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Who Dies In Record Of Ragnarok? In What Matches?

Record of Ragnarok is a new kid in the town of Anime, and also Manga. It’s serialization started in 2019 and it quickly became a handsomely hit manga. What makes the series intriguing to watch/read is it’s story and fighting sequence.

We have seen Humans fighting Monsters, Aliens, Curses, and anything you can think of. But, it’s quite rare to see Humans go against Gods. Record of Ragnarok goes this incredibly well.

Now, when there are such extreme conditions(fight to death), things suddenly take a really serious turn. And, with every match finished there is a winner and a loser who is not only dead, but his entire existence wiped out.

This post will cover every match till now, and every death in Record of Ragnarok.


All Matches & Deaths

Match 1 (Lü Bu vs Thor)

The first match among all. Since this was the first, spirits were high not only among the Gods, but for the Humans too. “Who is Lu Bu? Never heard of him,” these were the voices from the God’s crowd, and also from the Humans. But, his followers knew their leader was coming.

Maybe many knew him by his celebrated name, “The Flying General.” Lu Bu was from ancient and was considered the most powerful warrior the Earth has ever seen. It’s said that he lost very few battles in his life, and had physical capability to lift a horse.

Well, everything is a rumor until it’s proven.

Record of Ragnarok Lu Bu vs Thor
Lü Bu vs Thor

From Gods’ side was Thor. He needs not introduction, but he is in no way similar to the movie. His physique and aura is intimidating enough to scare even the Gods. Thor seems to be nonchalant in nature until pushed to his limits. And, this battle broke his limit.

Thor’s hammer is famous for its power and how only he can lift it. But, what’s the reason? The basic reason is, Thor is capable enough to lift it.

The whole battle went on. Initially everyone thought that Thor was just going to crush Lu Bu within minutes, but, what happened was far from expectation. Lu Bu was not only able to substantially injure thor, he also pushed him to unleash his Hammer’s hidden power.

And, after the Hammer woke itself up, the result was pretty much clear. Hence ending the first match with Gods taking the lead.

Battle Conclusion

Shortly after Thor unleashed his Hammer, Lu Bu was crushed. There is no way a Human can withstand Thor’s Hammer let alone an awakened one. Hence, the match ended with Lu Bu getting crushed. But, this battle was not one-sided. Even Thor, the nonchalant, praised his opponent, accepting that he won’t see another like him.

After Lu Bu’s death, Thor might have wiped out his troops.


Match 2 (Adam vs Zeus)

The match of all matches. Zeus vs Adam was a match to remember, and I don’t think there will be a match like this. Why was this match historical? Because this match was between the two leaders of their respective group.

Adam, the Father of Humanity, and Zeus, the God of Gods. Also called the “God Father of Cosmos.” When these two clash, it’s more like a natural calamity. What can I explain about Adam? His mere presence emits “carefree” attitude.

On the other hand Zeus emits “Dangerous Old Man” aura.

Record of Ragnarok Adam vs Zeus
Adam vs Zeus

Few moments after the match started, it was clear that this match was going to be problematic one. What is Adam’s power? He can copy his opponent’s moves with 100% accuracy. Even when Zeus unleashed a hit that was like a lightning, Adam copied it easily.

As the battle progressed, Adam went on to land powerful hits. He didn’t stop copying his opponent though. At one point he also broke Zeus’ neck. That looked painful, and the Gods thought that was it for the Old Man.

But, Zeus adjusted his neck and then revealed a form that puts tremendous pain on his body. The compressed force was so powerful that Adam started losing his eyesight because he was using too much ability.

But, what really defeated Adam? The powerful punch? No, the single drop of blood from “Compressed Zeus.” And, as we know, the Father of Humanity passed out after that.

Battle Conclusion

The Father of Humanity clashed with the Greek God of Gods Zeus. This is by far the most powerful clash ever happened. Zeus looks frail, but, his hitting power is simply out of the world, even for a God.

Till the last punch, Adam kept on damaging Zeus as much as possible. Even Zeus’ “Ultra-mode” wasn’t enough to defeat Adam in the beginning. But, Adam’s ability comes with a drawback. He can only use it for a limited amount of time.

As time passed, he put enormous strain on his eyes. By the end of the battle, Adam went blind, and only fought through instinct. Even after receiving a severe hit from Zeus, he was able to balance himself.

But, finally, he passed out from his injuries in standing position. It’s hard to say whether Adam was actually defeated. Adam never bit the dust though.


Match 3 (Sasaki vs Poseidon)

Poseidon, even though is an annoying personality, has scary power. He is also known as the God of the Sea or simply Zeus of Sea. What’s funny is that he is Zeus’ older brother. Well, Zeus really lost some weight.

