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Who Dies In Record Of Ragnarok? In What Matches?

Today I’ll cover all Record of Ragnarok Deaths.

In a match between the Gods and Humans, the one who loses, loses their life.

What makes Record of Ragnarok so good?

Famous Humans fighting the ULTIMATE GODS…

This post will cover every match till now, and every death in Record of Ragnarok.

[I Will Keep Updating This List With The Latest Results]


All Matches & Deaths

Match 1 (Lü Bu vs Thor)

Since this was the first match , spirits were high not only among the Gods, but for the Humans too.

“Who is Lu Bu? Never heard of him,” these were the voices from the God’s crowd, and also from the Humans. But, his followers knew their leader was coming.

Maybe many knew him by his celebrated name, “The Flying General.”

Hard to expound on Lu Bu, but he was one of the most powerful in ancient China.

Legend say he had strength to lift a horse.

Well, everything is a rumor until proven.

And Thor needs no introduction!

But he is in no way similar to the movie. His physique and aura is intimidating enough to scare even the Gods.

Record of Ragnarok Lu Bu vs Thor
Lü Bu vs Thor

Thor is nonchalant in nature until pushed to limits.

And, Lu Bu broke his limits…

Thor’s hammer is famous for its power and how only he can lift it. But, what’s the reason? The basic reason is:

Thor is capable enough to lift it.


The whole battle went on. Initially everyone thought that Thor was just going to crush Lu Bu within minutes, but, what happened was far from my expectation.

Lu Bu was not only able to substantially injure Thor, he also pushed him to unleash his Hammer’s hidden power.

And it’s a “cliche” that when something “wakes up” in manga, thing change drastically!!

The match ended with Lu Bu being crushed under Thor’s Hammer.

Battle Conclusion

Thor’s “Hammer Release” crushed Lu Bu.

There is no way a Human can withstand Thor’s Hammer let alone an awakened one.

Hence, the match ended with Lu Bu getting crushed.

But, this battle was not one-sided. Even Thor, the nonchalant, praised his opponent, accepting that he won’t see another like him.

After Lu Bu’s death, Thor might have wiped out his troops.


Match 2 (Adam vs Zeus)

The mangaka made a mistake to include Zeus vs Adam as 2nd match.

He should have included it for the final match.

However, for me, this is THE match.

Adam, the Father of Humanity, and Zeus, the God of Gods.

When these two clash, it’s like a natural calamity.

What can I explain about Adam? His mere presence emits “carefree” attitude.

On the other hand Zeus emits “Dangerous Old Man” aura.

Record of Ragnarok Adam vs Zeus
Adam vs Zeus

Adam’s ability is a problematic one for not only Zeus but for anyone who fights him.

What is it?

He can copy his opponent’s moves with 100% accuracy.

Adam easily copied Zeus’ every move, even his lightning speed.

As the battle progressed, Adam went on to land powerful hits. He didn’t stop copying his opponent though.

At one point he also broke Zeus’ neck. Damn, that’s painful…

Zeus was already out of moves by now, and he had to unveil his final form.

In short: He juiced the last bit of strength and went on to land hits on Adam.

But, what really defeated Adam? The powerful punch?

No, the single drop of blood from “Compressed Zeus.” And, as we know, the Father of Humanity died after that.

Battle Conclusion

The Father of Humanity clashed with the Greek God of Gods Zeus.

This is by far the most powerful clash (And the best one too).

Zeus looks frail, but, his attack power is out of the world, even for a God.

Till the last punch, Adam kept on damaging Zeus as much as possible.

Even Zeus’ “Ultra-mode” wasn’t enough to defeat Adam in the beginning.

But, Adam’s ability came with a drawback. He can only use it for a limited time.

Adam put enormous strain on his eyes to counter Zeus.

But, finally, he passed out from his injuries in standing position. It’s hard to say whether Adam was actually defeated.

Adam never bit the dust though.


Match 3 (Sasaki vs Poseidon)

Poseidon, even though is an annoying personality, has scary power.

And why shouldn’t he be?

He is also known as God of the Sea or simply Zeus of Sea.

What’s funny is that he is Zeus’ older brother. Well, Zeus really didn’t age well.

By now, the Gods have won two matches in a row, and pressure is building on Brunhilde.

She doesn’t know what to do and is frustrated.

After having her meal, she goes to work and chooses the next warrior from Humanity.

