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One Piece Chapter 1019 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Luffy is still not awake after getting beaten ruthlessly by Kaido. He really overestimated his strength. Not only that, the lives of the Red Scabbards are in jeopardy.

We don’t know what happened to Kin’emon’s after he single-handedly clashed against Kaido either. The end result was as disastrous as we thought. It’s his good luck that Kaido didn’t use Bolo Breath on him or he would have just evaporated.

Leaving Luffy and Zoro, the other Straw Hats crew are hard at work. The only one who has shown major changes is Chopper. After using rumble ball for extensive amount of time, his physical body has shrunk. It’s cute, but, he is severely weak in this state. But, he has also played a major role in the War finding a cure for Queen’s deadly virus.

The other not-so-surprising event that we all were waiting for to happen was Otama using her power to control the Beasts. In just one moment, she brainwashed thousands to fight against Kaido’s crew. Now, that’s assuring.

Finally the point of our focus is the battle between Jinbei and Who’s Who. In last chapters Who’s Who revealed a major secret behind Luffy’s Devil Fruit. Jinbei, being the first Son of the Sea surely knows something, and he is hiding.

What Chapter 1019 Spoilers and Raw Scans reveals to us is still a mystery, but not for long. With this, let’s look into what the updates are!

Chapter 1018 Recap

Otama has really irked Kaido’s crew. Queen and other pirates know that Otama has really done what they never expected to happen. Well, now that everything has been done, there is no going back. But, yes, the pirates can attack and finally pin down Otama.

That said, Nami and Usopp are with her. What’s better in this mayhem is that Zeus is finally back and is not only more powerful than before, he is Nami’s companion now.

Then we move on to the main part of the chapter where Jinbei and Who’s Who are fighting. For now, Jinbei has a slight upper-hand, but Who’s Who is a former Soldier and not an average pirate. He won’t go down so easily.

One Piece Jinbei

As we move on through the chapter, Who’s Who expresses his anger towards Luffy, and especially the Hat he wears. And it’s pretty obvious. Shanks stole the Devil Fruit and that little incident destroyed Who’s Who’s life.

Who’s Who narrates his story from the time he was in prison. He talks about the Sun God, and his glory. He reveals how the Sun God’s story kept his hopes high and he finally escaped after getting an opportunity.

He asks whether Jinbei knows about this personality since he once was a part of the Sun Pirates. Jinbei’s silence says a lot. he surely is hiding something. Something he doesn’t want the world/Straw Hats to know.

Finally to cut the fight short, Jinbei launches a powerful attack and knocks down Who’s Who. Hence, ending Chapter 1018 with Jinbei’s face somewhat expressing worry about a past he never wants to remember.

Chapter 1019 Predictions

The way Chapter 1018 ended, I think the next chapter will move on to Luffy’s situation. We have had enough of Jinbei vs Who’s Who. Many Chapters have passed since Luffy got knocked out, and it’s hella time since we know who saved him.

Maybe the minks saved him, but, then, if it’s just the minks, why aren’t we shown the faces? I’m guessing that the fishmen have arrived following Jinbei. There is also a chance that Luffy will unleash a new Gear, or a power completely different.

If we recall correctly, when Luffy unleashed his 4th Gear, Hyogoro remembered the “Wisdom King.” Now, as of now, we have no idea who the Wisdom King is. But, there are some speculations saying that the Sun God might be the Wisdom King. Though, it’s hard to confirm this. Only Oda knows about this secretive personality.

Other than this, there is only one other prediction I can make. Chapter 1019 continues with Jinbei vs Who’s Who. I won’t complain though, but, we really need Luffy back.

Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1019 is on a break and the next chapter will release on July 18th. But, that doesn’t concern us Spoiler readers, since those come out way early the official chapters.
Especially One Piece chapters come out way earlier that other manga. Mostly 4-5 days before the official release.

Hence, we must just wait before the spoilers start coming out.

Chapter 1019 Spoilers

The Spoilers are out, and there are quite a lot of surprises:

  • Chapter 1019 title: “Heliceratops.”
  • Chapter begins with Sanji clashing against Queen. On the other hand, we see Zoro being treated with Recovery Injection.
  • Luffy finally wakes up in Heart Pirates submarine and yells “Mikuuu…!” Miku means Meat in Japanese.
  • Franky is fighting hard against Sasaki. Sasaki launches an attack, “Herliceratops.”
  • Someone comments that Franky will surely be interested in Queen’s tech.
  • Chapter ends with Kaido vs Yamato, where she reveals her Hybird form.
  • Kaido says that he had a hard time to get the Devil Fruit Yamato ate. To which she replies that she ate it because of hunger.
  • BREAK NEXT WEEK(Olympics)

As said above, the official chapter will release on July 18th. Hence, it’s quite early for any new update. Yes, if you are interested in theories then there are many well known communities were discussions happen.

Rest assured, when the spoilers are actually out, this page will be updated as quick as possible to keep you updated.

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