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Chainsaw Man Reaches a Major Milestone.

If you have read “Fire Punch” you should have a rough idea about “Chainsaw Man.” Chainsaw Man is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto and can be easily declared as a “Dark as Hell” series.

But, this major twists and turns makes a series loved among fans. When Chainsaw Man started its serialization in 2018, readers of “Fire Punch” were already aware of what was coming. And without any doubt the series has delivered what was expected from the mangaka.

After two years of serialization, Chainsaw Man has ended. But, there is nothing to be sad about, since, a Second Part of the series will also come, but, it’s not sure when.

A Major Milestone

The Shonen Jump News Twitter handle revealed that Chainsaw Man has now broken the barrier of 6 Million copies. In fact, the series has a whopping 6.4 Million copies in circulation.

Following the tweet, fans of Chainsaw Man are rejoiced and sad at the same time. Rejoiced since their favorite series has reached such great milestone, and sad, because the manga has officially ended.

Anime Release Date

Chainsaw Man will receive an Anime sometime in 2021. It was bound to happen since, a series having millions of circulation cannot be missed. But, what’s most interesting is that the studio is MAPPA.

Not that any other Studio cannot produce the same result, we have seen some pretty amazing animation in Fate series done by Ufotable and Fire Force by David Production.

But, lately MAPPA is literally on Fire after their animation quality in Jujtusu Kaisen and Attack on Titan final season.

As of now, there is no concrete release date of Chainsaw Man Anime, but we will sure know when there is any revelation.

Read Chainsaw Man

If you are interested, you can read Chainsaw Man manga for free on Viz


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