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The Duke Of Death & His Maid Ep 3 Release Date & Time

Maids are always overpowered in the Anime and Manga world. But, on the same time they can also be caring as a Mother.

After Bocchan got a curse from an unknown Witch, his life changed. Anything he touches loses life. It’s a curse that can destroy Humanity without too much effort. And, if someone has got an ability to destroy them just with a touch, people are really going to either terrified or filled with hate.

Unfortunately in Bocchan’s case too, the same thing happened. His Mother in a way abandoned him, and left for good. She was busy maintaining her status that she forgot she had a son.

Episode 2 Recap

Just an usual day for Bocchan. Spending his day doing usual stuff, and Alice trying her best to tease him, keeping him entertained. But, we have a member who have returned after getting medical treatment.

Rob is an old man, and old men do get easily injured. Now that he has returned, Alice will get some respite, though she never feels working for her Bocchan as “work.”

In the previous episode, we saw Bocchan’s younger sister making an indirect appearance. In this episode, however, she suddenly reaches the mansion where he lives. For now, she seems to be the only one in the family who cares about her elder brother. She wants her brother to get rid of the curse as soon as possible. But, for now, this is just a distant dream.

What remained into focus is Alice and Bocchan’s dance. They cannot touch each other, but, this do not stop them to express themselves. Only the luckiest guy in the world can have someone so dedicated.

It’s so beautiful that unlike other anime where the protagonist thinks a billion times before accepting feelings about their other half, both Alice and Bocchan casually accept themselves as sort of life partners.

Release Date

New episodes of The Duke Of Death & His Maid releases every Sunday. Episode 3 will release on July 18, 6:00 AM(PDT).
Episode 3 was better than the previous two. Why? There is someone other than Alice and Rob who dares to come closer to Bocchan. That too his younger sister. We saw that Bocchan’s younger sister really has a dislike towards her Mother.

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