Record of Ragnarok Kojiro Sasaki vs Poseidon
Kojiro Sasaki vs Poseidon

But, what a surprise? She didn’t have to choose, the one who appeared chose himself.

What a CHAD!!

This is THE Kojiro Sasaki, the strongest Samurai…

Hard to believe an old man like him can beat the God of Sea, but the battle is set.

Shortly after the match started, Sasaki died countless times in his imagination.

Well that’s a Red Alert for him!!

The match quickly took a bitter turn and the Humans were again in trouble.

But, as soon as Sasaki unleashed his ultimate move, the crows went silent.

Cracks started appearing on Poseidon’s body, and soon his body fell into pieces.

The Humans roared.

And the Gods were shocked.

They couldn’t believe that the Zeus of Sea went down in such manner?

Battle Conclusion

Sasaki stopped the Gods from hitting a hat-trick.

In simple words, Sasaki was a “chad.”

He chose the match rather than getting a chance.

Personally, I feel a Human like Sasaki was the best person to defeat Poseidon.

The match conclusion gave the Gods a hint about the Humans’ strength…

WINNER: Kojiro Sasaki

Match 4 (Jack the Ripper vs Heracles)

Who was Jack the Ripper?

In simple words: London’s nightmare in the later 1800s.

He committed crimes (A LOT) and took the top spot in the most wanted list.

But, what’s so special about him?

He/She was never captured!

When Jack revealed his face, every Human in the crowd kept their attention focused on him.

Policemen were surprised to finally see Jack the Ripper’s face.

Record of Ragnarok Jack the Ripper vs Heracles
Jack the Ripper vs Heracles

And then, came Heracles. Like a lion.

His presence poised an existential threat for the Humans, and they felt it.

Jack, on the other hand, just watched.

Match began, and Jack kept on fooling Heracles.

He had already laid traps for him, and every hit made Heracles weaker.

Heracles could have landed some powerful attacks, but he chose not to.

Finally the match ended with Heracles falling to his death.

But, this battle didn’t end just like any other.

Jack learned a lot from Heracles. He learned that not everyone is same!

In Heracles he saw the same love and care.

Maybe Heracles influenced Jack a bit with his death. And, that’s what he wanted!

Battle Conclusion

A Straightforward approach won’t work against the one who’s shrewd!

Jack the Ripper is notorious for his clever nature. On top of that he’s a psycho killer.

In simple words, Heracles took a wrong decision to fight Jack.

Though Jack won, Heracles’ determination taught him a lesson on people’s nature.

Such a sad ending for a great warrior.


WINNER: Jack the Ripper

Match 5 (Raiden vs Shiva)

Shiva is the greatest Hindu God. (Ask any Hindu, you’ll know)

What happens when the God of Destruction goes against a Sumo champion? He defeats him in one hit?

Well, Raiden is not “any” Sumo Wrestler.” He is THE Sumo Wrestler.

Shiva on the other hand also has stories to tell. He is the undefeated champion of the Gods.

What makes Shiva an unique God? His physical appearance.

No God has violet body color. On top of it he also has 4 arms.

Raiden Tameemon vs Shiva

The Gods cheered for Shiva as he entered the arena.

But, what followed shocked everyone.

Raiden continuously challenged Shiva, landing as many hits as possible.

Quickly Shiva realized things were going out of hands and strengthened his defense.

Bitter battle followed.

For a moment the Humans took lead and in some the Gods.

But, as time passed, Shiva started upping his game.

He resorted to targeted hits. Hitting Raiden’s weak spot.

Finally Shiva didn’t take much time and landed his most powerful attack.

An attack powerful enough to instantly beat Raiden.

Was the game one-sided?

Not at all.

The Humans REALLY gave the Gods a taste of Humanity’s power.

Battle Conclusion

Raiden Tameemon, the ultimate Sumo wrestler went pretty hard against Shiva, and crushed his hands.

For a moment Shiva went defensive, acknowledging his opponent’s strength.

But it was short-lived!

Shortly after Shiva unleashed his ultimate attack on Raiden and put an end to the battle.


Match 6 (Buddha vs Zerofuku)

Match 6 is between Buddha and Zerofuku (then Hajun).

Buddha’s sudden decision has caused a commotion between the Gods and the Humans.

The Gods are in RAGE, and the Humans confused and excited.

Well, Buddha going against Zerofuku is one of the best combination in my opinion.

Buddha vs Zerofuku

Zerofuku is filled with Hatred and Buddha with Love.