By now, Gods have already won two matches in a row, and pressure is building on Brunhilde. She doesn’t know what to do and is frustrated. After having her meal, she goes to work and chooses the next warrior from Humanity.

Record of Ragnarok Kojiro Sasaki vs Poseidon
Kojiro Sasaki vs Poseidon

But, what a surprise? She didn’t have to choose, the one who appeared chose himself. This is THE Kojiro Sasaki, the strongest Samurai? Nobody believed that this old man could defeat Poseidon. But, now that he had already chosen himself, there is no going back.

Poseidon’s entry was grand, and shortly after the match started. After a few moment, Sasaki started calculating all the moves necessary to land a hit on Poseidon, but every time he did, he died(in his imagination).

Later, the match took an extremely bitter turn, and, again Burnhilde and other Humans thought that this was it. Humans will go down again. But, as soon as Sasaki unleashed his ultimate move, the crows went silent. Cracks started appearing on Poseidon’s body, and soon his body fell into pieces.

The crowd roared. The Gods were shocked to see that the one as powerful as Zeus went down in such manner. Brunhilde and her younger sister couldn’t contain their excitement.

Battle Conclusion

If it was not Sasaki, then the Gods would have won 3 matches back-to-back. Sasaki appeared out of nowhere while Brunhilde was searching for the best candidate.

Personally, I feel a powerful and great fighter like Sasaki was the best person to defeat Poseidon given Poseidon’s pride.

The way Poseidon met his end was, of course, too much to handle, but, this one win filled Humans with a belief that, “Yes, Gods can be defeated.”

WINNER: Kojiro Sasaki

Match 4 (Jack the Ripper vs Heracles)

Jack the Ripper, history’s most mysterious killer was going rampant in the late 1800s. He committed crimes that were severely punishable, but, whom to punish? Crimes kept on happening, but, nobody was ever able to capture Jack the Ripper.

Years passed and Jack found his place in countless novels, and what not. Now, his face was going to be revealed.

When Jack revealed his face, every Human in the crowd kept their attention focused on him. Policemen were seen shocked to finally learn Jack the Ripper’s face. Other’s were intrigued to learn too.

Record of Ragnarok Jack the Ripper vs Heracles
Jack the Ripper vs Heracles

And then, to represent the Gods came Heracles. As royal and manly he could be. His entrance was enough to shock every Human in the arena. Jack, on the other hand just watched.

Match began, and Jack kept on fooling Heracles. He had already laid traps for him, and with every step, Heracles went on to became weaker and weaker.

Finally a time came when Heracles became so weak that he wasn’t able to land a hit. Jack took the opportunity and simply finished off Heracles.

But, this battle didn’t end just like any other. Jack learned a lot from Heracles. While showing Jack’s flashback, we learned how his trauma forced him to become such a person. He was a loving child who was dedicated and cared for his mother, but after his mother revealed her true side, he changed.

In Heracles he saw the same love and care. Everybody cried when Heracles fell. Even the maniac Jack was seen a little bit disappointed in the end.

Maybe Heracles influenced Jack a bit with his death.

Battle Conclusion

Heracles as a person is too good for a battle against such personality. Yes, Heracles is powerful and his strength is otherworldly, but his fighting style is too straightforward. No suitable for a battle where tricks are involved.

And, Jack the Ripper being his enemy was the worst thing to happen. Heracles kept on landing straight hits not giving a second thought, and Jack kept on injuring him. Finally Jack unleashed his signature move and finished off Heracles.

Such a sad ending for a great warrior.

WINNER: Jack the Ripper

Match 5 (Raiden vs Shiva)

Shiva, the greatest God of the Hindus. What happens when the God of Destruction goes against a Sumo champion? He defeats him in one hit? Well, this would happen if it was some other Sumo wrestler.

When it comes to Raiden, things are quite different. Raiden is the most successful Sumo wrestler ever. Nobody has ever come even a little bit close to what he has achieved. Shiva on the other hand also has stories to tell. He is also the undefeated champion of the Gods.

Nobody has ever been able to defeat him in a battle. Shiva is the most uncommon among all the Gods. He looks more like an alien than a God with 4 arms.

Raiden Tameemon vs Shiva

When the match started, roar of cheers showered for Shiva as everyone in the Gods knew that this match was going to get over within minutes. But, what followed shocked everyone. Raiden continuously challenged Shiva, landing as many hits as possible. Shiva in the beginning became a bit lazy, but with time when Raiden picked-up pace, Shiva knew that things were really going out of hands.

Bitter battle followed between the two. Sometimes it felt that Raiden won, and sometimes Shiva. But, as time passed, Shiva really started upping his game. He started landing what we can call targeted hits on Raiden, and some of them really did the damage.

Finally in the end, when every drop of energy was sucked from Raiden’s boy, Shiva unleashed a powerful hit and finished off Raiden. And there went the great Sumo.

