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My Hero Academia 297 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Read Online.

The War against Villains has ended after most of them are down. Shigaraki is down, the other Villains are down and Mr. Compress is at his death-bed. But, can we say that the Heroes won? By looking at the level of destruction, it’s pretty hard to say this. My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Spoilers and Raw Scans will reveal more about the future of the Heroes and Villains.

After Midnight’s death, My Hero Academia was trending on most of social networking platforms. Staunch fans are shocked to the point that they are refusing to believe that such thing can ever happen to any famous Hero in the series. Some of them are writing theories as to why Midnight might not be dead, but, only severely injured.

But, truth is truth. The official chapter has revealed that Midnight is one of many Heroes who have passed away. This is sad truth but, what can we don anyway.


It’s almost time for the Spoilers and latest leaks to come. Hold on!! It’s on Twitter that Horikoshi cried while writing Chapter 297. Well! that’s another bad news if that comes true.

Okay! The Spoilers are out. (When more info comes, the Spoilers will be refined.)

  • Chapter title is “Tartarus.” (Name of the Prison where AFO and others are kept.)
  • Prison Break, Prison Break, Prison Break.
  • Shigaraki is alive and AFO is not happy with that.
  • Moonfish, Muscular, Overhaul escape from Prison, isn’t clear whether others also escape.
  • A new Mysterious Lady is revealed, but, her power is not shown. She helps Overhaul to escape.
  • A battle between Nomu and a Robot is shown.
  • Chapter ends with AFO saying that he will become the King of Evil. And he probably escapes too.
  • Chapter 298 Preview is released. “Army Of Darkness Unleashed into the world.”
  • Next Chapter Release Date January 24.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

Hell Awaits?

In the end of Chapter 296, we saw how OFA was pretty confident on his next move. And the ending of the chapter itself said that the war has not ended and now OFA will make his move.

Now, after this large-scale destruction, if OFA decides to attack the Heroes, for sure the city is doomed. But, there is less possibility of this happening. What the community is saying is that, AFO will probably play a diplomatic role. And, since the Heroes are already weak after such fight, they won’t dare to fight against him.

But, we still don’t know whether Deku will make any move, or whether he is place to take such decision.

Will Deku Have To Make Tough Choice?

In the Previous Chapter leaks discussion, I wrote that, there is a high possibility that OFA will bate Deku in giving up his AFO quirk. OFA will probably say Deku that, either hand over AFO or lose everyone in the city including the Heroes.

Hence, if this happens, Deku will have to take the toughest decision he had ever taken after being a Hero. If Deku thinks practically rather than emotionally, then he will not hand over his quirk and rather decide to fight OFA.

Because OFA’s dream is to acquire AFO and if he acquires it, anyway everything will be finished. There won’t be anyone who can face him.

It will be very interesting to learn how Horikoshi Sensei comes up with a surprising theory.

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