So, it’s Love vs Hatred.

For now, Zerofuku is showering as much hatred (attacks) on Buddha.

But, everything has a limit, and I’m sure Buddha will find a loophole in Zero’s attack.

Battle Conclusion

Zero-chan didn’t deserve such ill fate.

I suppose Hajun questioned Humanity (and Gods) after taking over Zerofuku’s body.

I won’t lie but Hajun went really hard on Buddha from the moment he appeared.

For a second I thought that “this is it.” The Gods will take lead after this match.

But’s it’s Buddha we are taking about. The one who “is immovable.”

After taking the initial beating, Buddha unleashed few divine attacks on Hajun.

It wasn’t until Buddha squeezed the last bit of his energy to unleash an attack powerful enough to take the Devil down.

Yes, Buddha won the match, but it came with serious consequences.

Buddha collapsed with blood all over his body.

The good thing? He survived and is under treatment…

Well, Buddha being the man he is, he is not happy about his victory. Rather he is sad about his cherished friend Zero-chan.

Few panels at the end of the chapter was really emotional when Buddha bid adieu to Zerofuku.

Existentially Zerofuku might be dead, but he will stay in Buddha’s heart!

WINNER: Buddha

Match 7 (Hades vs Qin Shi Huang)

Hades didn’t take a moment to land attack on Qin Shi Huang. He is in rage for his younger brother.

It’s too early to comment on who’s gonna win, but, for now, Hades has taken quite a lead.

Latest chapter ending revealed that Qin Shi Huang is not blind. I guess he covers his eyes to enjoy the battle and challenge himself more?

It’s Hades. What can we expect from the elder brother of Zeus?

Record of Ragnarok Hades vs Qin Shi Huang
Hades vs Qin Shi Huang

Match 7 (Hades vs Qin Shi Huang) is going to be FIRE!!

And this particular match is INSANELY critical too.

Why? The scores are even. Gods have won 3 matches and the Humans too.

Match 7 Winner will decide the future.

My goodness! this was arguably the most adrenaline-drive match in the series. I made a prediction few months ago that Hades would win, but it seems I was proven wrong. With this match the Humans have taken a lead over the Gods.

But, I don’t think the Gods are going to keep quite. They will do whatever necessary to win back their glory.

Match 8

Well, Match 7 just ended. Hence, we don’t have any information about who’s going to appear next! Well, my guess is Odin will now step-up and take the matter in his hands!

What you do think?

Matches Conclusion

Match 1 Winner : Thor (God)
Match 2 Winner : Zeus (God)
Match 3 Winner : Kojiro Sasaki (Human)
Match 4 Winner : Jack the Ripper (Human)
Match 5 Winner : Shiva (God)
Match 6 Winner : Buddha(God but fought for the Humans)

Match 7 Winner : Qin Shi Huang (Human)

Best Match In The Series?

Deciding the best match is like comparing apples to apples. It’s REALLY hard.

Now, if you insist, for me Zeus vs Adam is still the BEST I’ve seen in all the 6 matches.

Adam lost his life but not until Zeus “juiced” his entire strength.

Adam’s determination surprised Zeus including other Gods.

The second in the line is Buddha vs Zerofuku. Buddha taking Humans’ side and Hajun engulfing Zerofuku made the battle both exciting and heart-wrenching.

Moving on, I have a deep feeling that Match 7 will easily topple my expectations.

How Often Does Chapters Release?

Record of Ragnarok comes out monthly.

Yeah I know, only 12 chapters a year.

But, here’s the thing…

Weekly Updates – Short Chapters
Monthly Updates – LONG Chapters

That pretty much balances the flow..

Yes, ROR chapters are impressively long, and it surely serves right after a month-long wait.

When Will ROR Season 2 Come Out?

Good News!!

The official Twitter handle of Record of Ragnarok Anime twitted this:

Which translates to : “Record of Ragnarok is getting Season 2.”


I hope Netflix listens to the audience and improves the animation quality in Season 2.

It’s not that the animation was horrid (like Ex-Arm), but, us manga readers always crave MORE…

Season 1 covered 20 chapters, and as of today the manga has 58.

That means? A LOT of material for a MORE detailed Season 2.

Where To Read Record Of Ragnarok?

There are no official ways to read Record of Ragnarok online.

You can buy the volumes (Paperback or Digital) on Viz.

Do you know any official way to read the manga?

Please let me know!!

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