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Black Clover Chapter 285 Spoilers, Raw Scans

If the latest War arc of Black Clover wasn’t hype enough, Chapter 284 has raised the “hyper-bar” even higher. Who would have thought that Luck will become this strong. After Yami and William were taken, Noelle and others were offered to get trained from the Elves. There they learned “Ultimate Magic,” and after that we never got to see how powerful they had become. But, OMG!! how wrong was I? Using only one wave of Ultimate Magic completely wiped out low-class demon. If that wasn’t enough, Luck has become powerful enough to outclass Mid-Class Demon and not only kill them, but also decapitate them. It’s only a wonder how powerful Noelle and Gaja has become.😲 With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 285 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.


Luck’s Mayhem

How “Lucky” is Luck? It seems that our boy does not trust the “Luck Factor” and trains hard enough to surpass every barrier he faces. But, there is limit to everything isn’t it? How can a person become so powerful?

Defeating a Lower-Class Demon is okay, but defeating Mid-Class that too within a blink of an eye? That’s some high-lever training right there.

But, it seems Luck became more powerful due to Magna(we haven’t heard of him for a while now) and also his mad-like attitude towards gaining power. Now that we have seen how powerful Luck has become against Mid-Class Demons, it’s only a time when we will him jumping right-in when he sees High-Class.

Nacht’s Life In Danger?

This is a complex issue after reading Chapter 284. It seems, even for Nacht it was too much to handle two High-Class Demons.

The end of Chapter 284 shows a pinned down Nacht who doesn’t look good. Most of his body is pierced with ice and it seems the coldness is slowly spreading inside his body.

Does that mean this is it for Nacht? There are several possibilities, but, dying is too much to digest given that none of the Dark Triads are defeated yet. And, Asta isn’t here yet too.

Black Clover community is confused too. Because some are saying that it’s not his real body, but a shadow. This may not be the truth, since, when a shadow receives damage, it immediately destructs, but, here we clearly see that the body is not only pierced, but also the coldness is spreading.

Only the next chapter will decide whether Nacht is really dead, or is he just bluffing?


The Spoilers are out, and it seems the Chapter is focused on Nacht and his past.

  • Chapter title is “Playing Tag in Hell.”
  • Dante is talking to the twin devils.
  • Jack is back on his feet, and probably ready to fight again.
  • Nacht’s final devil form is revealed. The final Bird Devil is a Rooster and Nacht reveals a technique: UNION MODE: GALLUS.
  • The Devil’s special ability is “Characteristic: Echo.”
  • Nacht leads the twin devils away to a different location and plans to fight them alone.
  • Nacht drags the Twin Devils into abyss and unleashes Mana Zone: Dark Prison Hunting Ground.
  • Final panels of the Chapter finally reveals Nacht’s backstory.
  • Nacht’s real name is Morgen and his brother’s name is Nacht.
  • Faust family used to be a reputed Noble family and had two twin brothers. Nacht and Morgen. After this Chapter 285 ends.

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