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One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers, Raw Scans

In this post I will cover One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Chapter 1036 ended with an obvious event that I (we all) am waiting for. Will Luffy unleash a New Gear? Will he finally become as powerful (or more) as Roger himself?

For an OP fan (like me) these events are GOLD. Everything is only revealed in the Spoilers.

With this, let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available), and Predictions.

Chapter 1037 Predictions

So, it’s time for Predictions!

One Piece Chapter 1036 revealed a lot of information about the future chapters. The two most powerful after Kaido are defeated (we all were waiting for this) and now the Beast Pirates are considerably weak.

In fact, the last panel about Zoro was about his past promise to Luffy and then unleashing an attack powerful enough to critically injure King. Though, I won’t be surprised if Zoro too fell unconscious.

After this intense battle, Zoro and Sanji deserve a short break. Sanji is already unconscious and Zoro on the other hand is weakened. After King’s defeat though, we didn’t learn much about Zoro.

Moving on, things are pretty much set for the final battle. Well, it seems Luffy (as he is) has already landed a few punches on Kaido. If the last panel didn’t excite you for the future Chapters, then you really are missing something!

One Piece Samurai Luffy
Samurai Luffy

But, I’m sure Chapter 1037 won’t just dive right away into the final battle. If I’m not mistaken, it’s time we learn at least something about Jinbei and his pack. What about Franky? And other Red Scabbards? There are too many questions than answers!

It’s pretty hard to make an absolute prediction, but, I will say one thing! Kaido will have Oden and Roger’s flashback when Luffy unleashes his final attack. This particular thing is a cliche, but, never gets old. I had goosebumps when Kaido had Oden’s flashback when the Red Scabbards landed “Oden Two-Sword-Style.”

Oh, and how did I forget Doffy? He is always there to comment on incidents outside the prison. He’s is interested in Luffy’s growth I suppose.

I’m imagining a scenario where the Black-Beard Pirates rescue Doffy and forces him to work under them. And in the end he dies while saving Luffy.

As a fact, One Piece fans love Doflamingo (Doffy). Why? It’s anybody’s guess!

All these mystery makes One Piece one of the best manga ever created.

Do you have any unique prediction?
I think the Black-Beard theory will turnout to be true.

Please let me know in the comments below.

Over to you!


Okay, Chapter 1037 Spoilers are partially out:

  • Chapter 1037 title: “Shuron Hakke.”
  • The name Shuron Hakke is Kaido’s new attack. A variant of “Raimei Hakke.”
  • End of festival is approaching in “Flow Capital.”
  • Luffy vs Kaido continues…
  • The “Shuron Hakke” seems to be a drunken technique, hence Kaido drinks sake during battle.
  • After drinking Kaido goes through various emotional swings.
  • He is seen sad, crying and angry.
  • Battle continues between the two.
  • Next we move on to “Castle of Pangea,” in “Mary Geoise.”
  • The “Gorousei” talks about catching Robin.
  • It seems the Marines are here since we see Government Warships near Wano.
  • Someone from the fleet informs the Gorousei that they see a shadow…
  • The Gorousei says that it’s impossible, that even for them it’s legend, and that it hadn’t awakened in the last centuries!!
  • The Gorousei talks about a Devil Fruit, and that they have given that fruit another name to hide its real name…It’s probably not Luffy’s Devil Fruit…
  • Chapter ends with a revelation of the identity of that shadow..It’s HUGE.

Unlike other manga (even the famous ones) One Piece latest Spoilers comes out WAY early. The manga is on a break after Chapter 1036 and will return after the holidays are over. I’m eagerly waiting for the latest spoilers to arrive (just like you) and will update as soon as there’s any update!

Stay Tuned!

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