainsaw Devil extremely powerful. No one can come back if they are eaten.

Chainsaw Man Denji Kills Makima
Denji Kills Makima

Another subtle thing that we might have missed is Makima’s uneasiness with the Gun Devil and the Chainsaw Devil.

Though she haven’t ever directly said this before, she hints that the only Devil powerful enough to kill her is the Gun Devil and Chainsaw Devil.

How Did Denji Kill Makima?

The Chainsaw that Denji used to kill Makima was not an average Chainsaw or even the Chainsaw of the Chainsaw Devil. It was a Chainsaw created by Power with her blood. Hence, when Denji cut Makima, Power’s blood messed up Makima’s ability to heal and finally she died of blood loss or maybe Denji just slashed her all over.

This could also be the reason behind Makima killing Power. Or maybe Denji was too lucky at that moment!

Is Makima Evil

When the series was heading towards the ending, she revealed that what she wants is a world without any problems. A world where there won’t be any poor, a world where everybody would be happy, and world without hunger and disease.

Well, what can you expects from the “Control Devil?” Though her words are like flowers, her way of doing things are too extreme to justify everything she does. She says that she wants to save the world from another “Gun Devil incident” where countless innocent lives were lost for no reason.

I’m going to be a little philosophical here with something I read a long time ago. “The worst things have happened in the world only because somebody wanted to change the world according to their own Will.


This statement fits perfectly with Makima’s situation.

But, as I stated before, even if you want the best, how you do it is also a matter of question. The exact answer would be Yes/No to this question of “Whether she is Evil”.

We can say that she is an evil in circumstances when she used Denji because of her personal needs. She deliberately killed Power in front of Denji and how Aki also died because of her manipulation.

Later she blatantly revealed that she wants Denji to “Suffer the most because what he has done in past.” Makima also killed Reze, though we could say that she had done something that was not acceptable. But, here too Reze was just a test subject and was only doing her job.

Chainsaw Man Aki

Now, if the answer is “No Makima is not an Evil”, then there are too various reasons. She gave Denji a good place to live and a far better life than he was living before (at a huge cost).

Her another motive was to stop any other Gun Devil attack, and she did everything to make her “dream” a reality.

The Bad outclasses the Good of Makima and becomes more intense when she breaks Denji mentally just to reveal his most fearful form.

But, only a clue that since she is a devil, her power depends on the fear of people. The more fearful people are the powerful she becomes. We know the heartbreaking past of Aki and why he wants to kill the Gun Devil even if it took his life.

Is Makima Devil?

Is Makima Devil?

Yes! Makima is the Control Devil.

Ever since the first chapter we saw Devil Hunters showing their powers, but we never saw Makima using her Devil. This whole thing became even more suspicious when she directed to were blindfold while using her powers.

The Chainsaw Man Community even fell into a debate whether she even have any devil possession! But, later in the chapters we get a shocking revelation that she is in fact, the Control Devil.


You may ask, “But, how is she even working as a Devil Hunter then?

Remember? she is the Control Devil. She can control anything and anyone. That way, she also controls the top officers in the Devil Association. Also, her power grows stronger with the rise of fear in people.

Makima’s Power Compared To Devils

Control is the basic way Humans win forcefully over other. And Makima is the Control Devil herself. She is not accessing any devil’s power but the Devil herself. There is no way she is not Powerful. We have seen many devils in Chainsaw Man world but, these devils are off the charts when it comes it power.

Gun Devil

The very reason why the Devil Association was formed. Gun Devil is massive in size and his entire body is covered with Guns and innumerable skulls depicting people dying from his rampage.

Makima considers the Gun Devil as her enemy. She reveals the basic reason to Kishibe. She wants the Gun Devil to not exist since it can cause an another rampage and kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Gun Devil
Gun Devil

Unlike other Devils, one single character of this Devil makes it more terrifying than most. If an average Devil eats a bullet from the Gun Devil, their power rises many folds. In the manga, we have seen few situations where a Devil which is supposed to be weak and frail has become immensely powerful only because of a single bullet from Gun Devil.

Darkness Devil

From kids to elder people, this is a type of fear that stays with them almost all their lives. Especially kids have fear of Darkness. And according to the rule, a Devil’s power increases when someone fears them.

Chainsaw Man Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil

Not only it is terrifying, his mere presence killed many fiends and devil hunters. Even Denji wasn’t spared(not killed, but her was clobbered pretty hard).

Talking about Makima, you won’t believe, but her powers didn’t work quite well on it, and she finally had to withdraw. The Darkness Devil was also able to considerably harm her.

Chainsaw Devil

The “Hero/Nightmare of the Devils,” this is THE Devil of Devils. It’s pretty hard to describe how powerful this beast is. But, I would make this clear with an incident that occurred. The Chainsaw Devil was taken to Hell by the Hell Devil, but he killed everyone and tore through Hell and came back to Earth.

Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Devil
Chainsaw Devil(awakened)

Makima simply hates this Devil since the Chainsaw Devil cannot be “controlled.” Hence, she tried to control the Chainsaw Devil through Denji. She had absolutely no chance if she fought with her own powers and not through her powerful Zombie Devil Army.


Chainsaw Man is such a complex series, where with every answer to a question there is ten more counter question waiting. There are memes saying that “The only series where 80% of the character dies within five chapters.” LOL! that’s true.

Denji died in the very first chapter. What can you expect from a manga where the main protagonist dies even before the main story kicks in?

The anime has been announced after a long wait and I can’t wait since the studio behind it is none other than MAPPA! They are the same guys behind Jujutsu Kaisen. Though the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, my guess is that the Anime will come out on January 2022.

Chainsaw Man is a hidden series that is only picking up the pace after the Anime got announced. Jujutsu Kaisen was an unpolished diamond until the anime came out, and mark my words, the same thing is going to happen with Chainsaw Man as well!

Read Chainsaw Man:

Chainsaw Man is free to read and you can read the English version on Viz.


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