Was the game one-sided? Not at all. Not a single battle has been one-sided yet, and this one, too, was an exciting match.

Battle Conclusion

Raiden Tameemon, the ultimate Sumo wrestler went pretty hard against Shiva, and crushed his hands. If Shiva wasn’t gifted with 4 hands, there was serious trouble for him.

But, here too the Gods had a high hand, and after unleashing every move, Raiden really surrendered. Shiva ended the fight by landing a kick powerful enough to instantly finish Raiden.

Hence, went down the great Sumo Wrestler.


Match 6 (Buddha vs Zerofuku)

Match 6 has just begun after the initial drama. Buddha is different from other Gods like Zeus, etc. He was a Human before attaining enlightenment. And, his sudden decision to become Humanity’s candidate has all the Gods getting furious.

The one chosen to fight against him is Zerofuku, the “God of Misfortune.”
After an initial flashback, we come to learn why did Zerofuku start hating Humanity and especially Buddha.

Buddha vs Zerofuku

Now that he has a chance to prove himself right, Zerofuku is going all-out against Buddha. This match is already exciting and we already have signs of Buddha’s complete dominance over Zerofuku.

Battle Conclusion

We have finally reached the end of the match. If you follow the series every month, then you know that Zerofuku took an entirely different form. And that form is in no way the Zerofuku we knew. In the beginning, Buddha was confused and disheartened to see Zerofuku take a form that was in no way described as a God, but things changed rather quickly after he started taking the battle seriously!

It won’t be a lie if I said that this match was the most adrenaline-filled match with a nail-biting finish! Buddha’s final attack was powerful enough for most Gods to be surprised. Even Odin who has never spoken till now looked shaken!

Well, as Buddha is, he is not happy that he has won, but sad that he has lost a great friend whom he cherished. Few panels at the end of the chapter was really emotional when Buddha bid adieu to his great friend Zerofuku. Existentially Zerofuku might be dead, but he will always be alive in Buddha’s heart!

WINNER: Buddha

Matches Conclusion

Match 1 Winner: Thor (God)
Match 2 Winner: Zeus (God)
Match 3 Winner: Kojiro Sasaki (Human)
Match 4 Winner: Jack the Ripper (Human)
Match 5 Winner: Shiva (God)
Match 6 Winner: Buddha(God but fought for the Humans)

Best Match In The Series?

Well, till now there have been 5 matches, and the 6th one is ongoing. Every battle had such intensity that comparing them would put shame to the Humans and Gods who lost their lives.

But, it’s a battle we are talking about. There is still good within the best. Among the 5 battles, I think battle between Adam and Zeus was THE best. And, I guess you will too accept this. Zeus won the battle, but even he accepted indirectly that Adam would win if it was a match of endurance.

When I saw Adam for the first time, I already had a feeling that “this guys is a trouble!” And I was more than confirmed when Zeus chose to go against him. I wonder what would have happened if Shiva went? I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam won.

Is you ask me the Second Best, then it’s definitely Kojiro Sasaki vs Poseidon. Not only because Sasaki was too OP, but, I really wanted to see Poseidon go down. His pride has gotten into his head and he needed to be schooled by someone he thought was a “Worm.”

Yes, the battle between Sasaki and Poseidon ended way bloodier than others, but, Sasaki was the best fighter against Poseidon for sure.

How Often Does Chapter Release?

Record of Ragnarok is a monthly manga, hence, if you have become a fan after watching the series, you might have to wait for a month. That long wait too comes with its own perks. “Long Chapters.”

Yes, ROR chapters are impressively long, and it surely serves right after a month-long wait.

The Anime ends in Chapter 20th of the Manga. If you are impatient, then go wild. There are a total of 47 chapters as of writing this post.

When Will Season 2 Come Out?

First Season was released by Netflix, hence, all 12 chapters came out at once. Apart from the animation, the series already has a staunch fanbase who wait every month for new chapters to come out.

Now, most of the time it’s a thumb-rule that when an anime gets good popularity after its release, work starts right away for the next season.

In this case too, I have a strong hunch that Record of Ragnarok Season 2 is already being made. If you are thinking about content?

The anime covered 20 chapters from the manga, and as of writing there are 47 chapters. The series comes out monthly, hence, even if Record of Ragnarok goes on hiatus for a year, we still have enough content for Season 2.

It’s hard to tell whether Netflix will release Season 2, but, Season 2 needs some upgrade in animation quality.

And, if animation quality increases, who knows, we might see another Jujutsu Kaisen happen in front of us.

Where To Read Record Of Ragnarok?

For now there are no official ways to read Record of Ragnarok.

But, the good news is Viz has licensed the manga, and will release the English version on their platform. Now, if you have read other manga on Viz, you know that latest chapters are free to read.

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