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Black Clover 277 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked.

The War against Spade Kingdom has officially begun, and, Knights of Clover Kingdom are ready for a tough battle. Chapter 276 showed off Yuno’s ultimate transformation and hitting Zenon. Zenon underestimated Yuno’s capability and had to face the consequences. Well, it’s a good head start for Clover Knights and Heart Kingdom, but since it’s just the beginning, we should not yet rejoice. Since Nacht said that someone with Anti-magic can disable Tree of Qliphoth, it’s only Asta who can deliver the final blow. With this let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 277 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


  • Colored first page featuring all the girls in Black Bulls.
  • After Yuno’s attack Zenon says that “I’m Dying,” and in return, Yuno says “Die, regretting that you touched the Golden Dawn.”
  • Langris thinks that taking down Zenon will be a big event.
  • Next panel shows Vanica talking to Charlotte and saying, “I heard there was an intruder… You weren’t Noel-chan.”
  • To check how powerful Charlotte and Rill is, she presents two Magic Knights(probably Diamond Kingdom) controlled by Vanica’s powers.
  • Charlotte unleashes her Rose Magic and Rill unleashes his Painting magic.
  • It seems Vanica is unimpressed with Charlotte’s magic and says that she wanted to fight “The Kid who fought brother Dante” (Talking about Asta).
  • She wanted to make Asta into a Toy, but, Zenon brought both Yami and William for the sacrificial process, and she only needs patience [NOT CLEAR WHAT SHE WANTS TO TELL].
  • Charlotte recalls that in her 6 months of her training, she has learned the true way to use her full power that went berserk before.
  • Charlotte says to Vanica: “Dorothy said, Megicula is the parent of all the curses.”
  • Charlotte unleashes “Rose Paradise,” and strangles the knights controlled by Vanica. Vanica is surprised.
  • Vanica takes down her eye patch and reveals the eye of Megicula.
  • Charlotte unleashes her new magic form, and she looks similar to Yuno’s transformation.
  • Charlotte remembers Yami.
  • Vanica also unleashes her devil powers and says that she has found the best opponent.
  • Charlotte strangles Vanica in her thorns, but Vanica thinks that she is unharmed.
  • In the last panel Charlotte is seen in her new form and taunting Vanica her way of fighting, saying, too much excitement leads to unawareness.


Zenon Dies?

In the previous Chapter we saw Yuno’s ultimate form overwhelming Zenon. But, yet, it was too early to celebrate Zenon’s death, since, Zenon hasn’t even unleashed his Devil powers similar to Dante.

But, things are looking pretty different in Chapter 277 Spoilers. In the very first panels, we see Zenon bleeding and questioning whether he will die now?

Now, this is something new. Since, when Asta and Yami fought Dante, nothing of such sort happened. Rather, when Dante got severely injured he regenerated his body again and again, let alone blood coming out of his body.

Well! even though this confession on Zenon feels like he will die, I am pretty sure within 2-3 chapters, he will regenerate his body. And, if this doesn’t happen, then the battle was awfully short.

To know whether the battle will extend, we will have to wait for the upcoming chapters.

Charlotte’s Ultimate Form

Remember the first time Charlotte met Yami, she unleashed a magic technique that went berserk and Yami had to intervene to stop it. That was probably Charlotte’s weakness. She couldn’t control extremely powerful magic back then.

But, now that Yami’s life in on the line, she has mastered even more powerful magic within such a short time.

Looking closely, Charlotte’s magic and Asta’s magic has slight similarity. On one hand Asta’s magic cancels magic, or simply says “Anti-Magic,” but, Charlotte’s magic also does the same thing. Her thorns absorbs magic and turns them into flowers.

Hence, this technique is extremely potent when the opponent has extreme magic, in this case Vanica.

In the next Chapter, we will probably see Charlotte absorbing Vanica’s magic and making her weak. But, there is another theory to cover why this may not happen.

Vanica Unleashes Megicula

Now we know why Vanica covers her Right Eye. Similar to Asta’s right hand, Vanica’s right eye is not her own, but of Megicula’s.

There could be various reason as to why she covers her eyes. To make this easy, compare her eyes with Satoru Gojo’s eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen and you have got the answer.

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